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  1. "This is a call to all citizens in the Liberated Chicago Area. Do not leave your homes past 9pm tonight. Curfew will be in effect." The female voice commanded over a loudspeaker. Would the public mind? No, they had to obey. "Jojj Isten... Why the hell are they making curfew TONIGHT?!" A Hungarian-accented bartender grimaced, cleaning a glass in one hand and taking the order of a soldier mentally in the other. "It's because we want to! Be happy for Liberation, the Nineth Brigade is strong, and we get extra rations from St. Louis and gas from Fargo." A soldier spat back.

    "Wasn't Fargo razed in Operation 'Fuck Canada, we can do things on our own'?" Viktor quipped, obviously amused. "Watch your tongue!" The Hungarian could only laugh at the soldier's response. "You know it's funny my friend. We live in the shittiest part of the Confederacy, making pĂ­stoi and bullets. Why are we so lucky? Is this truly North Korea?"

    The soldier smiled, sipping his whiskey. "Lets just say that you're lucky to be alive and in the know, Florian." Florian was a local name he went by, a Hungarian name seeing how Russians were detested. "Get me a new shipment from Denver one of these days, will you?" Referring to marijuana and booze, the soldier nodded. "It'll be marked as always, I'll inspect it, then hand it off to you."
  2. Celeste sighed as she heard the announcement, shaking her head in annoyance. "Again? Why must curfew be so early? Why do we need a curfew in the first place? It's absolutely ridiculous." She muttered as she opened the nearly empty cash register to count the profits
    "Hush up, Celeste! The soldiers hear you talking like that, and you'll be in chains." Her mother snapped at her, causing her to roll her eyes.

    "I'm not scared. Besides, It's got to be better them what life is like now." She said, sighing again as she took out the money and counted it, then sighed again. It was hardly enough. "Why can't father own a convenient store? They probably make more money then what we have." She said, groaning as she stuffs the money back in the register and closing it. She took a key from her pocket and locked the register before quickly stuffing it back where it came from.
    "Because, dear. That's just how it is." She said with a smile.
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it mom." She mumbled, rolling her eyes as she leaned against the counter. "Don't you have some 'important business' to attend to?"
    It was her mother's turn to sigh as she headed upstairs to do well, whatever it is she does.
  3. Jason was finishing the last of his medical reports. He was the only doctor that he knew of that still did medical reports, or even bothered keep track of his patients. Most of the doctors that he knew of did a patch 'em and send 'em on their way medical practice. Jason still believed in the doctor-patient relationship. He looked over at his watch and saw he had 2 minutes to get out the door and to his apartment before curfew went into a effect. The trouble was his apartment was 10 minutes away.

    "Damn", he muttered under his breath. As he dotted the I's and crossed the T's on his final report Jason cut off the lights in his very spartan office and made his way to the supply room. He unlocked the door and walked towards a shelf where he grabbed 4 pill bottles. Jason shook his head and said, "Gotta do what you gotta do. If I keep telling myself that I might believe it. Hopefully we can stretch this stuff out until the supply shipment gets here next month. Hope this will be enough for tonight."

    Jason put the bottles in the inside pocket of his black windbreaker and left the supply room. Once he locked it up he did a quick walk through the area to make sure no one else was around. Jason then shut off the lights, locked up the office, and was on his way home.

    Jason walked at a brisk pace sticking to the shadows as much as possible. He could see his apartment building within reach and thought that he just might make it, but then he heard the sound of boots coming out of an alley. A voice then said, "Freeze! You are in violation of the curfew order! Turn around with your hands raised."

    Jason turned slowly with his hands up, and he saw two patrol guards with automatic weapons pointed at him. One of the guards approached him and said, "No movements or you will be shot." Jason stood frozen as the guard searched his pockets. He pulled out an ID and read it while periodically looking at Jason. When he was done he said to the other guard, "He's a doctor and he lives about two blocks from here."

    The other guard asked, "Why are you out past curfew?"

    Jason replied, "I was on my way home from work. I was busy taking care of last minute business at my office."

    One of the guards said, "Plausible but you are still out past curfew. You've broken the law."

    Jason said, "In my inside coat pocket I have something that might influence your decision."

    The guards looked at one another and one of them nodded to the other. The guard closest to Jason searched his pocket and pulled out the four pill bottles. He brought the bottles over to the other guard and he studied them for a moment. Jason said, "It's a drug called narcolene. We use it to kill pain but it also has the ability to take the edge off of a long day."

