PROMPT Weekly Challenge #1: It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time

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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT: Fluffy is bringing back the weekly poetry challenges, y'all. With the cupcake pictures and all. Cue applause!


    Cool, anyway. I was thinking that every Sunday, I would post a new challenge. I'll also share a poem of my own that suits the theme and/or style that I choose. You never know what I might ask for. It's possible you'll see some old ideas brought back to life, too. :)

    So let's get on with this week's challenge.

    It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time!
    Cupcake with sunglasses, 'cause rhymes are cool.


    I decided to go with something simple, but it can be difficult: Rhyming! You can choose any theme you desire for this one. Weather, puppies, forks, kissing--whatever. This is the first time in forever that I've made a challenge, so I want to allow some extra flexibility. For length, I think I'd like to see at least one stanza of four lines. The rhyming patterns are all up to you. Every line can rhyme, every other one can rhyme... Get creative with it, yo. I'm very interested in seeing what my participants can show me. :D

    Should you need an idea of what style to use, give a looksee. There are samples of poetry to go along with the definitions. Woooo.
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  2. This here is a poem I wrote for my friend not too long ago. Hope you'll enjoy it.


    The beauty of the rain,
    I must say is arcane
    Just spiral down the drain
    while I’m going insane

    As it drips from my mane,
    I find I must abstain
    from opening a vein
    to mix my blood with rain

    Please, wash away my bane
    This anger’s like a chain
    My confusion, disdain
    All causing so much pain

    Let me be calm like rain
    I’ll go from Maine to Spain
    to shower thirsty plains
    and cleanse the world of stains

    In the end, Raine will reign
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  3. Here's a sonnet I wrote for my poetry class before Christmas break~

    I sit and count the days until I die,
    like with’ring trees that bid the world farewell.
    My energy and youth have passed me by,
    and now I’m but an old and empty well.

    Through trials and tribulations I’ve prevailed,
    and I can say I’ve given life my best.
    These wrinkled hands and knees have grown so frail,
    my only wish is for eternal rest.

    But what awaits me there I do not know,
    the joys and pains of life I’d like to keep.
    My years of youth, they seem so long ago
    and now I head towards eternal sleep.

    For time it leads us all towards the end
    It’s laws and rules no one will ever bend.
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  4. Let me fill you in on something keen.
    Glittering, glowing, shining sheen,
    This is love, in its truest of form.
    My heart of ice, it truly did warm.

    Innocent and trusting, on me he relies.
    He is me, only pint-size.
    From day one I knew the truth,
    The feeling grew when he lost his first tooth.

    My son, my baby, my little boy
    You are my life, you are my joy.
    Here and now, and after you're grown
    My love for you is etched in bone.
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