Wedding Magic Bachelor Party Charp Logs

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  1. Looooogs!

    [Veruca Hob is the happiest bride to be ever.] -04:57 Sep 16
    [Gemma is the Maid of Honor and going to make sure this is a REAL party!] -05:00 Sep 16
    [Malcolm Pollard is a bit nervous to be tying the knot.] -05:01 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Maaaaaaaaalcoooooom!" The brunette in the spaghetti strapped hot pink dressed called out when she saw her fiancee walk in. -05:03 Sep 16
    Gemma: "I'm sooooo glad I slipped the extra cash in for a loaded bar. And bartender. Look at the ass on Magic Mixer Mike..." Gemma wasn't talking to anyone in particular. It didn't really matter, she was talking loud enough for everyone in the room, including the object of her perusal, to hear. -05:05 Sep 16
    [Pence Castell is a friend of the groom.] -05:08 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Got to start embaressing people before you're drunk, don't you?" She whispered to her best friend, a smirk on her face stating that it was said in good humor -05:12 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "Hello, sweetheart," Malcolm greeted his blushing bride with a half-grin and a quick kiss to the cheek. He took hold of one of her hands (hoping his palms weren't sweating), glancing about the ballroom. "I, ah, sorry I'm a bit late, I ran into traffic on the way back from the airport..." -05:14 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Why are you whispering? I don't need to be drunk to tell a hottie he has a nice ass." Oh hey, speaking of hotties, the groom was there. He looked about as white as a sheet. If only he knew what he was in for tonight. Gemma was smirking wiiiiiiide. "Are you sure you don't want any strippers? Because I could summon something up great." -05:15 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "It's alright dear, just as long as you're not late tomorrow." Veruca then waved to Malcolm's friend Pence. Her attention though was pulled away by Gemma. "No! Definately not!" It wasn't even funny. She wanted a nice NORMAL wedding. -05:19 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "No strippers," the groom said at nearly the same instant as the bride, his face turning from pale to flushed in a matter of seconds. He looked at Veruca, silently pleading for help in distracting Gemma. He'd never known quite how to handle Veruca's best friend. -05:22 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Strippers? Oh, I'm glad I brought my camera with me." A grin spread across Pence's face as he strolled toward the little group with hands in his pockets. Said camera was black and shiny and looking incredibly professional and expensive as it hung from its strap around his neck and rested against his chest. Jeans and a deco-covered long sleeve T was his choice of attire for the night, his leather jacket tucked loosely under one arm. "Aww... No strippers?" He faked a pout a moment before grinning again just to show he was joking. -05:23 Sep 16
    [Cameron Somerled ] -05:27 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Okay, so no professionals..." That just meant making sure party guests ended up naked. All good parties ended up guests being naked. The most innocent expression crossed her face. "Oh look, Pence made it! Now I know tonight is going to be interesting..." What did that mean? Anyone that knew Gemma, could be sure that it meant trouble. -05:27 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Veruca gave Gemma a worried look. Tonight would be interest. It couldn't not be with her friend here. She just hoped Gemma remembered no finny stuff. "Don't encourage her," she grinned at Pence -05:29 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "And a good evening to you too, Miss Gemma," Pence said with a chuckle and just a bit of nervousness had him pushing a hand through his wavy brown hair out of habit. Despite being a professional photographer, meeting new people had always been a bane of his. Sure, he'd met Gemma a few times before but only a few. He barely knew Veruca well enough and she was marrying his friend. "Sorry, darlin'," he said to Veruca with an apologetic smile. "I'll be on my best behavior tonight." Well, his "best" depended on how much he had to drink. -05:33 Sep 16
    [Cecil Ellis is a cousin of the groom.] -05:33 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: Ballroom. Check. Lots of People. Double Check[i]. Standing outside the door awkwardly. [i] Circled. Highlighted. Checked thrice. Which was where Cameron was. His family knew the Hob's. So here he was at a party that he had ...sorta gotten an invite for. It had probably been for his Grandmother. She got invites to everything ever. Cam rubbed his black kidskin gloves over his jeans before taking a breath and then opening the door. Next came the hardest part, walking in. -05:33 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Malcolm wondered if his own friend might actually be worse. Well, that wasn't fair. Pence wasn't anywhere near as crazy as Gemma. "Pence," he cut in, giving his friend an embarrassed glance. "Thanks again for agreeing to be our photographer on such short notice." -05:36 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "We should get a drink. Also isn't that your cousin over there?" Veruca noticed someone eles come in, or rather haunt the door. She thought she knew him but couldn't put a name to the face. -05:38 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Cecil wasn't a... party type of person. He'd much rather be at home, reading that book he'd barely cracked open. But he already promised he'd show. Pushing the door open and stepping inside, Cecil adjusted his glasses as he glanced around. -05:39 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Like I need encouragement." mumbled Gemma. Who was still