EXERCISE Weekly-ish challenge #17 - The visitor

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  1. So its time again for the weekly challenge... of it was time yesterday but I didn't have time so Its time again today. This week is an interesting topic, something you can play around with and I'd like to see what people can come up with. Not much else to say, so on to the rules!

    All I need is one paragraph, something you'd write as an ordinary PR post. Easy as cake.

    This week's phrase: The unknown relative.
  2. Ok, so in this past week, I've figured out I'm actually adopted, and my mom's dead, but my dad's still out thee somewhere. I've been searching through my birth-mom's friends, trying to find answers, but, still. I can't find anything. The way the system works is they can tell you who your mother was, but they never give you any clues on who your father might be.

    Nothing. No leads.

    And at the end of the day, in a pub, drinking my night away, I spotted this man.

    It was him. I knew it had to be him...
  3. "Stacy, please sit down and stop fidgeting. Your aunt will be here any minute."

    I paused for a brief moment to brush my pale blond hair out of my eyes. It was so much like my mother to be all about appearances. Be it for a simple outing or, in cases like this one, meeting family.

    My aunt. That's what she had said. It was the sister of her deceased second husband and even though she claimed they kept in touch quite frequently, i had mever known her to mention this family member.

    Mother was giving me a look I had grown to detest. As if I were some ignorant child instead of a teenager. I sat down on the edge of a high upholstered chair. It was as stiff and ugly as the hair pieces my mother sometimes insisted upon wearing to make her appearance younger.
    A knock came to the door then, just a subtle rapping against the wood. My mother jumped up and smoothed her skirts and I felt my curiosity pique as well as my nerves. I had no idea what this person would be like and that made me worry more.
    I heard muffling from the foyer as Fritz, our butler, answered the door with a soft greeting. His hands became filled with faux furs and bags which meant whomever this supposed aint was had decided to stay wiyh us indefinitely. I stifled a groan as the clicking of heels grew louder bringing this woman further into our home.

    "Oh how wonderful to finally meet you young lady!" I lifted my eyes to the woman before me and knew without a doubt my life would be changed from now on.
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  4. This week's phrase: The unknown relative.

    She twirled around the room. "Eenie meenie miney mo." She chanted and she pointed at stuff. She stopped twirling with her finger pointed to the big desk. So she approached it and got started.
    You see this little girl was May and her father had just passed. Leaving her in charge of emptying then selling the house. She had known for a long time her father was sick so she was ready for this. Most of the small town regarded her as cold distant and a bit inhuman for how easily she handled death. But in reality she was just mature for her age. Having lost her mother at the age of 3 it just made her stronger and older mentally.
    She pulled paper after paper from the huge desk. 'Why does it have to have so many drawers.' She went to open the bottom drawer and it halted as if locked. She tilted her head and bit her lip. 'Curiouser and curiouser' she thought she plucked a bobby pin from her hair. All the drawers had locks yes but none were locked. She flattened out the bobby pin plopped down on the floor and fiddled with the lock till it gave a little click. She pulled it open. It smelled musty and unopened. She pulled the stuff out gingerly. Letters upon letters from a Scarlet she timidly opened one that was on the top and in her fathers writing. "Scarlet, She is 16 now but the illness is upon me and I fear that she will soon be left alone. I hate to ask this of you but you must return to her life. I know that we agreed she would never know that Elinor was your sister and not her mother but she is only 16 they could try to take her to an orphanage instead of letting her govern her own life free of that. Please consider it. Maxwell" May gasped and put her hand to her mouth. 'My word! This cannot be! He must have been delirious from the illness.' She rose slowly and found her self wandering towards the door. 'I really shouldn't....' She bit her lip chewing it. 'But it's only polite to send away his letter for him.' She had her boots on before she knew it. 'I guess I've made my choice.'
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  5. This Week's Phrase: The Unknown Relative

    The sun reached over the horizon, stretching its bright rays over the cozy town. Chinatsu sat at the marble kitchen island, hands clenched around the blue teacup. Her mother busily washed dishes, the woman's stark white hair tied in a messy bun. The plates clinked as they bumped together.

    "He'll be thrilled to meet you." Her mother spoke up in a quiet, almost hesitant voice. Even she didn't sound enthusiastic. Chinatsu felt her lips curl into a deep frown. Why would he be thrilled about meeting her? The two had never met, even though they were half-siblings. She refused to give her mother a reply, even as the tall woman looked at her in an irritated manner.

    "I can't say that we won't get along." Chinatsu murmured, and her mother beamed. In all honesty, the young woman didn't even want to look at her mother anymore. This was the mother who had given her brother away, and was giving her away, too. Forcing her to move thousands of miles away from everything she had ever known.
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  6. So ... everyone knows this thread was created in 2011 and you probably won't get feedback from the originator, right?
  7. I do but I am in writers block so I will take any challenge that helps me force my writers wall to break. I don't care if I get feed back or not too be honest.
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