    The two guards looked at one another and the guard who had the bottles put two in his pocket, and gave the other two to his partner. The lead guard pulled out a radio and said, "This is unit 517 we are conducting a sweep in sector 457 be advised all other guards avoid this section for the next 10 minutes."

    The guard looked at Jason and said, "You got 10 minutes. After that we arrest you and the clock is ticking."

    Jason nodded and walked at a rather brisk pace to his apartment. Once inside he closed the door and locked it. He then got out a bottle of water, some jerky, sat down on his couch and enjoyed his feast.
  4. "Well fuck..." Viktor sighed, looking around at his empty bar. "Curfew... Looks like I should go meet with the Colonel.." Viktor took three bottles of gin and a few Central Tokens, the currency of the Central Confederacy, and walked outside the bar.

    Viktor looked like a soldier to any unsuspecting passerby, though he did not have the boots. Any true soldier would see through him. Keeping his head down, he saw a soldier brandishing an old US Army rail gun.. A rare sight indeed. Only the shock troops were given those... "Hello, comrade." Viktor said openly walking up to the soldier with a bottle of gin.

    "You're out past curfew- state your business or I will be forced to shoot." Viktor instinctively pulled out his ID, which gave him clearance for the railway and the Colonel's compound. "You're high brass?.." The shock troop was stunned. "Even so sir, says you aren't allowed past curfew."

    "Fuck no it doesn't, do you think this ID has a plan for every eventuality? No. Now take this gin and let me move."

    Without a gun, Viktor was done for, yet the shock soldier still let him pass. "you're lucky to have that ID, Viktor..." Viktor smiled at the soldier. "Just move along to your wife, she'll be happy at the free liquor, no?" Viktor walked onwards, encountering no opposition, though he knew he could be being followed.

    Walking into his home, he flipped on the lights and listened to the radio broadcast.

    "In other news.. The Liberated Areas of Illinois and Michigan are on curfew tonight due to a terrorist attack in Omaha, our nation's financial capital... The Eastern Confederacy has struck a military alliance with the West, and the Coast. Texas has remained independent, and a valued ally. The brigades are all asked to keep their citizens happy, and to keep up production of their designated good, if any. The Liberated State of Montana has come under lockdown after the Colonel in charge, Ray Tavers, let free some 300,000 men and women to the Blank Zone- these people are suspected to have defected North."

    ~So the guy let 300,000 defect from the farms... Great...~ Viktor thought, lamentingly.
  5. Celeste sighs heavily as she looks up at the clock. Curfew time, 9:00. Great.
    "Honey! Time to lock up!" Her father called from upstairs.
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I'm on it."
    She mumbled, walking out from behind the desk and walked to the front door. She quickly locks it and turns out the lights before turning and quickly heading upstairs. No use being caught by the guard in the shop after curfew. That would be trouble.
    She walked past her parent's who sat on the couch. Listening the news. What was on the news though, she wasn't paying attention. And she didn't really care.
    "Where are you going?" Her mother asks her as she passes.
    "My room, where else?"
    "Alright sweetie. Are you going to bed?"

    "What? No, are you crazy? It's nine. I'll probably just read or something. I'll be back out to say goodnight before I go to bed."
    "Alright honey."

    Celeste smiles slightly before heading off to her room.
    She plucked a random book from her bookcase and plopped down onto her bed.​
  6. Viktor sighed, listening still to the radio broadcast before going out into the cool night air for a walk.

    Of course, troops were about.. "You there! Stop in the name of the Ninth Brigade!" Viktor paid them no mind, showing them the badge then telling them he wanted to visit a shop.

    Ten minutes later, exhausted from the run, Viktor ended up at a flower shop and knocked on the door. "Hello?! I am here to buy flowers! Open up!"
  7. She perked up as she heard the banging in the door downstairs. Sighing and closing setting the book down on the nightstand and slid off her bed.
    "Did either of you hear that too?" Celeste asked and she opened her door.
    "Heard what, sweetie?"
    "Huh, I'll take that as a no."

    She sighed and walked passed the couch once again, going downstairs.
    Once she was back into the shop she turned on the lights and walked to the door opening it up.
    "What, are you crazy? It's much after curfew...what are you doing here, shops closed."
  8. Jason leaned back on his couch and allowed his feast to settle into his stomach. He cut on the portable stereo on the nearby end-table and listened to the nightly news. Once the news was over Jason put in a CD of ocean sounds. Jason's mind began to wander to the time when he was in serving in a unit within the Coastal Confederacy before he ended up being transferred to the Central where doctors were in short supply.