grinning like the cheshire cat. That's when she was linking her arm around Malcolm's and aiming that grin right at Veruca. The woman still hadn't told her fiance the SECRET, and in Gemma's opinion he needed to find out sooner or later. Sooner was better. "You know, you two hanging out with each other all night totally defeats the purpose of a bachelor party. I think I should introduce Malcolm to aaaaaaalll our friends!" -05:39 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: Good job at being a creep, Cam. Cameron plastered on his 'dealing with people' mask and went into the room with a smile. He made a bee-line towards the little group, walking with purpose and conviction, an easy (if entirely fake) smile across his face. At least he had found a picture of the bride to be. He looked at Veruca. "I'm Cameron Somerled. My Gran is Esabeth Somerled. It's a pleasure to meet you." -05:42 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Eh now, Mal. Didn't I already say it was fine? Anythin' for my bud." They'd been friends for, well, he wasn't sure how many years it was now. And even though he aimed a sweet smile Malcolm's way, any feelings he might have had for the man were far in the past. "Drinks? Drinks~ Yep. Sounds good." Stepping back a few paces, Pence took a few pictures of the bride and groom, then one of Gemma and Malcolm. He took a few more steps backwards to get the whole group and ended up stepping on someone's toes. -05:43 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "Y-yes, that's cousin Cecil, I-" He stopped speaking abruptly when Gemma invaded his personal space, shifting uncomfortably and looking awkward just in time for the camera to start going off. "Ah, Veruca, should I get us some champagne?" He attempted to extricate his arm. -05:45 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Introducing him to friends is part of the point," Veruca said pleasently. She hoped Gemma would let her deal with how to tell Malcolm about ALL their friends though. She didn't need him freaked out the night before the wedding. "Cameron? Oh yes! How is your grandmother? Her and your grandfather are attending the wedding, yes?" She somehow ended up putting bother her hands atop Cam's gloved ones. -05:47 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Yes, we're going to get the champagne!" Gemma had a vice grip on Malcolm's arm. And before Veruca could interject, she was already leading the groom to be away. Only giving a quick passing glance at Cameron McCutie. Niiiice... "So Malcolm... I see you're just a big ball of jitters. You know what you need? Something a lot stronger than champagne..." -05:49 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: "Yes. They'll be attending but they have business today unfortunately..." Cam's brows drew together, a slice of worry spearing through him. Dear Morrigan, the woman was touching him! Thankfully he had his gloves on and that enabled him to turn his hands upright and gave Veruca's a little squeeze. "Thank you for the invite. I'm sure you're going to have a beautiful day tomorrow." -05:50 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Gemma, don't tramatize my man! "Oh, they wouldn't have wanted to come today anyways. This is for us youngins after all." She didn't need to ask about what business his grandparents might be attending. "My own father won't be here until tomorrow, thankfully." -05:53 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: 'Make sure you mingle, no hanging around the refreshments.' His mother's nagging echoed in his mind and he sighed. He gave a small wave once he was noticed by his cousin. Surely, getting a drink would be fine, as long as he didn't linger for the sake of avoiding conversation. Noticing the camera, he made sure to step around to avoid being captured, only to have the photographer bump into him instead. "Ow... sorry." -05:54 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "I don't really, er. I don't really drink much." Malcolm had tried to dig in his heels, but to no avail! "I'll be fine, thanks. Just, you know, wedding jitters, that's all." He turned to peer over his shoulder at Veruca, watching her talking with Cameron. Was he a relative? Malcolm wasn't sure. He hadn't met any of Veruca's family before. Or any of her friends, really, other than Gemma. -05:54 Sep 16
    Gemma: "They say wedding jitters are a sign that something is going horribly, horribly wrong, and you have to consider the root of the problem!" In this case, Gemma was alluding to SECRETS but, they were out of earshot of Veruca now, so tormenting her bestie was no longer necessary. At least not vocally. At the bar, Gemma order up a couple of shots. "Here! Stop thinking, and start drinking. It's just nerves, right? I mean, you and Veruca did pretty much fall in to love at first sight..." ...speaking of secrets, Gemma had one of her own. She swallowed her own shot with a gulp and a cough. -05:58 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: "That is more or less what they said." He gave a soft laugh and pulled away from Veruca. "I'm sure I should hog you all to myself, I just wanted to make my introduction." Another smile as he withdrew his hands from the woman and put them out of her reach. He had heard who Veruca's Father was... "Yes, I had heard he was going to be in attendance." Which was worrisome enough as it was! -05:58 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Whoops!" Pence stumbled a little, probably looking like he'd already been drinking! Er, well, maybe he had? Catching his balance again with a little giggle that had nothing to do with his intoxication level, the photographer turned vibrant green eyes on the victim of his toe-crushing escapade. A ghost of a smirk curved the corners of his mouth as he watched the lights overhead glaring across the young man's glasses. "No worries," he replied. "If