EXERCISE Weekly-ish challenge #17 - The visitor

Discussion in 'REFINING WRITING' started by Vay, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. So its time again for the weekly challenge... of it was time yesterday but I didn't have time so Its time again today. This week is an interesting topic, something you can play around with and I'd like to see what people can come up with. Not much else to say, so on to the rules!

    All I need is one paragraph, something you'd write as an ordinary PR post. Easy as cake.

    This week's phrase: The unknown relative.
  2. Ok, so in this past week, I've figured out I'm actually adopted, and my mom's dead, but my dad's still out thee somewhere. I've been searching through my birth-mom's friends, trying to find answers, but, still. I can't find anything. The way the system works is they can tell you who your mother was, but they never give you any clues on who your father might be.

    Nothing. No leads.

    And at the end of the day, in a pub, drinking my night away, I spotted this man.

    It was him. I knew it had to be him...