EXERCISE Weekly Challenge #6: The Mighty Mountain

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  1. The Mighty Mountain


    My apologies for the slight delay, though I'm sure no one minds. Fluffy can be pretty busy, sometimes.

    Anyway, onto my 6th challenge. Woo. I'm in the mood to write a poem or two using mountains as a theme! Use any poetry style you'd like for this one. Also, feel free to get creative with it. Make a tribute to your favorite mountain! Or ummm... Oh! You can write about camping in the mountains, hiking, going on adventures, mountainous weather, animals that live there... You can even write about how a person's face looks like a mountain. Sounds pretty cool.
  2. A tribute to my darlin', @The Butterfly. He yet again inspires me. xP

    The Woman on the Mountain

    The mountain where she lives
    is hers and hers alone;
    bit by bit, she climbed it
    with her own hands and feet.

    A cold sight from afar
    that gets warmer up close.
    Every ridge, every bump;
    they are marks of beauty.

    When her mountain trembles
    with an explosive rage,
    she endures. There's no storm
    that could send her away.

    'Tis a true and steady
    home. Full of peacefulness,
    security, and love.
    'Tis a home eternal.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains (It is as Annie Dillard said, "But the mountains are home.")
    by Isaac James Flores

    Let us journey back
    to the mountains vast,
    where the shimmer of snowmelt glistens as
    silvery waters flow past.

    Let us journey back
    to the mountain where it all began;
    where the falcon circles,
    his tail feathers spread like a fan.

    Let us journey back
    to the mountain where wanderers come and go,
    wishing to be wanderers no more.
    If you wish it, it shall be so.

    Let us journey back
    to the mountain where antlers mark the trail
    to a place where all will be free;
    a place where all can be well.
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  4. I stare up at your crags,
    At the cliffs that surround your top.
    Your mightiness astounds me,
    And your existence takes my breath away.

    I begin climbing up your side,
    And my legs burn in protest.
    My chest heaves painfully,
    And my lungs threaten to burst with breath.

    I try not to look down,
    At least not as I traverse your edge,
    For if I did I would surely be paralyzed,
    Frozen in silent wonder at your intense height.

    The wind tugs at my hair,
    As I exit the protection your bulk provides.
    The sun beats down on me, scorching,
    As I leave behind the clouds caught on your stones.

    I stand at your peak,
    And I feel chills run up my arms and neck.
    The wind howls its frustration against your blockade,
    And I fight against it, trying not to stumble.

    I stare out over the clouds,
    And I see the land below as if it were a map.
    A secret thing, for you and me and me and you,
    The two of us peering out at it all alone.

    I look down at the ground,
    And I wonder if this is what you see.
    A carpet of clouds, and below, everything so small.
    Eventually, I will have to leave.

    But for now,
    I will stand tall,
    With you,
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  5. Shakespearean Sonnet

    To gaze upon the majestic splendor
    When winter's touch but dusts the heights
    For though mine eyes have glimpsed before
    The beauty of noonday's dancing lights
    Upon the hoary head of snow so regal born
    That lifts its hands to touch the sky
    And calls to me with each new morn
    To fill my senses with full supply
    Of every sound, and sight and smell
    These mountains offer from below
    And oh my soul knows all too well
    Some new delight I'll come to know
    For nature is a gift to treasure not but once or even twice
    Nay friend tis best to see that even daily cannot suffice
  6. I wish that I'd known you
    well before they'd shorn you
    of every tree you had
    of the triniums on your face.

    I know secondhand your old majesty
    from my husband's childhood memory
    but my first glance at you was a barren field
    whole ridges laid bare.
    a man-made emptiness.

    You are beautiful even shaved bald,
    but I can see where they cut into you,
    track marks left by four heavy wheels
    instead of the footsteps of visitors.