anythin', it shoulda been me apologizin' hm?" -05:59 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: There it was, the worry about her father. Well Veruca couldn't do anything about what others thought of him so she pushed it out of her mind. "Well I am glad to have gotten to talk to you. Enjoy the music, and the open bar. Gemma will insist you enjoy it in fact." -06:01 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "Now see here, I don't think... That's not..." His protests died when he realized he was being teased. It was difficult to tell sometimes with Gemma. "Yes, we did. Well, you know. You were there. Our first date..." Blushing a bit as he recalled how that date had ended, he stared down at the glass of amber liquid placed in front of him. Good lord, what even was that? Malcolm had never even had a drop of hard liquor in his life. -06:05 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: "Yeah, maybe. But I still should have been... looking out, or something." He muttered, noticing that the photographer still hadn't technically apologized. Cecil adjusted glasses again, hazel eyes blinking as he frowned a bit. "Well, I'll... get out of your way, then." He added, slowly backing away. -06:05 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: The glasses guy was talking, making words probably, but Pence was preoccupied. In fact, he was already lifting his camera up slowly as though sudden movements might make the rare and adorable Wild Glasses Man bolt. Click went the camera as he captured that glare of light on glass and an amusing little frowny-face. "Hmm I'm not on duty tonight. I brought this for fun. You don't hafta go anywhere if ya don't want to." -06:10 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Stop looking at it and drink it." Gemma helped. If grabbing his hand and his glass and pushing it up towards his lips and trying to force him to drink could be considered helping. "As far as first dates go, having all that sex is pretty much the cherry on the cake. Have you even seen her naked AFTER the fact, Malcolm? Maybe if you got laid a bit more often you'd be more relaxed." -06:12 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Malcolm sputtered as he as forced to drink, and then sputtered again at Gemma's question, grabbing a cocktail napkin off the bar to dab the liquor off of his face- which was where most of it had ended up, rather than in his mouth. "That's- I don't think that's any of your business!" He shook off her hand. "Did- She told you?" he asked, feeling mortified and very foolish about being so in the same instant. -06:16 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: "Thank you for the warning..." Cameron made his way away from the bride-to-be and towards the bar. A little alcohol wouldn't hurt and honestly this whole thing wasn't terrible so far! He had everything under control. So with a glass of something shiny in hand, Cam slowly made his rounds to be socialable. -06:18 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: A camera! This introvert's nightmare! "Oh, okay then... So, could you not-- hey!" he rose a hand to block the view of the camera, that frown growing. "Could you not do that?" -06:18 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Best friends tell each other everything. Everything." Gemma gave a non-subtle glance down at his... zipper region! The cast a wide smirk. "Does she tell YOU everything? I imagine a couple getting married usually tells each other everything..." And then they weren't alone at the bar. Gemma turned slightly to greet the cutie Veruca had been talking to. He wasn't anyone SHE knew. "Hey, what's with the gloves? Magician much?" -06:19 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Veruca was chatting to various people as they walked into the ballroom, but the lack of her fiancee or best friend around was starting to make her curious. She started walking in the direction of the bar when she saw her fiancee's cousin! "Cecil! Is Pence tramatizing you?" -06:22 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Yep, you're right," Pence said, lips forming a thin line of disappointment. "I shouldn't take your picture when you got those glasses reflecting light like they are. What, are ya solar powered?" He giggled at his own joke and shook his head. "Would ya mind taking those glasses off for a momen-- Oh hey there, darlin'." That last bit was aimed at Veruca. -06:23 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: The groom prayed to god that Gemma's nonsense hadn't been overheard and misconstrued. It was clearly nonsense, because no one would ever seriously come on to him like that, and certainly not the best friend of the woman he was marrying! It was just Gemma being... Gemma. She surely made remarks like that to every man she spoke with. At least now there was someone else present to distract her! He took a tentative sip of what was left of his drink, smiling nervously at Cameron. -06:25 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: The smile didn't falter, though he was feeling rather sorry for the man that the woman was talking to. Cam was pretty sure that was the husband-to-be. Poor thing. He narrowed hazel eyes at the woman, knowing full and well that magic wasn't ontopic for the evening! "Is it?" He held up his gloved hands and admired them for a moment. "I wouldn't know. I'm Cameron Somerled, and you are?" -06:28 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: "Solar... powered?" This guy seemed to miss the point, that point being that Cecil didn't want to be photographed. He really didn't know how to handle the dense types, thank goodness his cousin's fiancee decided to step in. "Hm? Oh, not really, no. I'm just not looking to have pictures taken. Of me, I mean." -06:29 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Gemma. Just Gemma. Oh, and this is Malcolm, Veruca's