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  1. The lock on my door is busted! And I used tape to fix it! Housing really has to do something about customer service, it sucks! >_<"

    But the door can lock now- we have to do things ourselves now... *sighs*

    Anyone up for a game of hide and seek? :)
  2. Alrighty, that'll be fine then. : )
  3. Now over all Yura was enjoying herself maybe abit more than she thought she would, and when Layla whispered that she wanted to watch a movie Yura would give a nod. She figured that the best place for that was probably her or Layla's room since she didn't want anyone to disturb them or have to make sure that others are fine with whatever movie they pick.

    She decided to go to Layla's room because she felt that they had spent quite some time in her room already...that and Layla had the better tv between them. "What movie were you thinking about?" She asked as she entered Layla's room. She didn't mind what the movie was, though seeing that it was a romantic movie gave a light hmm before saying, "Would you prefer if this was a date, or a 'date'?" She still wasn't completely sure on her onw feelings, still denying them. But she was willing to give this a try, unless Layla just wanted it to remain 'practice'.
  4. No f***ing way. I did not expect that turn at all.
  5. I think I slept on my wrist.
  6. I think I found all of Nate's Posts... hopefully. XD

    Anyhow, I posted finally. XD
  7. Sports Day (also known as Health and Sports Day) is a national holiday here. It is honored in many ways, such as sports festivals and tournaments, but I chose to just relax, and do some running this weekend since I missed doing that, and the weather is getting cooler now :)
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  8. Noticing the person relax very slightly at the question she adopted a relaxed stance.

    "Ohh, some guy from the front desk to me to make my way around the apartment building... just so I could have a look. Weird guy, had a suit and tie on... said he would like to work with someone like me..."

    She let's out a breath for a second "In any case I have the funds to be able to live somewhere like here... as long as I get a job. So no... I'm not some gold-digger"

    "Ahh, pleasure to meet you Ms. Abaven, I'm... Aki, Aki Miyamoto. Besides... my appearance isn't rather flattering right now either..."

    Almost gleaming from the light sweat that was dripping from her forehead, like she had done some exercise before.

    Almost berating herself inwardly for getting carried off like she has, she steels herself asking "Sorry about this Ms. Abaven, but I really must ask where the landlord is, it was a stupid idea for wearing such a suit on a hot day, but I guess that's what interviews require..."
  9. Deanta

    Deanta's eyes locked on the man who entered. Quite viking looking, at least that was his first impression. Not only did he look like a viking though, he was quite hospitable. Deanta had halfway expected the members inside to attempt to murder him, not that they would have succeeded, no one ever had. Then there was what Deanta himself had, the serum of immortality that prevented his death, no matter what the enemy tried. OF course their was Cal, with his anti immortal class abilities.

    Deanta stood silently, and the book in his hand closed with an audible clap. The leather bound volume was written in the language of magic. Unless Otto actually studied the language or understood something of magic, the words would likely be nonsensical and odd looking characters randomly placed on the page in groups.

    The travelling cloak opened briefly, revealing the man had a satchel underneath the cloak, as did the sword, though the tip of the sheathe was still visible, and then the book disappeared, presumably to be stored inside the satchel.

    ". I am pleased to make your acquaintance Otto White, your reputation proceeds you. I would give you my full name, however, I doubt you would be able to pronounce it. Even accomplished linguists find it difficult. For now, Deanta will have to do I''m afraid. I thank you for your hospitality."

    When Otto went inside he would follow.


    Alkura yawned and woke up in her bed, sitting upright and rubbing sleep out of her eyes as she swung her legs over the edge. Once that was done, she got up and briefly took some time to shower and change, before grabbing her weapons ( she had no intention of being unarmed after yesterday) and slipping them on, and walking down stairs. Her speed was doubled when the delicious scent of food wafted up to her. She even forgot that she didn't have her makeshift eyepatch on, and once she got into the kitchen she tucked into breakfast, eating food ravenously.
  10. When I woke up I wasn't dead. This made me very happy. Simply being alive is enough to make me happy. And I'm planning on doing something something nice for someone, which makes me happier.
  11. I remember watching the movie with my close friend and we almost cried.

    For some reason my phone's keyboard is being a douche. :-/
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  13. Children Power:

    Lorenzo: Appearance Shifting Through Illusions
    Katy: Obsessive Satisfaction
    Arya: Veil of the World (can see everything from Ghosts to Souls)

    Noah: Dark Matter Control ( total absence of light )
    Jonas: Time Travelling

    Angelina: Empathic (feelings)
    Daniella: Powerless...

    Rosalie: Sexual Healing
  14. I have been thinking about doing it.
  15. fun fact it was suggested to me earlier that everyone's savior be akane before atom shot me down we settled on handsome jack
  16. "Al-right....but....once we undress lets a least lay down on the bed first..." with her looking forward to this 'educational' experience. She wonder how Yura will act from now on though if she takes Layla's virginity. Lalyla's tail was flickering at the just the thought of Yura claiming her. Though she realized that move was not going to great watched now. But they could watch it later. As Layla would help guide Yura over to the bed while trying to work on undressing Yura without blushing up a storm due to Yura undressing her back.
  17. Batman! (open)

    Approved. If I could give a standing ovation instead of a like, I would.