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  1. Do you follow any webcomics?

    What is your personal favorite webcomic?
  2. Do webtoons count?

    I've read
    • Tower of God - Very good, fast-paced webtoon. Argh, I wish it got updated more quickly, sometimes the characters can be pushed to the side but it really does a good job of creating suspense and the plot is amazing. The villains are always so cool!
    • Dice - Recently got into this one, sexy plot but I feel like it might drop a bit after a while. The characters are cool though and there's A BAE IN IT.
    • Catharsis - Alright. The main character could be have a bit more of a personality, the art is really good for art reference, hehe.
    • S.I.D - The art is nice, the stories are good. The characters are likeable and the cases of the ghosts and their backstories are pretty decent but they could have more variety.
    • Flow - This is definitely one of my alltime favourites, it's just avgfk everything I like. Magic, Eastern folklore... Fantasy/Slice of Life done right.
    • For the Sake of Sita - A heartwarming short story. The art in this one is beautiful, it really can invoke powerful emotions.
    • Where Tangents Meet - The opposite of everything above. I swear. Nice art but the story is just horrendously bad xD. Your typical romance with typical plot twists.
    • Annarasumanara - Another heartwarming story. One of my favourites, it's definitely worth a read and can really make you shed a tear ; ;.
  3. The Property of Hate.

    For long I've wondered if mental and psychological matters had a physical form, an appearance and behavior of its own, what it would then be like. TPoH is the answer to that.
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  4. 19 Days
    Tamen de Gushi (Their Story)

    They're both romantic comedy webcomics (although in the recent chapters of 19 Days it's gotten a bit dark while Their Story is still quite lighthearted). They also have slightly similar art styles but the are drawn and written by different artists.

    The major difference aside from the plot is that 19 Days follows two guys and Their Story follows two girls :P

    You can say the stories are basically counterparts to each other :P
  5. Off-White

    Incredible art and a deep theme of Norse mythology. The story grows darker in the latter chapters, but the main cast is generally likeable and easy to sympathize with. Updates have unfortunately been halted as the artists are re-doing the art.

    The Gamer

    Literally a story about a guy whose life turns into a game. The first arc is pretty amazing, but the comic gradually falls into the trap of repetitive grinding. Updates are fairly regular though, so that's a plus.
  6. I love Ava's Demon. I don't read a lot of webcomics anymore, but I read that one. It's absolutely brilliant.
  7. I don't really read a lot of webcomics anymore, but one I do read is Satan and Me It's one of the most enjoyable webcomics I've found in a while.
  8. I used to read Magician webtoon religiously. After the main chars grew up though, it kind of fell through. For me anyway. Maybe I'll start reading it again someday.

    There are other I occasionally glance through, like Fantasy World Survival.
  9. I read way too many webcomics.
    List of webcomics (open)

    My favorite is probably Fisheye Placebo, but if I want laughs then I go to Kid n' Teenagers.
  10. Cheese in the Trap
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  11. Lately I've been reading...

    Miss Abbott and the Doctor
    Kind of Confidential

    I just found a webcomics app recently and I enjoy looking at these on my phone every now and again. My favorite out of the bunch is definitely Bastard, but I've been enjoying all of the ones I mentioned. ^_^
  12. Oh man. I've been steadily keeping up with Gunnerkrigg Court (Please read this comic it's so good), Flaky Pastry, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, and occasionally Awkward Zombie. I've read Paranatural, and while it wasn't so much for me, it is one of the best webcomics I've ever read, with just amazing dialogue and a great plot, and it's the only webcomic I've ever read that actually made me laugh in person. I've read Ruby Quest and Nan Quest (though Nan Quest hasn't been finished and I don't think it ever will be), Problem Sleuth which is good, followed League of Super Redundant Heroes for a while but realized it's a little lackluster, and kept up with Ava's Demon until it fell into the hiatus pit for a while. I think it's been revived though, which is great because it's gorgeous and interesting.

    Above all these though, if you're into webcomics in general, the Bad Webcomics Wiki is good for a laugh. They document all sorts of webcomics, popular to obscure, that they think makes the cut for a bad webcomic and write lengthy critiques. A lot of the articles are well-written and researched, and actually very fair--they don't just rag on hobbyist's comics with no regard for the effort it takes to make a comic, and in fact offer guides on how to avoid laziness and bad writing.
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