honeybun." He was giving her that behave woman stare, which really just made her want to misbehave all the more. Nothing was more fun than ruffling feathers. So what did she do? Grab Mister Glove's hand to look at his gloved palm. "You know, they call me a palm reader sometimes... we should take one of these off, while Malcolm uses this as an excuse to get away from me. Unless you want your palm read too, Malcolm? I'm magical with hands!" -06:32 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Cecil would take it as a personal favor if you do not avoid the camera. I want to remember everyone that was here in the centuries, ah, years that follow." She smiled sweetly then looked at Pence. "Have you seen my Malcolm?" -06:33 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: The drink burned his throat, and Malcolm coughed, setting it down quickly on the bar. No, hard liquor was not for him. "I... No thanks," he stammered. "It's nice to meet you, ah, Cameron? How do you know Veruca?" he asked, desperate to change the conversation. -06:34 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: Hands and the gloves covering them were removed from Gemma and stuffed into pockets where the woman couldn't get to. "I don't think my future can be read on my hands." Cam turned to the poor spluttering groom. "She is a friend of the family but this is the first time I've actually met her..." There was a little shrug, how he had managed to get the invite was still a mystery... -06:36 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: There was now a very pronounced pout on Pence's clean-shaven face, green gaze locked onto Cecil. "Mal? Didn't Miss Gemma whisk him away to the bar?" he muttered, still pouting just a little bit like a child that had been told he couldn't have any cookies. -06:37 Sep 16
    Gemma: "I can read anybody's future... even people like you." What a wicked way to chirp that out. The man was hiding his hands, though. Gemma almost wanted to hang on him and see if he would get all stiff and rigid. Instead she leaned against the bar, ordering another round of drinks for herself and Malcolm. The second drink getting shoved in to his hands whether he wanted it or not. She could see Veruca now staring their way and waaaaved! -06:41 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Did she say... centuries? He was pretty sure she did. What an odd mis-wording. "I'm pretty sure I saw them heading towards the bar," he said simply, frowning. Was the photographer seriously pouting now? "Maybe... just a couple pictures, I guess." -06:42 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Veruca kissed Cecil on the cheek. "Thank you!" And now seeing Gemma and Malcolm she headed to the bar. "I thought you were brining me back champaign?" -06:43 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "Oh, I see. Family obligation." The pointed exchange of remarks flew straight over Malcolm's head. Instead he was looking dubiously at the new drink that had been pressed into his hand. It was darker than whatever he'd been given before, and there was ice in it. It looked a bit like soda, but he somehow didn't think it was. When Veruca spoke up right beside him, he jumped, expression turning guilty. "I'm sorry, I'll get that now!" He turned to order a champagne from the bar, handing it to his fiancee as soon as it was poured. "Er, is everything alright, darling?" -06:48 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: A big ol' grin spread across Pence's face as Cecil folded to peer pressure. There were many things Pence enjoyed photographing but people were his favorite subjects. "Then let's join the others, right?" he said and promptly reached out to grab Cecil's arm and tug him along toward the bar. "Two screwdrivers," he called to the bartender. What had Gemma called him? Magnificent Mitch or something? -06:54 Sep 16
    Cameron Somerled: Luckily Veruca showed up before Cam could get snarky at Gemma. Well, he could try to get snarky but he was pretty sure that the mask he wore wouldn't be able to handle that. Already he could feel the cracks just from dealing with the woman. What was her problem, anyway? Gemma. Strange. With Gemma and the rest distracted, Cam booked it for a less busy part of the room. -06:55 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Wrong? Nothings wrong. I just missssssed you," Veruca said with a grin as she took a sip of her drink. "We should dance in a little bit. What's the point of music if we don't dance?" -06:58 Sep 16
    Gemma: Cameron escaped, which was too bad. Or good maybe. Gemma focused her attention on sliding down the bar a bit to stand next to Pence. She pulled a hair-stick out of her messy twist. A decorative "chopstick" sort of thing... but anyone in the know would recognize a magic wand when they saw one. She twizzled it between her fingers, casting Pence her cheshire grin. "As a friend, you know it's your duty to make this bachelor party a real hit, right? And what a dull party it is so far..." -07:02 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Cecil blinked at the hand on his arm. Well, this was happening now. He'd wanted to get a drink anyway so it didn't matter much. "Wait, what's a screwdriver?" ...It sounded like such a silly question aloud. -07:02 Sep 16
    [(Logout) Cameron Somerled is experimenting on plot bunnies.] -((07:04 Sep 16))
