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  1. High above Earth - 616. A planet that was occupied by several heroes and villains. Was a spaceship of unusual design, so weird that human hands couldn't have made it. Perhaps not even by some extraterrestrial hands.

    Inside of this peculiar ship was a rather Amazing person.


    This man was Peter Parker. The Amazing Spider-Man of Earth 616.

    Who at the moment was clad in his normal everyday civilian clothes, studying the ship granted to him by the ever so mysterious Madam Web.

    'Really wish she had hooked me up with a cooler looking ship. This thing looks like it was meant to give Galactus a rather uncomfortable ear exam. But, it does have the essentials for the people I invited. Well, most of them. Some of them I didn't even have to leave this timeline to contact. The special cases were: Noir Spider-Man....My counterpart from a timeline where I became Spider-Man during the Great Depression. Miles Morales, a kid who apparently takes the mantle of Spider-Man after I die to the Green Goblin. And Miguel O'Hara. A Spider-Man from the year 2099. And Wolf Spider. I met Noir and 2099 Spider-Men when Mysterio attempted to reshape everything as he saw fit. The not so special, but still awesome cases were a couple of people I knew and worked with for a time.'

    'Remy LeBeau. Aka Gambit. Nice guy, but annoying when you play against him in poker. Jennifer Walters. Aka She-Hulk, or as some people called her. "Shulkie." I don't think she likes the nickname. For the last time I called her that. I got a light smile and a painful hand on my shoulder that left it aching. Anyways, I also invited Jessica Drew, aka Spiderwoman. Nice lady, although her hero name did spark a controversy as to whether or not me and her were related in some way. Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. A cool guy, once you get on his good side. Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. Someone who I would rather be handcuffed to the Hulk during a episode than work with. Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. A blind lawyer.....With awesome tricks and whatnot.....Still need to hire him to get my Spider-Man rights copyrighted.....For I am tired of people like Fisk getting money from action figures of me. And Colossus. I forgot his true name......Hope he isn't a bit too ticked off. He's a nice guy, so long as you don't try to make him drink only vodka and make him say "Da." That really ticks him off. But anyways, a lot of them agreed. Even Deadpool....Who stated that he was doing this because. "The creator of the thread included me in it." Typical Deadpool. Always ranting about Authors and whatnot.'

    Peter Parker was starting to get impatient as a weird "Wirrr" noise emitted from behind him.

    And he was expecting Hawkeye, Deadpool or even Daredevil to be first. Not Noir Spider-Man. It shocked him. Seeing as Noir wasn't all that trained in tech. For he came from a time where there were no computers.

    "What'cha doing standing all shocked?" Noir said, carrying a duffle bag. No doubt carrying several of his personal items. He also had a shaved head. For some reason.

    "Nothing. I'm just.....Surprised. That you were the first to arrive." Peter said in response. This caused Noir to scoff. "Just because I am from the past....Doesn't mean I am dumb......Did take me forty minutes though." He admitted. Peter couldn't help but smirk.

    "It's fine. So, you excited for a possible galactic adventure?" Peter asked. "Eh. No comment." Noir responded, walking away, and down a corridor. Most likely to find someplace to stash his things.

    All the while, Peter went back to studying the alien tech.

    Waiting for the others to arrive.
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  2. Another portal opened behind Peter Parker as both the iron spider and Spiderman 2099 stepped onto the ship, but there was something different about Spiderman 2099. He had stumbled across toxin, an alien symbiote that was the son of carnage.
    "So we meet again, Peter. How's it going?" Miguel asked as the suit shifted into his usual street clothes.
    Peter Parker in the iron spider suit was busy analyzing the ship
  3. "Nothing much....Noir just arrived before you two. Honestly surprised me for I expected you or someone else to arrive than him...Not saying I didn't want him to show up. Anyways, I see you've come across a symbiote. Toxin, right?" 616 Peter said, as he looked at Miguel.

    Before long, Noir walked back in, minus his duffle bags and trench coat. "Miguel." Noir said, his hands stuffed into his pockets. "How's the future treating you?" 616 Peter could only hope this question wouldn't spark the argument that occurred during the Shattered Dimensions crisis.

    That little thing nearly caused 616 Peter to have a stress attack.
  4. A portal opened and Silk stepped through. Upon seeing 616 Peter she pulled down her mask fully and smiled walking over to him. "So Peter next time you disappear you'll let me know if it's Universe changing and a meeting of Spiders, right?" Silk laid a hand on his arm absently running her fingers lightly over his forearm.
  5. 616 Peter waved at Silk as she stepped through, but before he could say anything. "So Peter next time you disappear you'll let me know if it's Universe changing and a meeting of Spiders, right?" She said. Right before she laid a hand on his arm. "Um, uh....Yeah, I will." He said, a bit quieter than usual.

