Weekly Poll: The Trick or Treater of Number Nine

Do still Trick or Treat?

  • YES! 8D

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • NO!!! It's for dumb little kids!

    Votes: 2 50.0%

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Do YOU still Trick or Treat?

Yes or No? Why?
I don't want to vote "No" cause it says it's for dumb little kids, and I dun think little kids are dumb for tricking or treating. ;______;

I dun trick or treat anymore. XD I am old and lazy. I just buy tons of candy to pass out and eat the left overs.

Not because it's dumb and for little kids though > < I LOVE candy, although I am lazy as well, and would rather go buy some at the store!

And yeah, I'm old enough to have my own kids to take trick or treating, too.
I'm too busy running a haunted yard. I'll start doing it again when I have my own spawn, but we will do it for charity.
Even though my Halloweens consist of drunken parties the last few years, I did trick or treat till I was 18! But this year i plan on using my friends kids as an excuse, I shall get ALL ze candy! Muhaha