    Malcolm Pollard: "Oh yes, alright," he agreed, a bit sheepishly. Inwardly he was wincing, because he had two left feet. But he would have to dance at the wedding, anyway, and he hated to refuse Veruca in anything. Another glance at the drink in his hand. Perhaps it wouldn't be as bad? ...No, it still burned, he found out a moment later, wheezing as he recovered from the alcohol going down his throat. It was spicy in a way that was [i]almost[i] pleasant, but it still burned going down. "Er, do you want to finish your champagne first?" He needed a minute to breathe. That had been a much larger gulp; he'd overestimated the diluting effect of the melting ice. -07:06 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Now, now Miss Gemma. I promised to behave," Pence replied, though for a few seconds his attention was ensnared by that twirling stick. He'd often been compared to a cat. It was Cecil who drew Pence back to reality and he offered the man one of his patented charming smiles. "A screwdriver is step one of having fun at a party," he explained as he scooped up both drinks and pushed one into Cecil's hands. "Cheers." Down the hatch it went. -07:08 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Veruca had to stiffle a giggle at Cecil's question. It seemed their family was not big drinkers. Speaking of not being a big drinker, Veruca's eyes went a little wide as she saw her fiancee down his. Was he that nervous? She was pretty sure it wasn't from Gemma doing anything funny. "A few more sips, sure." -07:09 Sep 16
    Gemma: "I didn't make such a promise." Griiiiiiiiiiin. Gemma was tilting her little hairstick back and forth, back and forth, and then a tap on Pence's shoulder. A spell cast. Maybe he would even feel tinglie. ....soon enough he was going to feel the compelling need to get naked on the dance floor. Stripping spells were so much fun! "Dancing is the next step to fun. Don't you agree?" -07:12 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Oh no, Veruca looked worried. That wouldn't do. Malcolm reached over to twine their fingers together, squeezing her hand. "As soon as you're ready, then." -07:19 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Cecil eyed the drink, grinning just a little nervously at Veruca's little giggle. It was true, he wasn't much of a drinker. Sipping at the drink, he tasted the orange juice and felt the burn of the vodka in his throat. He sighed and made a face, then looked over to the chopstick looking thing Gemma was holding. Was he the only one who thought the way she was handling that thing was a little... odd? -07:21 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Alright love," Veruca did not see what Gemma was doing until it was too lately. Worse yet she had no idea what her friend just did to Pence, but she was sure it would be "fun". Veruca set down her glass, at least dancing was a safe activity. -07:23 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: Pence had finished half of his drink in a few well practiced gulps. Licking his lips as he set the glass back down, he cast a look over his shoulder to Gemma and thought he might have caught her just about to poke him with that hairstick of her's. "Alright, alright. Ya want me to dance, I'll dance," he said with a grin, pushing away from the bar counter. Oddly enough, he felt like dancing already. "Oh." But first he'd finish that drink. Okay, now he'd go dance. With one hand grabbing Gemma's arm and the other grabbing Cecil's Pence wiggled and shuffled his way toward the dance floor with them in tow. -07:27 Sep 16
    Gemma: Wait, she wasn't supposed to be dancing WITH him. ...naw, dancing with a guy was great! Two guys, even. Gemma aimed her grin at Cecil, twisting her little chopstick between her fingers. Two strippers were better than one... "Hey, are we gonna make a Gemma sammich here? You're so naughty, Pence!" -07:30 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: It seemed that everyone was headed for the dance floor. Malcolm fumbled as he put his hands on Veruca's waist and tried not to step on her toes. "So, ah, our friends seem to be getting along, at least." -07:34 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Cecil was taking another sip of his drink when he was tugged along again. "H-hey, I aren't you suppose to dance with her... as in, you two?" He complained, quickly setting the glass down as he was pulled away. Dancing was one of the many things he didn't do, and certainly not with others. And yet, within the next few moments, he suddenly kind of... wanted to. How strange.... -07:37 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "Just relax," she reminded Malcolm as they started dancing. Maybe she should have gotten them dancing classes before the wedding. She didn't mind that he was less then perfect, but she started to realize tomorrow people would be watching them and Malcolm could be more nervous. "They are? That's... Good..." Was this what Gemma was up to? If so that wasn't so bad. -07:43 Sep 16
    [Noodle Monster lies in wait among the pasta dish. ] -07:44 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "People always say that they like what's in the sandwich best," Pence replied to Gemma, doing just as she'd 'suggested' by putting her in between himself and Cecil. "But I've always been a fan of the bread." His gaze moved right across her toward poor Cecil and, oh, how he smiled mischievously as he continued to dance without missing a step. -07:47 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "Sorry, I'm just a bit nervous." He smiled tentatively. "I'm meeting your whole family for the first time at our wedding. What if they don't like me?" And Veruca deserved the perfect wedding. God knew she was too good for him. -07:49 Sep 16
    Noodle Monster: A hapless mortal approaches Noodle Monster with a fork and a plate. The fork came down, it's pointed tips glinting in the lights of the party. The pronged weapon sank into the tasty looking pasta dish and the assailing mortal twisted the fork into it. To the ravenous mortal's surprise, the Noodle Monster would strike back. The fork was pulled swiftly out of the humans grasp and lost among the pasta. -07:52 Sep 16
