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    • Okay, so I included a short plot basis of what we had discussed below, but its really a rough draft because we just did a basic outline. In the RP we can decide what happens next.

      Plot (open)

      • Rayne and Sabri had just recently become partners only the week before. Currently they are beginning to develop their resonance and fighting abilities.
      • Several Meister and weapon pairs are chosen to go out on the hunt for a witch named *Izanami that has been releasing kishins among towns, leaving them in ruins.
      • As Rayne and Sabri are new, they are not chosen to go, though they decide to go themselves. Naturally they get their butts kicked and found out by the DWMA
      • Rest is TBD.
      *Izanami - We didn't discuss a name, but I choose Izanami because she's the goddess of creation and death in Japan and I thought that kind of coincided with the idea of the witch.

    • Irk if you want to past your character her for future reference or something??
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  1. Rayne just couldn't keep her arms up anymore. She had sweat dripping down her back and making her hands slick, the floor was covered in more of the smelly liquid, and if she took another step she may fall and impale herself on Sabri's blade form. This whole week had taken everything out of her. Starting with their exciting partnership being tarnished with the fact that they could not take jobs until they were properly trained. Then actual training had begun, which sucked because resonance was way harder to master than the teachers made it sound and no one ever told her that resonance was required to just pick the weapon up. And now that she could pick him up it was constant amounts of tripping on her own feet from the momentum of her swings, accidentally cutting herself and falling asleep the second her head was remotely close to horizontal. But she kept her positive attitude, because every great pair had issues with accidentally dropping a weapon mid-spar, right? She tightened her grip on the handle and then tapped it several times on the blade, her signal that she was finished and that Sabra could transform. "Okay, I'm about to pass out, so how about we just... fall asleep here... and begin training again... never."
  2. Sabri hadn't expected to find a partner so easily. Really, he thought most would just glance over him. There were so many other more interesting choices for a weapon then a simple blade, yet Rayne had basically claimed him as soon as she set her eyes on him. It felt good to have a partner, even if it took her forever to resonate enough with him to pick him up. At the signal, Sabri immediately transformed and lazily smiled at Rayne. "All right, come on. Gotta go replenish energy and everything." He was sure he'd have bruises from Rayne's various drops, but he was sure it wasn't as bad as Rayne's tiredness from swinging him around all the time. "How's some spaghetti sound? We could go to that Italian place near DWMA?" He knew his partner would never give up training. She was far too stubborn for that. She'd take a nap then bug him to start the whole process again. As intense Rayne was, Sabri was glad she had chosen him as her partner.
  3. "But I'm all sweaty," Rayne whined as she dropped her head down and began walking towards her gym bag. "If I walk anywhere near there the whole place will be evacuated for poisonous fumes." Dropping to her knees and peeling off the knee braces and gloves, both of which she had subsequently gotten after several falls and failed maneuvers, the Meister considered just skipping a meal and falling straight asleep when they got home. But she shook her head and stood with the bag slung across her body. If she wanted them to be the strongest pair then it would be up to her to stay healthy enough to train, and she refused to put Sabri's blade to shame. The design was one of the most graceful and deadly she had seen on a sword type. If she wasn't getting stronger then she was wasting Sabri's abilities, something no Meister should ever do to their weapon. "Maybe if we get take out though," was she last thing she said before they left the gym building. Rayne hadn't even considered how late it was until she saw the first star across the sky, the low night time temperature nearly freezing her skin from the sweat that still clung to it. Times like these were when she begun to hate winter, it was always dark to early and never seemed to stop getting colder. Definitely not Rayne's preferred training conditions, but ti would only make her stronger.
  4. Sabri was about to consider just heating some leftovers for Rayne when she agreed to at least takeout. The blue haired boy smiled as he followed his meister. "All right." He let her take the lead as she left the gym and walked out into the cold air. He could already see Rayne's displeasure at the darkness, but simply smiled as they walked to the Italian place. He let the silence drag on until they reached the place. Quickly Sabri took the lead for once, getting their orders down and ready to start. They just needed to wait for a bit as they finished making the orders. Despite only recently becoming partners, Sabri had already started to pick up on Rayne's tastes and habits. Maybe it was due to the fact that he had moved in with her as soon as she had chosen him. Maybe it was just because he liked observing her. Whatever the reason, Sabri was pretty proud of himself for learning so much about his meister. While many weapons could fight by themselves, they could only be truly useful when in a meister's careful hands. They protected their meisters while providing their partners with the ability to hunt evil. Sabri let his thoughts wander as he picked up the two meals, paying and thanking the woman who had handed him the boxes before letting Rayne take the lead again back home.
  5. Rayne was fine with letting the silence linger between them until they got home, fatigue making her mouth and throat useless for speaking. Idly as they walked she blew a puff of air out, watching a watch cloud form in front of her and then disappear. She nudged Sabri's side with her elbow, then, reminiscent of when she was a kid, held two fingers to her mouth a blew fog out, pretending to be smoking. She chuckled warmly and lowered her hand again, though not completely done with her childish antics. Through the rest of their walk she pretended to be a dragon or a smoker using the fog her breath emitted. Pretty soon though they had climbed the stairs up to their apartment and laid the food on the counter, thus ending her play pretend. "Are you up for a movie or something? I think I recorded Inside Out. Or was it Jurassic World?" She turned to look at Sabri, as if expecting him to have the answer. "No... It was Inside Out. I'm sure of it!" She took her container of food and sat on floor with her back pressed against the couch, laying the container on the coffee table. "But I was thinking, for tomorrows training, we should start working on more soul resonance. It'll come in handy during fights if we can use your weapon forms abilities."
  6. Sabri could only smile as Rayne played with the foggy breath. He chuckled as she pretended to either smoke or be a dragon, enjoying her childish ways immensely. It was a strange quirk he never wanted her to lose. As they got home, Sabri quickly set up the living room for movie watching, listening carefuly to Rayne as she debated what movie they would watch. "Movie sounds good. Something nice and relaxing after a good workout." He smiled as he opened his own food, sitting on the couch and practically sinking into the old and fluffy sitting piece. At Rayne's suggestion, he hummed, taking a bite of his food before answering her. "All right, sounds good. It'll be interesting to see what all I can do. Maybe I'll actually do something cool for once." The blue haired boy gave a small self-deprecating chuckle as he practically sunk into the couch.
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