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I'm starting to learn web design as part of my future career before I start taking my classes for it. So, you could say I'm self teaching myself.

Anyway, I'm starting off by building my web portfolio. So far it's nothing to talk about, but I wanted to get some feedback on it thus far. I will try to post when it's been updated so... keep on the lookout. Or just keep checking in on it. I'm going to try to do something to it daily as I learn more things.

Remember, this is a work in progress! I'm still learning and still trying to figure things out. It won't be perfect for quite some time. This is my very first work from scratch website. I have played with website pre-templates before, but never actually worked from scratch until now.


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Finally figured out the image codes (they were being stubborn, damn things) and gave the pages some color.

Please let me know what you think? I don't know if the new colors work together or not...


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Hey, I like the background image. Did you make that? Anyways, I do like the color. I am just not sure about is contrast with your background images. Also. you might t think about stylizes you type. Try also changing your div sizes so your line-lengths isn't so stretched. What are you using to edit your website?


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I started with Notepad, and now I'm using webs.com's text editor. I wasn't too sure about the text color either, but it was better than it was before. Still working on finding a better color that works with the background. Unfortunately I didn't make the background myself. Found it through Google Images and liked that background. Using this particular theme until I can come up with something I like better using my own design.

As for div sizes... I haven't figured out what that is... ^^;;