EXERCISE Weekly-ish challenge #19 - Whats inside?

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  1. Ok yeah I know there hasn't been a challenge in a while, but they're back baby and better than ever!

    Well back anyway. Had some personal issues at home not the least of which is my dad being out of work and my mum going back to SA to live with my sister BUT THE POINT IS BESIDE THAT.

    Here it ism the point! the challenge! Just write a paragraph or so.. It'll be fuuuuuuuuun.

    This week's challenge: The mysterious box
  2. I stood in front of a house that looked abandoned. I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into when my friends told me about the place. They said that there was some sort of mysterious box laying around and that it had a bunch of things in it. They were not exactly sure what was in it, but they knew that it was something worth of value.

    I couldn't believe that they wouldn't do it. I could remember hearing Brian's voice. "Go on. You know you want to. You seem like you're the type of girl that's up for almost anything." The words were so plain in my head that I couldn't get them out. Although, I couldn't let my friends down either. I was the dare devil.

    I closed my eyes letting the sun beam down on my face. It was in fact hotter than it has been in the last few days; and I liked it, but the others didn't. I stretched slightly, pushed my arms out in front of me locking my fingers and then moving my arms up over my head in an oval shaped form. I walked slowly up the broken steps and twisted the door knob letting it swing open as it slammed against the wall behind it. I shrugged slightly, then looked around letting my eyes adjust to the darkness of the place. The only light that was available was the sunlight slipping slowly through the broken windows and the half blinds that were crooked or snapped in two.

    My friends told me the box was upstairs in the master bedroom. I just had to figure out where exactly it was. I walked up the dusty staircase of the house, running my hand along the railing letting them hit the cobwebs. If I could remember correctly they told me it was like the third room from the top of the stairs. I reached the top, and started towards the third room. Finally, I was there. I stood for a moment, taking a deep breath in then letting it out slowly. Twisting the door knob, and pushing it open; I let my eyes re-adjust enough so that I could see where I was going. I went to turn a small light on that was next to the closet, and breathed in slowly letting air out once more.

    There it was. A beautiful Mysterious Box. I had found it. Now, I just needed to get it out of the house and back to the friends that were waiting for it. But, I felt like I shouldn't take it. The box seemed to be a part of the house. I was in a rut. Maybe I could just go back to them and tell them it was there, and they'd go and get it themselves; though that was a likely chance. They never cared enough about it. I stared at the box for a few moments, then heard a few voices... Ghosts... couldn't be. The cries and screams of a girl coming from somewhere I didn't know... and as terrified as I was, I ran, grabbing the mysterious box, and running out of the house.

    (I know you said a paragraph, but I couldn't help myself. )