    Jason missed being in North Carolina on the beach where he and those in his unit spent 4 days of R & R. It was four of the best days of his life. The feel of the sand on his feet, the sound of the waves pounding the sand, and holding hands with Katy as the melted away while they walked along the beach away from everyone else. The night they spent under one of the shelters made for a memory that Jason would never forget. For a brief moment there was no Confederacies, no curfews, none of that there was just the two of them. Then came the day that Jason and Katy dreaded. The day their C-O found out about their time together. The regulations decreed that the C-O bust both of them, and he was going to. However the message from the Central Confederacy came in changed everything. They were in need of doctors in their section and Jason was one of the best in the Coastal Confederacy. His C-O wanted to look good for his leader so he agreed to look the other way if Jason went to Chicago, and there would be no charges against Katy either. Within an hour Jason was on his way to Chicago and Katy was a memory.

    Jason didn't have anyone he was close to here in Chicago and the only time anyone asked him for anything was for his med skills. So Jason's choice was either live in his memories like this or go out and get plastered. Since he didn't have much money and he wasn't sure where the nearest bar was Jason opted to stay home. Besides having a nice memory and a creative soul wasn't outlawed...yet.

    Just then he head a knock on the door. Jason snapped back into reality and got up and answered the door. He opened to see seven year old Harry Simmons from the 3rd floor standing there. Harry looked upset as Jason asked, "Hey Harry what's on your mind?"

    Harry replied, "My little sister is not feeling good and mom was wondering if you could come to take a look at her Dr. Jason."

    Jason nodded and said, "Let me get my gear. Tell your mom I'll be there in about five minutes."

    Jason closed the door and stared at the floor for a moment as he let the ocean sounds roll on. He then grabbed his gear and said to the stereo, "Keep he surf going I'll be back in a few." With that Jason was out the door and on his way to the 3rd floor.
  9. Viktor pounded on the door. "I am looking for a florist- never mind that it is past curfew- you'll be sent to Montana if you don't open up!"

    Viktor was not neccessarily angry, so he said this very nonchalant- though he did pull out his ID that stated he was once in the Confederate Imperial Army- a special forces unit, of sorts. They were trained mainly in hand-to-hand combat, and break-and-enter tactics. Many of the members, however, settled down to normal lives. Posts were dolled out at the end of their training, to which they'd be stuck for the next 20 years waiting in the event of a disaster. Chicago, in total, had 5 of these men- Viktor, the Colonel in charge of overseeing this city, and three others. Viktor not caring about the curfew would be a sign to the average person that he was important, and didn't need to worry.

    The threat about being sent to Montana, however, was- and often is- true. Many only hear rumors, few know true details. Montana was once the state with the highest gun-per-person ratio in the nation, and the Central Confederacy began it's takeover in Montana, moving to Idaho, then the rest of the states slowly followed suit. Putting in place railways, a new system of governance, and a solid security force built up by Army bases, war factories, and slave labor, it became a strong force in the new United States. Though the slaves in question were merely those who resisted. In the end it came down to ideological concentration- Communists and Socialists in the big cities, Rightists who did not agree with the High Brass, to the farms in Nebraska and Montana. Many resisted, some were freed, though overall of the 40 major cities the Confederacy chose to prop up, with in total 40 million people, were chosen due to Pre-Confederate standings.

    The total population of the Central Confederacy: 300,000,000
    Able-Bodied Liberated men: ~129,000,000
    Enlisted: 158,000,000 Liberated Persons, 90,000,000 Occupied Persons
  10. Celeste rolled her eyes. Not only did she hate anyone from the confederacies, but she also hated being bossed around. But she knew the threat about Montana was probably true, and that's the last place she wanted to be.
    For one, it was away from her family, and despite the way she acts to them sometimes, she loves them to much to be separated. Especially that far away.
    And secondly she'd heard terrible rumors of that place. Even though they were only rumors, and she generally didn't believe them, you can never be too sure.
    "Who's at the door, Celeste?" She heard her mother call from upstairs.
    "Don't worry about it, mother! Just keep watching your news or...whatever it is you're doing."
    Clearly annoyed, Celeste stuck her hand in her pockets and fished out the key to the front door. She unlocked it and opened it for the man, stepping back to let him in, crossing her arms.
    "What do you want?" She asked snidely, leading against the door. "And whatever it is you need, can you do it quickly? I was reading."
    If there was anything Celeste hated more then confederates, or being bosses around then it would be being interrupted while she's reading.​
  11. "Just let me in, else... Let's just say you'll be sorry." With the snap of a finger two shock troops- his bribed escorts, turned up behind him. They wore Central Army uniforms, with railguns at their backs. "All I want is a hot meal and a bed for the night... If you won't comply- extradition will begin immediately." Viktor looked at Celeste with a grin, and a knowing look that said "I'm dead serious".
  12. Jason checked on Amanda Simmons Harry's 4 year old sister who had a nasty gash on her right hand. Her mother Cindy had tried to apply a crude bandage to it, but it wasn't dong her any good. He gave her some children's pain reliever and had Harry keep a cold compress on Amanda's forehead. Jason motioned for Cindy to follow him into the hallway.

