Weekly Poll: The Eighth Dracula

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Werewolves or Vampires?

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So... It is October, and the month of HALLOWEEN.
And we all know what's famous on Halloween!




But! My question for you is This:
Being that
Vampires and Werewolves have been awfully popular lately, tell me...which one is your favorite out of the two?

My answer would be:

Werewolves. Due to the fact that I really like wolves, and think that werewolves are pretty sexy-beasts.

(A fair heads up: All polls this month shall be dealing with Halloween.)

Mostly because it depends on which universe/KIND of vampires and werewolves they are. D: Cause if it's like Twlight universe, the werewolves were waaaay more badass. But if it's in Underworld universe I totally digged the vampires more...

Uuuum. Based on my own favorite design/style for vampires and weres, I thiiiiink I favor vampires more. I love werewolves, but I think of them in terms of a family pack. Not necessarily good or evil. But with vampires, I like the whole dark element. >:D How they can be evil and scary as shit.
SO TOUGH! I prefer vampires only -slightly- more because even though they're all bestial and aggressive, I love the calm collectedness of vampires who will dance with you as soon as drain you of your precious blood.
Old school-type vampires. Old-school werewolves changed only during the full moon (from what I know), but vampires ruled the night, like a BAUS.

Also, Marceline from Adventure Time is pretty cool.
Blood suckers ain't sexy to me. That's just ewh. Even in roleplays with vampires, I must be a vampire hunter so I can ruthlessly slay those mofos. >>;

Werewolves, though... So beastly. <3 A brutal creature that rips things apart with tooth and claw. *sighs pleasantly while imagining all the gore*
I saw interview with a Vampire. So I picked Vampires.
Actually I'm rather bored with either of them. Vampires aren't that cool, and Werewolves aren't that manly.
After much inner-debate, I'm gonna go with vampires. Because fuck-yer, immortality.
That is a very hard choice, but as a vampire the masquerade fan I'll have to say vampire. Also, a particularily interesting type of of vampire I read about, that I think is from Malaysia, the penangalan, is especialy creepy and cool.
Id have to say vampires mainly because there are so many different types with different abilities from different origins whereas werewolves are all the same. Also. HAVE YOU PLAYED CASTLEVANIA!?!?!? DUH ALUCARD FOR THE MOTHERFUCKING WIN!