    In the background, Noir looked from Miguel and at Silk and Peter,deciding to give a golf clap to Peter's response. "Smooth."
  6. Silk smiled and winked at him then looked around at the other Spiders her face going blank. Obviously that smile and wink was just for Peter. "So its been some time gentlemen. I'm assuming this isn't a social call is it? Otherwise we could have a paradox on our hands. So who is running this show?"
  7. [xtable]
    When she got the request, she almost considered ignoring it. But, well, it was Peter. He wouldn't do this if it weren't really needed, and she had to face it, she really liked being needed. And noticed, which was fortunate, given the fact she was over six and a half feet tall and green. But, eventually, she tidied up her loose ends, and let a few key people know she'd be unavailable and way out of cell phone range for the foreseeable future, then packed to go.

    She packed a few various uniforms in addition to regular clothes - very big and tall women's shops were hard to find in most realities - a pair of pistols she'd used a few times along with the adamantium-tipped rounds in addition to the standard ammo, and a communicator that Reed had assured her would work cross-reality. Finally, she was ready, activating the portal.

    "Another day, another portal across realities and space." Was the first thing out of Jennifer's mouth once she stepped through, followed by her hauling in several large suitcases.

    She looked around and shrugged slightly. "Not the worst spaceship I've been on by a longshot. From the tone of your request, I'm just going to assume you asked me to come here for my green genes, not my legal expertise. Not that my previous cross-dimensional cases left me with the warm fuzzies."

    "So, Peter, where's my room? I've got unpacking to do and backstory to listen to." Jennifer said as she looked over at the 616 version. "I hope there aren't too many Peter versions, or else we'll have to end up numbering you like runners in a Marathon."
    She-Hulk snarked, gathering her suitcases to her.{/td}
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  8. "Um, I thinks it's down this way." 616 Peter said, smirking a bit at the numbering comment. If things were chaotic, he'd do it. He gestured for She-Hulk to follow him, before walking down a corridor that Noir had walked down before.

    Speaking of Noir, he seemed to reading a book. His trench coat wrapped around the chair he was sitting on. Looking to be quite worn from the looks of it. But the cover could be read as "As I Lay Dying." by William Faulkner. While he was a speed reader, he decided to take his time with non-important items. Such as books or novels.

    Well, he was doing this before She-Hulk arrived. Once she did, he gave her a little salute. Before going back to his book.

    To She-Hulk, Noir looked like 616 Peter, but with a shaved head and a tired look in his eyes.

    [Sorry for such a short post.]
  9. [xtable]
    Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat and recently aka Wolf Spider, got the call. She had been through some counseling, and finally had laid to rest all of her animosity toward Peter. It was hard, but, what had helped her most was occasionally donning this alternate costume and calling herself Wolf Spider. By getting closer to the object of her previous antipathy - he had broken her heart and then some after all - she began to identify with him.

    People saw that familiar spider on her chest - and really, it was odd seeing people staring at her chest for any reason besides the most obvious - and their reactions were a lot like what they would have been had they seen Peter wearing his costume. Her psychiatrist told her to do all she could to identify with the object of her anger and hurt, and this had really done the trick.

    Felicia didn't always wear this cross between her costume and Peter's, but when she got the call, she figured it would be best if she showed him - whichever version of him this was - this side of her, proving that she'd finally let bygones by bygones. It was still going to be hard, and from what she'd been able to gather, there might even be more than one "Peter" there, which was going to be super weird.

    Finally, she stepped through, and looked around, catching sight of Peter walking away with She-Hulk, and there was another Peter, bald and in a trenchcoat, reading a ratty little book. Yeah, this was strange all right.

    So, she decided to talk to the bald version of Peter to start off.{/td}
    {td=colspan:2}"So... Peter? If that's your name, I mean, alternate reality and all. What's with the homeless guy getup? Working undercover? I'm Felicia Hardy by the way. Or Black Cat, or currently, Wolf Spider." She stuck out a hand for a shake to Noir.
  10. Noir looked up from his book and at Felicia, and for a split second. He had a small look of surprise before remembering. "Alternate universe, have to remember that." He shook her hand.

    "The 'get-up' is a mixture of my Uncle Ben's old World War One pilot uniform and whatever I could scavenge. The Great Depression wasn't a fun time to pick out costumes. You can call me Noir....So no confusion arises when you need to call out names. Or you can call me Baldy....Which I did so no one would get me and Peter confused via looks." He said, a bit quietly.

    "You uh.....Ever read this book?" He held up the book that was in his hands. "Quite interesting. I like it." He was obviously not great at conversations. Obvious by his quiet tone and avoid-ment of eye contact.
  11. [xtable]
    {td=left|top}Once she'd ducked into her room, Jennifer pointedly closed the door on Spidey. "Excuse me while I change into someone more comfortable, will you?"

    A moment later, she came out in her human form. "I figure this way people don't have to crane their necks to look me in the eye. So, to be flatly honest, Pete, I just skimmed the bit you sent me. It was interesting enough to come on the face of it, but I've always found a face to face conversation is tons better than reading a static document. Call it the lawyer in me."

    "So, show me where I can get a decent cup of coffee around here and fill me in on the details, huh?"{/td}
  12. "Noir is fine, I guess. And, I might have, in high school. Kind of a depressing story as I recall. If I want depressing I'll read Tolstoy. But really, I'm not much into depressing. If I'm going to lose myself in a book it's going to be delusionally happy, like a romance novel or something. To be honest I'm not a real reader. Netflix and chill all the way for me... Oh wait, you said depression. No computers. Uh... Sitting in front of the radio listening to Little Orphan Annie, to make it something you'd recognize."

