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  1. Who here has their own site or has thought about creating one? What is or would it be about?

    Considering my role on Iwaku, I am promise I am genuinely curious and not just spamming :P
  2. As though I have spare time not poured into Iwaku, pfft.

    Someday, something to do with my hobbies would be shiny.
    But I am poor and today is probably not that day.
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  3. Eh'... I don't really have my own website. I've run a couple different small forums a long time ago, but quickly figured out that wasn't really my cup of tea. I could do it competently, but never really had the impetus to do so, if that makes any sense. I'd be much better managing something that already exists and has a framework than building something up from scratch.

    The closest I have to "my own website" is a wikia I've been slowly working on for my fantasy RP world. It ain't much to look at. (I've only got a half a dozen articles or so done and posted with a couple more in progress right now, been toying with formatting and what not.) It is my pet project, in a sense--I throw my time into it when I have nothing else to get done, or when I need a break from the real world. I figure I'll keep working on it over a period of about a year until it's done, maybe a little longer. When it's all done I'll have a list of general articles--like a list of real world issues, and how each faction or nation handles said issues. A quick summary of important notations for character creation. I have one of those done, a languages list since languages in-universe utilize real world languages as nods to cultural ties and what not.

    Normally I don't like sharing my work-in-progress stuff (because I always end up devoting 90% of my creation time to editing so I feel bad about sharing incomplete work), but, hey. Why the fuck not I guess. Here's a thing. It's kind of neat I guess.

    I'm gonna go shovel ice cream into my mouth until I stop feeling like a fucking idiot now. Also because it's chocolate flavoured, and that stuff's tasty as fuck.
  4. Nuffin! Just Social media n_n
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  5. I used to Admin some Star Wars RP forum sites before we all moved to the Guild.
    But other than that? Nothing outside of that "Piczo" program from years back where people just slapped pictures together and called it a website.
  6. I used to have my own website where I hosted an Oekaki (anyone remember those?). That was fun.
  7. I have a site that I (currently) use as an image dump. However, I do plan on doing something with it sometime in the near future.
  8. Haven't you been saying that since I started hosting it for you? :p
  9. Nope. :P

    But that will change...
  10. Before I had a computer I used a website to store my inspiration pictures. I'd go to the library everyday to finish homework and write original stories. Gosh, its been such a long time!
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