    Jason closed the door and asked, "What happened?"

    Cindy with tears in her eyes said, "She was out collecting metal scraps with her brother. They were trying to sell them...."

    Jason nodded and said, "Collectors and merchants for some extra money, and she picked up something she shouldn't have. How long ago?"

    Cindy replied, "Three days ago. She started getting worse today."

    Jason exhaled and said, "She has a major infection if I don't get some medicine in the next 8 hours. It's all over for her Cindy."

    Cindy was visibly shaken as Jason nodded and said, "I've got no choice. I've gotta sneak out and get back to my office for the antibiotics. That pain reliever will help her sleep somewhat, but it's not a cure. Keep her and Harry calm. I need to change clothes and sneak out. If it all goes right I should be back within the next two hours."

    He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Keep the faith."

    Jason went back upstairs and shut off his CD player. He then slipped into an all black sweatsuit and made his way to the basement. Jason peered out through a crack in a window, and when he saw it was clear he quickly and quietly made his way out the back. Jason removed a manhole cover, climbed into the sewer, but the cover back on and began to maneuver through the sewer. One thing that Jason did during slow times at the office was study city blue prints a friend left him. Jason knew how to sneak around, but getting out of the sewer was going to be his next challenge. Also the possibility that a random patrol was nearby and heard him in sewer was something that didn't sit well with him either. Jason pushed all that aside and moved onto his office.
  13. It happened to be extraction night, and a group of 30 Montanian soldiers had been dispatched to clear the sewers. "Work you dogs! We didn't liberate you from the farms for standing around and not doing your jobs!" A harsh voice yelled in earshot of Jason. "Now get down in those sewers and clear them out! Search every inch and if you find anything, report it to me. We don't give slaves like you guns for a reason. You aren't liberated- you're occupied until the day you die." The 30 occupied persons were sent into the sewers, crawling around in the filth only guided by small lighters, not able to see 5 feet in front of them.

    "You better believe we're gonna slaughter them tomorrow..." The same man chuckled with a shock soldier.

    "They're expendable.. The Right.. Pah! They have their play I do admit.. But these 30.. Their families revolted in the early days.. You know Montana was where we sent the 300,000 odd people that revolted on the Right, the Left, we sent to more hospitable places for short sentences in Detroit factories or other places... But no, these fuckers had to speak out and try to ruin our system. We're lucky to not have a Monarchy.. Or be Texas wingnuts oh my god I hate Texans... Haha!" The two men had entered the sewers as well as we're heading in Jason's direction- though unknowingly. "You know.. I kinda enjoy Chicago. It's nice to know I have food on the table, and medicine for my family." The shock soldier said, smiling all the while.
  14. As Jason made his way through he was feeling pretty good about his chances so far. No hidden mines, no remote sensors, and no.... just then he heard the very unsettling sounds of soldiers entering the sewers. Jason knew full well that if they caught him in here that was it. Not only was he dead, but a four year old little girl wasn't going to live to see five years old.

    Under his breath he said, "Lovely. " Jason knew he was screwed in ways that he couldn't begin to imagine, and not to mention this time he had nothing to bribe the guards with. Going back wasn't an option and if he knew the guards like he thought he did going forward was also not an option. All he could do was get to the nearest opening and hope there wasn't a patrol waiting for him topside.

    However Jason knew that they hadn't found him yet, because they were making way too much noise. They weren't going for stealth they were going in just to see what they could find. Right now Jason had one edge he knew they were coming, but they didn't know about him. Jason quickly climbed up a ladder and into the opening area. He put his finger into the hole to try and move it, but Jason felt a the bottom of a boot on top of the hole.