    Gemma: Lame! Pence was totally hitting on the other guy. Then again, what woman didn't want a couple of hot man strippers making out at her bachelor party? Hell, maybe Malcolm would like it too. Pence was HIS buddy after all. "You lacsivious bastard!" Gemma laaaaughed and swatted at Pence, dancing away. But... but where was the stripping? She lift her hands up in her little dance, twitching her hairstick for a stronger spell. She was trying to be subtle, but geeeeze. -07:52 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "They'll love you! You don't have to worry about that at all." And she meant it, but then she saw Gemma whirling around her wand. She wasn't even being subtle anymore! "Excuse me love," she gave Malcolm a kiss on the cheek then went over to the "sandwhich" and pulled out the meat. -07:54 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Even stranger than his sudden need to dance was how okay he suddenly was about dancing in front of others. Cecil was already a bit too captivated by the music to put much meaning to Pence's flirtatious words. Also, man was it getting warm in there. No, wait, it wasn't warm at all... so why was in the process of unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside? Who knows? He just... didn't want to be in constricting clothes anymore. Next he tossed off his under shirt, not caring that he'd thrown it right at Pence. -07:57 Sep 16
    Noodle Monster: Puzzled and perplexed, the human was, insatiable and persistent as well. For a moment the Noodle Monster thought the human had retreated, recognizing defeat, but nay. The human returned with a new weapon in hand and a look of vicious determination in its jowls. -07:59 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Malcolm did a double-take as he watched Veruca make a beeline for Gemma and noticed that his cousin was removing his shirt. That was not like Cecil at all. In a moment, he was heading over on his bride's heels. "Er, Pence, I think Cecil's maybe had too much to drink?" -08:01 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: Phwump! Suddenly Pence couldn't see, which kind of sucked because he'd just been watching Cecil stripping. Hands scrambled to tug the shirt off of his face, but for the life of him, he couldn't stop moving to the beat long enough to wonder why Cecil was stripping or where Gemma had suddenly gone off to. "Only gave him one drink, Mal," Pence snickered, dancing around his soon-to-be-hitched friend as if the man was now a stripper pole. "Iiiiii might have had a few thouuuuugh~" He spun away from Malcolm and made a beeline for the bar. Or well, the bar counter, which he hopped up on top of and promptly re-enacted that one scene from Coyote Ugly. What? You haven't seen that movie? Stop reading this and go watch it right now. -08:06 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Verry, why aren't you dancing with your honeybuns and telling him the family secret?" Gemma chirped, deliberately loud enough for someone to listen in as she pointed her wand in Malcolm's direction. Just when her manshow was starting to get interesting too! "The party is getting fun now, your hubs-to-be is the priority!" -08:08 Sep 16
    Noodle Monster: The battle was on. The human lunged and Noodle Monster parried with the fork previously liberated from the humans possession, canceling any purchase the human would have gotten. The human lunged once more, vicious hunger lending him enough strength to overcome Noodle Monster and deal a staggering blow! -08:10 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Flabberghasted, Malcolm watched his friend get up on the bar and start giving a striptease to the room! He'd seen Pence cut loose after a few too many before, but this was a bit much! ...Although, it sort of looked... kind of fun, for some reason. That very un-Malcolm-like thought began to take hold, and he tugged at his tie to loosen it. The room was just a bit warm... Maybe it was all the dancing? -08:13 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: "Oh hi Maaalcolm" Cecil grinned and waved to cousin, his body still moving to the beat. "Did you know that you're my favorite cousin? 'Cause you aaare. Don't tell cousin Tom, though." Cecil leaned in close to whisper, "He'd be jeaaaalous." The young man then turned to continue his dancing, his pants in danger of coming off next. -08:15 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "You know very well that I intend to..." Wait, what did Gemma just do? She looked away from her friend and looked to her love, as he started to take off his tie. "Malcolm! Don't!" Veruca was flabbergasted. "Gemma, I ought to.... ought to..." She ought to stop this. She reached for Gemma's wand. -08:17 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: Topless now, with his camera still around his neck, Pence shook his booty at the growing crowd. "Cecil! Cecil, come join me!" he called, waving with one hand while the other unbuttoned his jeans. Wow, was it ever hot! Wow, was he just raring to dance right out of his pants! "Mal! Get up here!" -08:20 Sep 16
    Gemma: "You're such a liar..! You need to lighten up, loosen up.. be true to yourself and all that stupid self help crap." Oh noooo. Gemma yanked her wand hand up and well out of Veruca's reach. Of course, she may have accidentally on purpose cast her spell on Veruca too. But by now Gemma was laughing too hard at the silly human men getting buck-naked and strip wild. -08:20 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Mid-removal, Malcolm froze and blinked down at his hand. He really wanted to take it the rest of the way off, but Veruca had very clearly told him not to. It wouldn't kill him to keep it on, he supposed; it wasn't that hot. But Pence really wanted him to get the bar. ...He could still dance with his clothes on, couldn't he? After all, that's what he and Veruca had been doing. Malcolm climbed up onto the bar. -08:21 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Gemma was not getting away with this! Veruca tackled Gemma, grabbing at her friend, and any clothing that got in her way. Stripping spell in effect, but rage redirecting it. -08:26 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: Cecil moved to do just that, climb onto the bar, loosing his pants along the way. Now the pale blonde was up on the bar counter, dancing with Pence and his cousin. He couldn't explain these spontaneous feelings, but man did it feel gooood. -08:27 Sep 16
