EXERCISE Weekly Challenge #4

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  1. I know its late but I've been battling the flu. But I hope you've been using the extra time for the monthly challenge. This week I give you a phrase with obvious meaning but I want you to find a metaphysical or lateral meaning to it in your writing, of if you have something epic for the obvious meaning I won't stop you.

    This week's topic: Going to let it burn.
  2. <style type="text/css">p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }</style>Not sure how long these are supposed to be, but here is my go at it.

    George was the happiest man alive. He had a beautiful wife, three wonderful children and a pet dog. His house had a white picket fence and he owned an expensive luxury car. His neighbours were perfect; they were friendly, never caused problems and always greeted him with a smile and a hearty hello. Even his job allowed him to provide for his family, save for college tuition and go on week long vacations.
    There were only two things wrong with George's life. The first was that he couldn't move. The second was that the world around him was on fire and there was nothing he could do about it. He could only watch as it slowly burned away all around him, and up until that final moment when the photograph winked from existence, George was the happiest man alive.​
  3. She was everything a girl should be, all hips, breasts, curves in all the right places. A hair never out of place and make-up done so well it that it was almost professional. An attitude to match her looks and envy of all the girls, and wet dreams for all the guys.

    But she was not single.

    She wasn't taken, though, either.

    Floating somewhere in the confusion of adultery, she sifted in and out of secret trysts. Her beauty sealed the lips of those who had her, and it was never talked about if you had a chance to be there in her bed. In her own mind, there was no wrong she was committing, and nothing she was doing seemed like it would hurt him.

    But the day all of her secrets came undone and her lies exposed, rope came out and like a flash, she was tied to the bed, liquid splashed over her, smelling something foul. And then a quiet hiss as a match was drawn, the man drew up a chair, sitting in it with the back of the chair pressed against his chest as he gently flicked the small sliver of wood and flame and made her into a screaming light show.

    Skin blistering and blackening, odors of heated flesh, hair that caught light quickly, fabric going up in smoke. Where the perfection once was, destruction was left behind. He sat there and watched her demise, with no emotion on his face. If she could not respect or understand simple social conduct, then she was trash.

    And who was he to put out the fire when it only affected something worthless that he could do without?

    He hadn't cared that the fire department was called, or that they burst through the house. He didn't care when they hauled him out in cuffs. When they questioned him, his simple reply?

    "I was just going to let it burn."
  4. Going to Let it burn

    No matter how bad it hurt, he was going to let it burn. Turning back now would only throw gas on the fire, every second he spent away from her was like a slow, painful healing sensation. That bitch, that rotten deceitful bitch. In the grand scheme of things it really didn't matter, but at this moment in time, on this rainy Sunday after noon, it sure as hell felt like it did.

    As a particularly cold November rain feel from the sky, the man clad in all black walked towards his future. Every step he took away from her was like a breath of fresh air. His life with her had been like a cyclone. A hate filled storm of negativity and hostility. Yet he still felt as if someone had stabbed him through the heart with a poisoned knife. It was infesting and twisting his guts like a bad bowl of chili. Sometimes, the worst situations can be the hardest to walk away from. The way he saw it, he had two choices: Turn back now and suffer or deal without he pain, yup, he was going to let it burn.