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    I..found out something interesting today. neither of my grandparents or my parents were married to one another. They just live together in the same house...I mean...what does that mean for our family for our traditions. I do wanna be married when I'm older and have a wonderful white wedding and be treated like a princess. I want to have children and have a happy relationship, but seeing my parents as well as my grandparent's relationships. I'm not sure on what to think.

    Hmm, maybe that's why in the some points, why I roleplay the characters I do. I don't know.
  2. You don't have to be married to be in a happy, fulfilling relationship full of trust, faith, and promises meant and kept. You can also be married and have all of those things, too.

    Just remember: weddings are ridiculously expensive, and you may find you're better off putting the cost towards the down-payment on a new house...
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  3. You just need to focus on what makes you happy over anything else.
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  4. you're both right
  5. i loved my wedding!

    my wife wanted to elope because it was cheap and romantic

    but i wanted a party, dammit (i still managed to keep it under budget)

    and it was fun

    that being said, probably should've eloped...would've been cheaper
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  6. lol. that's why I enjoy them, so much drama but so much fun.
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