    Jason shook his head as he heard the guards approaching. He knew he only had one option. Jason maneuvered himself in the opening area and braced himself against the walls around him. Jason would have to wait for them to pass it was his only choice, and pray that none of them were smart enough to look up. If they looked up, or he sneezed, coughed, farted, or belched Jason was dead on sight.
  15. Celeste groaned and rolled her eyes, stepping aside as she held the door open for him.
    "Fine. Then just get your ass in here already. It's cold out there."
    She said impatiently tapping her foot in the floor, and still crossed. ​
  16. The guards kept moving on their way, noticing that the Occupied had found three people trying to escape the city. "Drag them to the cells..." The higher ranked soldier, Rykav, said with a grin. "Also... You!" Rykav pointed his flashlight in Jason's direction, and had three men wait above the opening for Jason if he emerged. "Nowhere to run, rat. You're going to be dragged to the cells." The Occupied began to drag up, one by one, a group of 20 homeless people. Men, mostly, with three or four women. They, immediately, were shackled and brought to a medieval looking facility- a prison underground. There they would be kept with roughly 80,000 others- if not more, for three weeks. Every day they would work for the next twenty one days- and those that lived would be shipped off to Montana. There would always be more homeless to round up, so the shock troops topside decided to slit one's throat and drop him back down- right in the view of Jason.
    The man had not only his neck slit- but also the soldier decided to be artful, cutting a straight line down from the elbow to the wrist, before death.


    Viktor smiled, walking inside with a stride. "I am Lt. Colonel Viktor... You may call me Lt. Viktor. You are, as far as I'm concerned, rats. Though true, I was stationed here by the Confederacy by their order- thankfully I'm not in Montana..."
    Viktor paused for a minute, finding the correct words. "Even so... You are at my whim seeing how the Colonel is out of town..." Viktor had in his hand a contract. "Sign this,"
    Putting the Contract out for Celeste to read, he gave two copies to her family:
    The Contract:
    1. You will, under order of the Lt. Colonel of the Liberated Chicago Area, renounce citizenship to this Confederacy.
    2. You will, by order of the Glorious Liberator Colonel George Haj (ha'-ye), revoke all rights of property, free speech, and movement.
    3. You will, by order of the Montana State Labor Organization, report to the nearest Recruitment branch for processing.
    4. You understand that resisting these demands may incur harsh penalties upon you and/or your kin.

    "Now that we have that contract out of the way..." Viktor smiled, leaning onto the shop's counter and having a shock soldier break open the register. "You won't be needing these funds anymore, I'm afraid. To be honest, enemies of the state- like yourselves, should be grateful I don't shoot you all down where you stand. That would be very... very messy."
    "The reason- if you're curious as to why I've given you the contract, is because as it so happens Celeste, your father's second cousin, in Montana, thought it would be fun to try and... Shall we say dismantle things? Many others have been given contracts just like this. Out of the 200,000 living in this Liberated Zone, there are 80,000 being deported, and 80,000 coming in from the Divide- the space between Canada and this Confederacy." Viktor laughed, smiling all the while at the money. "You see- I've even been given a new post, "Director General of Facility 32"- where you're heading along with 20,000 others. It's ten miles outside of the old city of Bute. We razed that place to the ground and the miners were put to work building your homes. The people being sent to Facility 32, it seems, are mostly political enemies... Some murderers- they'll be shot on the first day for sure... Hmm... Ah- and as much as I hate to say it the poor of this city are also being rounded up. So that brings the- suspected- new total, to roughly 123,400- we have a very bad homeless problem, even with the curfews in place... Many just sleep in the sewers."
  17. Jason cursed himself as he was taken into custody. Watching the people get murdered in front of him was something that would haunt him for the rest of his life. His parents always told him the truth would set him free, well it was time to put that saying to the test.

    Jason said, "Look I'm a doctor! I was out trying to get to my office so that I could get some medicine for a sick girl in my apartment building. If you don't believe me go to the Kingston Arms ask for the Simmons. They'll corroborate my story. Just let me get the medicine for her at my office and you can haul me off to wherever the hell you want."

    At this time Jason was ready for anything, but letting Amanda enter into the Kingdom of Heaven was not one of the things on his plan for the night. He looked around and saw more than a couple of ways out of this. Jason wasn't crazy about brawling, but these clowns were far from the cream of the crop in terms of guards. Jason looked at some of the others and he could tell that if he made a move there would be others who would join in just for the sake of joining in.