Weekly-ish challenge #10: A very special day



Thats time of the week again, where I try to think of something and try to get people to write about it! Yup! Tuesday already! I know most of you are thinking I mean valentine's day riiiight? Not quite! Thats for next week-ish. This week is about life, and the creation of it. Yup! its time for:

Me to tell you what to do if you're new to these! Its simple: I give a theme and you get to do the fun part of writing 2-3 paragraphs! No judges, but every post red and cherished. So have it it and have fun.

This week's theme: Happy Birthday.
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I once had to play the part of a girl named "Winky" in my drama class. No joke, I kid you not, that was the character's name. I'm sure everyone took delight in the fact that I was playing the part of a seven year old girl, when, at the time, I was fifteen, and as flat as a board. There was much enjoyment from the class as we sang the birthday song, due to the fact that in that particular scene, "Winky" was turning seven. So along with everyone else in the scene wearing child-like clothing, I wore a over exaggerated bow, and those paper cone party hats.

But, a memory I keep close to me, is the fact that during the scene at some point, I was singing the birthday song, trying to remember what I did when I was a kid, when I looked at the cake.

I proceeded to cut it up and start singing the song, taking away one piece durring every verse. This is what happened:

"Y BIRTHDAY TO ME!" At this point, the rest of the class was laughing at my antics, and I was trying not to crack up at how stupid my behavior was. I struggled onward.

"DAY TO ME!" The song became a chant throughout the gymnasium. DAY TO ME! DAY TO ME! DAY TO ME! It was childish, and we knew it, but we were trying to get into the part of being kids again, back to a time that you weren't afraid to look stupid. It was liberating.

"Y TO ME!"
"TO ME!"
"O ME!"
"E!" The chant of the last word rang throughout the school, echoing into all the classrooms.

I hated that goddamned bow.



Consider this the hint of the century
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"Happy Birthday" is a phrase that I have come to loathe. Unfortunately, I have never managed to forget the exact date on which I was born, which I have often wondered may be connected to the ever constant turning of my years. I ceased to find joy in life long, long ago, and the customary Visellian wish has plagued me ever since - as if a yearly reminder of my inability to die is a thing over which I should be pleased.

While the sentiment at first glance may seem innocent and well intentioned, I marvel that others do not find it as depressing as I do. In my case I loathe to be reminded that I have lived another year and am assured of many more to come; for the general populace of the world, it simply seems a reminder that they are a year closer to the death they fear so desperately.

Oh, that such a fear would ever be mine. But regardless, when I have ammassed the armies from Massal to Lanfal, and all the Creatures of Eth, "Happy Birthday" will sound to all ears like an ancient foriegn tongue by the time I am through with my conquest.


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I stared out at the empty street and sighed. Everyone else was off celebrating the holiday with their families, and here I was working second shift, because...I had no family. Somehow every holiday I got suckered and guilted into this, but this one was particularly hard for me.

No one ever came to the store or to the station for gas even on Christmas night, but Jock insisted it stay open in case someone was stuck and in need. He'd always say he wasn't going to say there was no gas in the town or no coffee for the cold. Nope, he was a 24 hour gas station and people had come to rely on it. Might be true might not, but I was the one that was always sitting here in the dead of night alone....always.

I went to the packaged food aisle and pulled off a two pack of Hostess Cupcakes and went back to the register to pay for them. There was a little box of tiny candles in the drawer and I pulled one out and slipped it into the top of one of the cupcakes. "Happy Birthday to me..." I said looking at it a bit pathetically.

The bell on the door dinged just as i'd said it, "Hey...Happy Birthday!" he said as he brushed snow off the arms of his jacket. "it's really coming down out there. Roads are getting bad."

I peered out the window feeling pretty stupid that I hadn't noticed, "You going far?" I asked.

"I ... not going anywhere in particular...no...mind if I wait out that storm here?"

"I can't promise comfortable accommodations, or lively entertainment, but there's fresh hot coffee and plenty of food."

"Hot anything sounds good about now. Got stuck a mile back and had to push myself out of a snow drift..." he held up his arms, "The drift won."

I covered my mouth and chuckled, "Yeah...they usually do." I pointed to his right, "Coffee is right there , sugar and creamer too if you take it."

I rang up his coffee and paid for it herself, "On the house...get yourself warm."

"Hey thanks..." he said rubbing his hands together and then pouring the coffee into a large paper cup and adding the holder around it. No creamer or sugar I noted. He took a few sips and closed his eyes, "That feels so good..."

"Coffee is the elixir of life..in more ways than one."

"I couldn't agree more," he said crossing over to where the register, "Mark Lewis." he said extending his hand, "What's the birthday girl's name?"

"Chris Jackson." She had never told ANYONE her real name was actually Christmas, and she didn't intend to start now.

"Well Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Chris Jackson."

"Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too Mark."

"So..why are you working? Thought places like this gave off for birthdays..."

"Well...they do...but....everyone else that works here has family..."

"OH...I see...sorry. That sucks."

"So why are you going nowhere in particular on Christmas night?"

"Nowhere to go," he shrugged. "I hate sitting in my house alone so I go looking at lights and pretend it's not so bad."

I handed him the second cupcake, "Want some birthday cake?"

"Only if you light that candle and make a wish."

I laughed but did it while he sang happy birthday. I think maybe this might be the start of a good thing...I do know this. Best Birthday ever!

Doctor Jax

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The black-robed men chanted before the pot before them as their leader - dressed in a silver crown, face covered in a sheet - laid down the head of a lamb upon an altar set before the cauldron. With great, painstaking carefulness, he positioned the knife used to behead the sacrifice straight up on the altar so that it stood on its own.

"Please, our dark Majesty... rise, rise to us!" he announced.

The pot bubbled ever more as the chanting grew more intense, and then - something emerged from its contents, standing taller than man in a gossamer black sheet.

"What is it you desire, my loyal servant?"

"Oh umbral Lord, he who walks in darkness, you who are of the Abyss.... we wish you a happy birthday," said the priest in the silver crown, lifting up a plate of birthday cake next to him.

"Hrn? Oh. Well, that's quite thoughtful of you. People often forget when my birthday is, and the other Lords aren't very big on celebrations, you know. Just a pain to get everyone together," the dark being said, reaching a pale, tick-infested hand out for the plate of bright, cheerful cake.

"It is our pleasure to serve you. I had it marked on my calendar. We greatly appreciate you and all you do for us, o shadowy planewalker," the priest said.

"It is nice to know. Mm! Where did you get this?" the deity asked.