Weekly-ish challenge #23 - Dinner time!

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We all eat, if you deny it you're a liar. But what about the characters we create? What do they eat? Do they eat for pleasure or from need? What is their favorite food?

This weeks challenge is a dinner party, a character has something they haven't been able to eat in a while (for reason up to you) but something they've missed eating. Length should be around one paragraph. Bonus points if you use the phrase 'masticate gently'

Credit goes to Zorilla for helping me with this one.

That was the first thing that came to mind when Lani entered the huge, wooden doors held out for him by the servants. 'There cannot be a better dinner party than this.' He thought. The ceilings were high and gorgeous chandeliers were hanging, people were dressed in flashy outfits--everything and everyone seemed to have a golden glow. It was like King Midas's very own palace. Still half-frozen from awe, he started walking inconspicuously--or at least he tried to--in his fancy tuxedo get-up. Still pretending to be "unseen," Lani went over to the tables where they had the appetizers for the guests. 'I swear, nothing could make this party better. I mean look at all the snacks! They're in silver and gold platters!' Before he even got the chance to grab a bowl of the deluxe nuts in front of him, he saw something glint, from the corner of his eye.

It was a chocolate fountain.

Suddenly, the whole world seemed to stop. It was just him and the fountain-of-all-that's-heavenly. Beside it was a platter of fruit kabobs, waiting to be submerged into the chocolate sea. 'But wait...' He remembered something. That something was the words his father told him a week ago. "Son, if you're gonna want to still have your teeth all ready for munching on your sweets, well you better regulate your addiction." And that was something he managed to go through. Until now.

His stomach seemed to lurch, and his throat was not begging for water, but chocolate. His eyes were full of desire, and he was at the verge of drooling. But he was better than that. Lani closed his eyes and shook his head furiously, bringing him back to his senses. He was suddenly aware again of the people surrounding him, talking to each other and drinking champagne. But once again, his eyes diverted back to the chocolate fountain. 'C-cannot, r-r-resist. Must. Have. CHOCOLATE!'

And with that, he walk-ran to the chocolate fountain. His pace slowed as he approached the majestic aura emanating form it. 'There it is, in all its glory.' He reached for a kabob slowly, imagining himself masticate gently the chocolate-covered fruits. He raised the kabob, and slowly, slowly...


Lani groaned. "Quiet, I'm SLEEPING!"
Flutter sat idly at the table, watching as the taller woman returned with a yellowed cake covered in flecks of red, green and blue. She had been invited to have dinner with the Sakaru family when she was staying after school with Rakuto for a study session. Although dinner had ended (which Flutter had eaten none of due to 'disinterest'), she had been pushed to at least stay for dessert. When the cake was cut and put on the plate in front o fher, she was surprised to recognize the gentle aroma of various herbs that blended to remind her of her mother.

Unlike her usual attempts at hiding hereating habits, Flutter quickly took a taste of the cake, masticating gently to take in the unique mix of flavors. She could taste mint,rosemary and some strong basil wrapping around her taste buds. Other various herbs, including mustard plant, lingered on her tongue as shes wallowed the first nibble she'd taken from her slice. Her green eyes lit up with surprise, as the memory came back fully fleshed out."Mom..."

"Is something wrong, dear?" The woman, Mana Sakaru, asked gently. She was clearly concerned for the young girl that had become close to her son.

"It's nothing. This cake...It just reminded me of my mom's cooking for a bit."

"I thought it might," Mana replied with a gentle memory. "After all...This is Windy's recipe. I cook it every year on her birthday."

"Today...Was mom's birthday?"

"Yes," Mana replied, smiling."Today would've been Windy's forty-third birthday. I'm sure she's grateful that we're all celebrating it together." Mana smiled easily to the young girl, who watched her with surprise.

Finally...Flutter mused, returning to her cake with joy. I think I see where that guy gets his coy nature.
He turned the meat over in his mouth with a salivating tongue. Undone by his own anticipation, the bard began to chew noisily, consumed entirely by the moment. It had, by all accounts, been a long day. It had been longer still since he had partaken in veal - it was forbidden to hunt the doe, or the deer, and certainly, the horned crest of the Matriarch Stag. To do so warranted death to all those save the Queen's Huntsman. Now, in his seedy cellar, Duffy defied the law of the land. He masticated gently over peppercorns, garlic, and carnal juices. It, quite literally, fell apart in his mouth. Only the flicker of the solitary candle on the rickety table before him illuminated the world, yet, somehow, he felt resplendent.

"Just you and me..." he muttered, a trickle of watered down blood rolling nonchalant down over his chin.