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  2. Video is too long for me to find out if I'm offended.

    I salute you, Sir.

    But just in case, fuck you and the mustache you rode in on.

    Let's be friends.
  3. Oh boy. Here we go again...

  4. I had something written out, but I lost it as soon as the thread was locked :(

    I might rewrite in hopes that 'he' sees it and it helps him.
  5. :deadhorse:
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  6. Shit. Stop abusing that poor thing. I love sticks. *triggered*
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  7. I swear that guys style is really entertaining, yet also overwhelming.
  8. This is great.
  9. The problem is I haven't seen anything of note come out of anime in years. There are some turbo good shows, but nowadays I browse through the upcoming season list and when I see slice of life animes following some girls through highschool I want to stab my dick. Or the latest twist on diving into a mmorpg because of a contrived scenario involving neurogear. Snore.

    Don't even get me started on Your Lie in April. That was the last anime that tricked me into watching it. Anything with any remote potential of becoming a good story gets dragged into something stupid.
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  10. "I've had so much sex with my body pillow it stands on its own now."

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  11. I just now went through the thread in question.
    God Damn did I pick a bad time to go driving practice. >.<
  12. Trust, the thread wasn't worth missing driving practice for.
  13. Finally, you are ready.
  14. [​IMG]

    But seriously, enough with the troll threads. I know that other thread was silly, but it's over. It's locked.

    Just like this one is now.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.