PROMPT Weekly Challenge #5: An Ode to Food

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  1. An Ode to Food


    I was sitting here thinking about how much I love cookies, then realized: hey, I could make a poetic tribute to that if I wanted to. So I wish to challenge my fellow poets to do the same. Time to write some odes! :D Pick a favorite food of any sort and don't hate me for making you hungry.

    I don't have any rules for this ode. I'm thinking along the lines of Irregular Ode, where you have freedom over the meters and rhymes you create. (I'll make challenges for Pindarics and such in the future. >:3) Just start off with something along the lines of "Ode to..." and go from there! I will be providing an example to help you get a feel for it.

    Ode to Spring (open)
    Oh ! Glorious Spring, how amazing you are
    You are both Truth's beauty and light
    You travel far
    Yet always remain bright
    Baby lambs greet you with a bleat
    Birds fly stretching their wings
    Lovers on a seat
    We are truly thankful for what you bring
    Spring never leave
    Oh but can I compare
    How I feel when you're near?
    Spreading your joy to those so dear
    Spring we celebrate your birth
    And we mourn each year you leave this Earth
    Oh Spring!
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  2. Ode to Pasta

    Ode to pasta, my comfort food
    I just can't get enough
    And no matter what my mood,
    I shall never rebuff

    You vary in shape and size,
    from circular to thin
    It should come as no surprise
    as to why I'm wearing this grin

    Covered with sauce or cheese,
    buttered, or just plain
    Dish me seconds, please
    Before I go insane!

    Pasta, you're the best
    I could eat you everyday
    I just feel so blessed;
    Heaven is but minutes away
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  3. An Ode to Soup

    Oh burning hot seas of carrots and peas

    Sweeping gluttonous furry 'pon the the tide

    Unsteady fingers fumbling madly with cheese

    An old worn spoon gathers fire inside

    This vegetable storm with islands of meat

    Laughing at the bitter angry cold

    This love made broth keeps you in your seat

    and warms the bones of the old

    So soup take our thanks

    From the chilly and run-down

    And for keeping our sorrows at bay

    Chasing the snow from our windows and melting the winter away

    but mostly for helping to stem this wear

    and for showing that sometimes people still care.
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  4. An Ode to Consumption
    by Isaac James Flores

    I used to hold myself back,
    reminding myself,
    "Watch the pace at which you eat."

    It couldn't be too fast, nor too slow,
    just what was socially acceptable.
    There was always a wolf in my chest,
    scarfing down everything it came into contact with.

    Now, I realize,
    I'm a consumer;
    my sole purpose is to consume
    everything in my path, leaving behind empty plates
    in an attempt to fill the even emptier void within.

    I leave behind nothing,
    except napkins and the impression of my ass
    in your dining room chair,
    and after a while
    consumption consumes the consumer himself
    as I disappear into thin air.

    Still, others consume in far worse ways;
    consume others as if they were Capri-Suns.
    So I embraced my role,
    because I am a consumer,
    I am the predator who lurks at night,
    and the prey as well.
    I am a human in all my hungry glory.

    Note: I don't know if this counts, but I felt it was related.
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