Weatherbrook (A Paranormal-Based RP, see inside for details!)

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    (Note: the stuff in quotes is supposed to be the description of the video outside of diologue)​


    "If you're watching this, then you've managed to decipher my code. Those who managed to do so, you know exactly what I'm about to say. First off, I am "X". For the past few months I've been monitoring strange phenomena in the small town of Weatherbrook, Massachusetts. People have been reporting all kinds of weird stuff for years: being abducted by aliens, werewolf attacks, possessions, monster sightings... You get the idea. But this isn't a new thing: these events have been going on for years. This stuff dates back all the way to the 1800's, when Weatherbrook was founded by a Cult. They practiced all kinds of insane rituals to summon demons and the like, but eventually the Protestants came in and wiped them out. But ever since that day, Weaterbrook's been experiencing almost anything and everything one might imagine when they hear the words 'supernatural phenomena'. But I can't talk for long, I'm pretty sure that tonight there will be another 'visitation', so here's the bottom line: I spread this code around town to see who was intelligent enough to help me out. I've been studying the town's history for a while now, looking into the past attacks and strange events and I'm thinking that we need to do something. I think that we, the people of Weatherbrook, need to form an elite group of hunters to protect the town from these threats... I know many of you will think I'm insane. Trust me, I'm having a hard time believing it myself. But... Maybe this will convince you."


    "This... Well, it's a Mogwai. Turns out Joe Dante unintentionally made a film about real creatures... This little guy was kept in Tennorman's Pet Shop, but I found it before somebody else did. Unfortunately, I don't think it's the only one in town... But this should be enough proof that something odd is going on."

    "Banshee. Most likely the one that's been lingering around Herrington Manor. It's mostly dormant, contained in a metal box bound with chains and with a cross lain on top of it... Needless to say, I kind of took care of that one. For the time being. But this is why I need help; I can't do it on my own. So, those who want the town to be kept safe from these things, meet me outside Boggy Creek in three days. I'll be there around midnight... And, come prepared with a weapon: there's Reptillians in the water."

    Okay, so before I get too in-detail with the description, this RP has a few influences (X-Files, Doctor Who, the SCP Foundation/Creepypasta, and many many horror films, to list a few). Mostly, think of something like Supernatural (in that there's multiple paranormal phenomena threatening one area) meets Ghostbusters (where a ragtag team unites to take care of the threat), meets the later Evil Dead movies (in that it's bat-crap crazy nonsense).

    So, there's a few things I want to clarify about this:

    #1. I'll be playing "X" (he has an actual name, but you'll see his sheet later on).

    #2. Like how I referenced the film "Gremlins" (and how the Mogwai is actually going to be the "mascot" of the team), we can totally have more references and even borrow elements from our favourite films/shows/media (I'm thinking the Necronomicon/Book of Evil will be featured later)

    #3. Even though the group is assembled to try and stop paranormal activities, you're more than welcome to play a supernatural creature yourself. Obviously, there would be hesitation to keep somebody like a reptilian alien using a human body on the team when they're trying to stop an invasion, but that's all part of the fun! I think it would be fun to have a whole group of creatures (and a few humans) trying to make their town a safer place.

    Now then, the basic idea of this RP is that we have an extremely messed up small town in the middle of nowhere. Ever since it was founded, the town of Weatherbrook has been plagued by paranormal phenomena and strange occurrences. Obviously, somebody from the town steps up to the plate by assembling an elite team to take care of the situation. Wether or not they succeed in their goal is up to us.

    As per anything containing paranormal entities, people are going to die and there's going to be some pretty freaky moments. But, we can take it in literately any direction. It can be humorous like Evil Dead 2 or Gremlins, or it can be a straight-up scare-filled adventure like Monster Squad or Underworld.

    We'll probably start this after we get three interested people, but the maximum player amount would be 8. Don't want the group to get too large.

    Anyways, post below if you have any questions/comments about this, as I'm sure many of you will have something to add.
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  2. I'll have you know that I am VERY interested in this! Should we know what code X was trying to make us decipher in the first place and why some people were chosen to decipher this code of sorts?
  3. Yeah, it would be something like an ARPG, where there are hidden messages and riddles imbedded across the town in places where only X knew there would be people, plus he would've made the code something only certain people would know as to keep it hidden from anyone who might try to stop/kill him and his team.
  4. I'm interested.
  5. Sweet. So are you guys going to be humans or are we expecting some paranormal teammates? :3
  6. I think I will stick to playing as a human personally.
  7. Alright, sounds good. So far that's two humans ("X" is human as well).

    Any questions?
  8. Still looking for at least one more!
  9. I am so interested! I love the play on Supernatural ^_^
  10. Sweet, that's 3! (I've actually never seen Supernatural but I quote the pizza man/babysitter comment all the time xD)

    Okay, just so I can see what our team is like this far, who's playing what gender? I will be a male human.

    @ILovePandas, are you going to be human as well or something else to mix up the dynamic?
  11. Hmmm well, I was thinking....maybe one of each? If we're allowed to have multiple characters?
  12. Yes you are! All my RP's allow 3 characters ^^
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  13. Ok so mark me down for one human and one paranormal. ^_^
  14. I totally want to join, Id like to play as a female werewolf if that's cool with everybody
  15. Sure! Are we talking the type that changes on command or the type that changes in the moonlight? And can she control herself or does she become a mindless killing machine?
  16. I'm thinking we have werewolves that have to work to change on command and on the full moon. So most of the time the werewolves can change on command.
    Then on the three nights of the full moon, most werewolves shift and become killing machines unless they are being kept pinned or have self control that is rare among the wolves.
    I think we can add more aspects to the werewolves as well, such as giving them the ability to change into a humaniod-wolf form, like the old school wolf man in addition to the wolf form
    Having it so my character and other wolves turn on the full moon can add conflict to the plot as well, so it could be interesting to work with.
    If you like that set up, then I think that's what we should do for the werewolves, along with the normal super strength and speed.
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  17. I'm totally fine with that, I was gonna roll with the seperate werewolves (those who can change on command via discipline and those who can't control it).

    So are you going to make her the type that can't do it herself (meaning our characters will have to bind her when the full moon is out), or she has a bit of control but still looses it on the full moon?
  18. For the most part my character has self control and doesn't lose control without reason. Only on the actual full moon does she lose control.
    I was thinking, if we had the humaniod forms as well. Then on the night before the actual full moon and the night after then she will stay in the humaniod form and still keeps control.
  19. Okay, so she's stuck as a werewolf until the full moon is completely done (day and night doesn't influence the transformation), or, come daytime, she returns to her human form?

    Also, just saying, we're literatly starting Boggy Creek the night the group meets xD

    And I'm thinking the first threat is either Grey Aliens (the abducty-kind), a group of Reptillians/Lizard People in the sewers, or perhaps a Zombie hidden somewhere in the town.
  20. Day time gives her more control over the transformation and if she so choose then she could return to human form.

    Its the night of boggy creek, I think you should get some crazy red eyed lizard/gator people to attack the town. Make them kind of low level enemies, but hard for the group to defeat seeing as how it's the beginning.

    With so many supernatural creatures, um wondering how humans are going to compete with the extra speed/strength, technology, magic, and other such advantages?
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