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  1. Y/N is a wedding planner. All Y/N's life she's either been a bridesmaid or a wedding goer. Y/N hires a new assistant and it so happens to be their crush from high school. All is being turned upside down.

    1. I do, do smut.
    2. Cussing is fucking ok.
    3. no perfect people for obvious reasons.
    4. abide by these rules.
    5. Play fairly.
    6. Understand that the views and opinions of my OC may not entirely reflect how I feel in real life.
    7. please contact me if you wish to use this storyline.
    8. I play your crush and you play mine.
    9. I only do M/f and F/F.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Evangeline (Eva) Ryan Walker
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual; Hetero-romantic
    Personality: Sweet, Affectionate, Protective, Determined, Stubborn, Helpful
    Biography: Will be explained in RP
  3. Alright, Cool. I will make the in character thread for you then.
  4. Or we could use this one since you posted your character sheet. (I'm in the process of making my own)
  5. Oh! I was like "I don't get one??" I was just confused but either is fine with me!
  6. Well I made an in-character roleplay for us that we would roleplay in.
  7. For some reason it's not letting me view them
  8. it should work now.
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