    Noodle Monster: Noodle Monster had suffered a wound, yet he retaliated, stabbing back at the offending hand with the fork. The human cursed as the shining white points of the fork scratched at the hand of the human. A hit! Noodle Monster knew he could not recover from this wound, his life blood was oozing out, he could feel his life draining away. The human's force rose up high once more, and Noodle Monster knew he would not have the strength to defend himself. His life swam before his eyes. His time in the translucent womb, his infancy and maturation in his boiling homelands. His single greatest regret was never opening up to the Noodle Woman he loved back in his youth. But leaving this human with a scarring blow, would give him solace. Noodle Monster closed his eyes as the plastic fork sent him to the great pasta bowl afterlife. -08:27 Sep 16
    Gemma: Gemma went down with a startled scream! She was used to spells occasionally going a little haywire, after all, she was a bit baffled that Malcolm stopped his stripping just because Veruca shouted at him... But she was getting ready for what was surely about to be an eyeful from the man when Veruca went all FERAL on her! Still screaming, Gemma was swatting at the woman and trying to get her crazy hands off before everyone in the world got to see Gemma's favorite bra. "GODS WOMAN...! IT'S TOO LATE TO HAVE ME NOW, YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!" -08:28 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: "You wanted strippers!" Veruca said, a manic cackle barely being supressed. Veruca realized she was bespelled,mbut at least she could use it to her advantage. Somehow she got turned around and noticed Malcolm dancing... With his cloths still on. "Was it all a bluff?" -08:32 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: Everything was fine! Everyone was having fun! Pence was one hand gesture away from dropping his drawers and showing Pence Jr. to the group of ladies at the bar cheering him one. And then frantic female voices cut through his stupor like a hot knife through butter. Pence stopped dancing and frowned. He would have questioned a lot of things at that moment but seeing Veruca and Gemma fighting like rabid alleycats was too alarming to care. "Oi!" he shouted, jumping down from the counter and making his way toward the pair, hitching his pants up as he went. -08:35 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Strippers are a tradition!" Gemma cackled. Now that Veruca wasn't in a frenzy, Gemma was quickly scooting away just in case that spell was still in effect. By the looks of Pence wandering towards them, it looked like it had run it course... Drats! "You think ~I~ had something to do with all that, Verry? Don't be silly..." -08:37 Sep 16
    [Noodle Monster is now known as: "Cousin" Buarius] -08:38 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: What's this now? The bride and the maid of honor were fighting? Well, that wasn't fun at all, everyone was suppose to be having fun. Like him... he was having fun, right? Cecil's dancing slowed to a stop as he tried to think straight. Just what the hell was he doing? Looking down at the on-lookers that'd collected, cheeks flushed tomato red as he climbed off the bar to retrieve his pants. -08:43 Sep 16
    Cousin: Buarius forked some of that tough noodle dish onto the plate, calling out with agitated authority "Who the hell animated the noodle dish!?" it was rhetorical but he heard some one answer and then heard giggling. Bunch of punk amateurs. Noodle Monster had not known it wasn't a human he was fighting, but the great Buarius, council member of an organization of magi. But that was long ago. Now he was here, fighting noodle dishes and hoping for a Gemma to slip a nip. -08:43 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: What in the world was he doing? ...What in the world was Veruca doing? Malcolm slid down from the bar in a state of confusion. Something odd was going on. He didn't think he was drunk, but... Shaking his head, he headed over towards his bride-to-be and her best friend. "Veruca? What's going on?" -08:44 Sep 16
    [Cousin is now known as: Buarius] -08:46 Sep 16
    Gemma: "Yeah Vercua! What's going on?" Gemma chimned in, trying not to smirk while she did it. -08:47 Sep 16
    Buarius: Buarius sat at a table near the action but behind some spectators. After swallowing a bit of some kind of dumpling stuffed with tastey cheese stuff he called out "Pull her hair" and forked another piece of food into his mouth. -08:49 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Veruca was not gving Gemma the evil eye, only because that would likely have emotionally scarred the Normals. Instead she crossed her arms and pouted. "Gemma, I know where you sleep." It was not an idol treat, though it wasn't homicidal either. She then turned to Malcolm and gave a weak grin. Shall we try to have a fun night, despite my friends? -08:50 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Actually, I'd like to know what's in that drink I had," Pence grumbled as he buttoned up his jeans. "I think that bartender is drugging your guests, Mal." -08:54 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: "...I don't know what came over me," Cecil wondered as he rejoined the group, putting his shirts back on. Drugs certainly sounded right, which made the amount of fun he'd had seem even more alarming. -08:57 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: Have a