PROMPT Weekly Challenge #2: What if a ___ could think?

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  1. What if a ___ could think?


    I was wrapping my blanket around myself this evening, just rattling my skull for some ideas on what to make my poetry challenge theme for this week. Randomly, I wondered what my blanket would be thinking right now if it was able to think. It would be going "Awww, I love snuggling you." So I thought, that would be fun to write a poem about.

    So my challenge to you is to pick an object that you love (please be appropriate about this), and make poetry out of what you think their inner voices would be if they had them. Could be a spoon, a stuffed animal, your shoe--get creative, dawgs! You kind of get to put some personality into the poetic voice of your item. Make it funny, make it dark, make it pretty. I'm really curious to see what you all could come up with. Use any poetry style you desire for this one.
  2. I somehow combined cuteness with craziness as I wrote this. The hell is wrong with me.

    Adorable Disaster

    I'm lost without my human;
    I worry for her always

    No one warms her like I can

    My anxiety gets worse
    as I wonder if the cold
    might take her away from me
    She's scared of her demons, too
    She needs me, so she can hide

    We're so happy, her and I
    when I'm draped on her shoulders
    Sometimes her son will join us
    I worry about him, too

    But when we're near, all is bliss
    I know how much she loves me;
    she takes the best care of me
    When we're close, my whole being
    wraps around her in one great,
    big, fuzzy, warm, toasty hug.

    Hugs are so nice, I love them
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