    She perched nearby leaning on a bit of equipment. "You're one of those dark brooding types, aren't you? Now that's a version of Pete I never thought I'd see."
  13. 616 - Peter nodded, before leading Jennifer to a small room that looked like the room from Alien....Hopefully no one ends up with a creature bursting out of their chest. Before he went to a device and pressed a button.

    It whirred for a few seconds before producing two mugs of coffee. Peter picked both of the mugs up before handing one to Jen and sitting down at the table.

    "So, I'ma just quickly go over who's on the ship and why we're here. Me, you. Miguel O'Hara. A Spider-Man from the year 2099. Silk, Iron Spider, Noir Spider-Man....Another version of me if Spider-Man was around during the 1930s Great Depression era. Bit of a gloomy gus."

    He said, before taking a sip of coffee.

    "And we're assembled for the sole purpose of preventing some type of evil in the galaxy from destroying the multiverse. As decreed by Madam Web.....A powerful entity who likes to give vague directions and mission."
    Noir - "Yep...Nothing to do but smashing thugs' faces....Or shooting the ones that dare use a innocent as a shield..." He said that a bit darkly.
    "And do I really fit into that type? I thought I was the funny one." He said with a light smirk. There's his inner comedian. Even if it was followed by a dark comment..
  14. She took the mug and sat, sipping. "Well... that's one thing that'll keep me here. Good coffee."

    "It did look like someone had just run over his cat. But, if he's enough like you I bet we can have him wisecracking at the bad guys in no time."

    "A powerful entity who likes to give vague directions and missions. Why does that sound really familiar? Oh right, because I've done that at least three times before. And I guess I know why you called me, I've been in at least one 'stop this guy or every universe ends' things before too. Seems to be everything that this Madam Web is getting together is mainly you-related. It does look a little odd with... All the Spider people from everywhere and She Hulk. I hope you don't want me to get a spider uniform. Besides what would I be? Jumping Spider? The only way I climb walls is by putting holes in them along the way."

    She continued her teasing but sipped at her coffee just the same. "I'm just giving you a hard time, Pete. You're actually one of the few heroes who doesn't lose their sense of humor just because you're fighting bad guys who want to do very bad things to a lot of good people, and I appreciate that."
  15. "Okay, you're Pete all right. And shooting? Like with a gun and not webs? I guess no web-shooters in the thirties either. Maybe you should borrow a set from one of the others and give it a go. Or I could lend you one of my spare grapple-lines if you want. Swinging isn't just a lifestyle, it really is an efficient method of getting around town." Felicia replied with a smirk.
  16. 616 - "Thanks....And don't worry, I invited Daredevil, Captain America, Colossus, Hawkeye another hero whom I don't quite know much about unfortunately......And Deadpool." With the name of the Merc with the mouth said, Peter loudly/awkwardly sipped his coffee. "And Noir does make wisecracks....10% of them are funny and 90% are a bit mean. But, he does come from a rough time....It is understandable."
    Noir - "I have 'Web Shooters', which are handy.....Wished they weren't red and blue....Color scheme gives me away in the shadows. But....Thanks."
    "I am curious though. Why the name 'Wolf Spider'? If you don't mind me asking." He said with a inquisitive look.
  17. "You invited Wade?!" She nearly spat out her coffee. "You know that he knows that- never mind. He's never going to stop with the inside jokes, is all I should say about that without you thinking I'm as crazy as he is. Let's just say, due to fate or some higher power, I happen to be able to relate to a lot of those crazy comments he makes." She sipped on her coffee again. "Well... It's going to be an interesting time."
  18. "Could always paint them. And well, Wolf spiders are usually solitary, hunt alone, and are known to pounce and chase their prey. And..." Felicia shrugged and looked aside, a bit sadly.

    "They tend to not really have permanent homes, and wander a lot. All of those things are a lot like me - Plus, it wasn't taken by the bajillion different spider-people out there in the world already. I had a really short list of names that wouldn't already have been taken."
  19. 616 - "Yeah....So, shall we head back to the others so you can personally meet and get to know the others?" He said, finishing his coffee. Just before getting up. He stood in the door frame. Waiting for Jen to finish her coffee.
    Noir - "True....In all honestly, I wasn't called Spider-Man at first, I was called. 'The Spider' by some passerby. It did sound nice, although Noir Spider-Man sounded better.." He said. "So, Miguel....Have you met the....What are they called. 'Galaxy Guardians'? Or something like that? And do you think we're going to encounter them on our little adventure?" He was obviously trying to say "Guardians of the Galaxy." But, seeing as he personally never met them or did much research on them aside from a few bits of their names and team. A talking tree person named "Groot", and a Raccoon called "Rocket Raccoon." with tendency to leave nothing standing. And a guy called "Star-Lord." He didn't the other two names.
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  20. "Can't say I have. The public eye would've arrested them the moment they were seen." Miguel said
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