fun night? This wasn't normal! Malcolm opened his mouth to object, to tell her he wanted to know why she was fighting with Gemma... and shut it. No, he couldn't ruin her night. Pursing his lips, he looked up when Pence addressed him. "I-I doubt it's that, Mike is a friend of Veruca's family. Maybe you just had too many..." He was turning red again. It was difficult to look at your closest friend after they stripped nearly naked and danced on a bar... Malcolm frowned again. But no, he needed to let it go. Veruca wanted to get back to enjoying their evening. -08:57 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Poor Mike, he didn't need the blame for any of this, that was for sure. Malcolm was taking care of the issue wonderfully though. "I am sure it's more the company then anything." She put her hand into Malcolm's. The day they got back from their honeymoon he was going to view tonights events in a totally different light. "You know what would ne nice? Going up on the roof and watching the stars." Not that she really wanted the party to be over, she just wanted to be more relaxed. -09:02 Sep 16
    Gemma: Gemma pulled herself to her feet, casually straightening her clothes and making sure her boobs hadn't popped out of her dress. She was giving Malcolm an odd sort of examining look... but shrugged her shoulders and ignored the thought. "Mike is a great bartender, he always serves up exactly what you ordered. Obviously you guys know how to have a little fun, unlike SOME people..." She nudged her head towards Veruca to make her point. -09:03 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: "Too... Too many? Are you serious?" Pence growled, hands on his hips. Sure, he was still topless but that didn't matter. He'd just been called a liar to his face by his best friend. "Do I sound like I've had to many? Do you see me stumbling around right now? No? Swaying? No? What the hell, man... I may act foolish but I wouldn't do... what I did!" Why was everyone trying to play this off as if everything was fine? -09:04 Sep 16
    Buarius: God damn those cheese dumpling things were good. Buarius found himself at the food table again, shoveling stuff onto his plate. One of the best things about folks getting married was the food. Ah that's right, he should probably say hi to Veruca... -09:06 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "If that's what you want to do," Malcolm told Veruca at once, taking her hand. "Should we go now?" Then Pence started yelling at him, and he just... stood there, frozen, and looking horribly distraught. Like he wanted to say something, but couldn't. -09:08 Sep 16
    [Veruca Hob ] -09:10 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Veruca looked at Malcolm in surprise. She didn't think he would actually agree and then when Pence got angry he just... froze! Poor Malcolm he was trying so hard to make things right his nerves were on their last string. Gemma's fault! "Pence, please, calm down. This is suppose to be a fun night out. No one is judging or anything." She needed somemway to keep a lid on this! -09:13 Sep 16
    Cecil Ellis: "I'm pretty confused too. But... I really just want to get home. Whatever happened, I did have fun. And I suppose that's all that really matters?" he said, glancing between Malcolm and Pence. He patted Malcolm and wished the married couple-to-be good luck before taking his leave. -09:15 Sep 16
    [(Logout) Cecil Ellis is experimenting on plot bunnies.] -((09:15 Sep 16))
    Gemma: Gemma stared at Malcolm. Glanced at Pence. Blinked and Veruca. Stared back at Malcolm. Slowly that usual expression of mischief shifted to thoughtful confusion, then to a wide eyed look of shock. Now it was Gemma standed there frozen, as a cold wave of realization washed over her. Fuck. FUCK! Oh fuck...! What had she done...! "I.... Yeah, this is all my fault. I've been causing trouble all day, delightfully on purpose. Can you forgive me!" -09:16 Sep 16
    Pence Castell: Oh yes, he was ruining their night. Never mind that there was a possibility that several of them had just been drugged by who knows what. "Oh. I'm sorry, darlin'. Let me fix the mood." Frowning, he walked away, stopping only to scoop up his shirt and tug it on as he headed for the door. "My own friend not believin' me when I say somethin's fishy," he grumbled to himself. He'd already gone before Gemma had a chance to speak. -09:17 Sep 16
    Veruca Hob: Did... Did Gemma just fess up? Without spill the "family secret"? Not one to look that gift hourse in the mouth she moved over and tackled Gemma again. This time with a hug. "You are a horrible woman, but since confessed... Though poor Pence! You and him will have to make up tomorrow somehow Malcolm. He's your friend!" -09:19 Sep 16
    Malcolm Pollard: "Pence, wait," Malcolm called after him miserably, but he couldn't just ditch Veruca... What was he supposed to do? He looked between his fiancee and his best friend's fleeing back, clearly torn. "I... y-yes..." -09:21 Sep 16
    Buarius: Buarius had his plate all loaded up again, he didn't wait until he was at the table to start eating. He showed up at his table in time to observe the confrontation, and have Pence brush by him. Buarius spun by him and landed safely in his chair. Veruca was on Gemma again, this time not in anger. "Now kiss her" he called out without turning to look away from his food, practically sitting next to them. -09:22 Sep 16
    Gemma: Fuck, fuck, fuck. That guy was Malcolm's best friend and now, because of her stupid spell not only was this going to complicate things with Veruca, it's ruined his friendship too! What was this FEELING?! Gemma never felt it before! It was awful! "...y-yeah! I'll help you fix it." Gemma had to fix it. ...This wedding couldn't happen. Gemma hadn't love-spelled her bestie a fiance, she MIND CONTROLLED HER ONE. "Oh goooods..." she groaned. -09:22 Sep 16