Weaker than we think. (Orange_Unicorn)

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    Alice hated to been inside. She had wanted noting more than to go outside, placing her face against the window pane she let her eyes look outside. The kids playing, lauging and running around. She gave a small scowl as she let herself flop back into the bed. Today she would get to go home for a bit. She had agreed that she would try these new drugs, she try anything! Just to get outside and not be baby or watched like a hawk. Of course her mother was telling her this and that and she still have to take it slow and still have to make sure she did not over do it. She of course was tunning her out, so if she had heard that she had gotten her one of those home nurses she might have threw a fit but when the doctor walked in, and told her she was free to go. She let her feet hit the ground and bolted turning the corner and doging everyone.

    She threw open the doors and let her feet touch the ground. Smiling she raised her hands up and looked to the sun. "Warmth!" She said with a sweet tone, only followed by her mother sighing some. "Alice, please I told you take it easy" She said in a scowlding tone, and even a wave of her finger. "Fine mother" she said letting her hands touch her side and her eyes glance around, really sooner they got home the better.
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    Emmet Parker watched the comings and goings of the hospital from the bench that sat near the door. His eyes followed the men, women and children that walked in and out of the doors while his long fingers were wrapped around a cup of coffee. Apparently, there was a possiblity of a new job for him as a visiting nurse, and he was to talk to a woman.

    Most people were confused whenever he told them he was a nurse, especially when he informed them had the degree to be a doctor but chose the route of being a nurse because he prefered it. People also thought his gender wrong for the job and for him to be too young. It did annoy him, but most of the time he simply shrugged it off because he enjoyed his job.

    As he sipped the last of his coffee and tossed the empty foam cup into the gabage can nearby, his eyes stopped on one girl impeticular who walked out of the hospital. She seemed young, and it always pained Emmet slightly to see anybody young in the hosptial or even more severly ill. Had he not simply chosen to stay a nurse, he would have decided to do medical research or work as a doctor in a children's ward. Emmet had originally wanted that even, but knew that it probably would have torn into him a little too much. Being a nurse may have torn into him a little, and broken his heart a bit, but it was better in a way then working as a doctor, at least to him.
  3. Alice glanced back to her mother. Though the way she seemd to be scanning around, it made Alice tilt her head. She might have been young but she was not over young. She was just smaller than most people would assume. She looked to her and then furrer her brow. "What are you up to mother?" She asked, only to see her mother rush past and up to Emmat she had hired him to watch over Alice. Alice eyes followed the older, yet sweet woman to a man. Her eyes widened a bit and then she blinked, rushing over to her.

    The woman smiled, "Mr. Emmet?" She asked holding out her hand, "My name is Rose" she gave a warm smile and just as Alice walked up, she spoke again. "This is Alice." Alice glared, she hated when her mother thought that she was unable to take care of herself, and the fact that she was going to have some one hold her hand. That was not what she wanted. She gave a small grumble. "Mother I do not need a baby sitter" She crossed her arms, and puffed out her cheek like a hamster.
  4. Emmet stood, a smile spreading across his face as a woman rushed over to him and he shook her hand. "Hello Ms. Rose, it's a pleasure to meet you. And please, just call me Emmet." As he let go of the woman's hand, his eyes traveled over to the daughter, Alice. He offered the girl his hand, knowing how she must feel about someone like him, especially considering she was comparing him to a babysitter. "Hey Ms. Alice, it's nice to meet you. I hope we can at least get along slightly?"

    So far, it looked to Emmet as though his job may be a little more interesting and a little more challenging. At times he hated jobs that were difficulkt, but other times jobs like now, he liked them and appreciated them. Recently he had only had jobs that had brought about pain, boredom and no difficulty. Then again, he should probably find out a little more about this job.

    "So I wasn't really told anything about the job, so if you don't mind filling me in..." he said, his eyes shifting back to Rose.
  5. Alice just looked to her mother and then to Emmet. How could her mother be so mean? She was finally getting to do more things and here she goes getting her a baby sitter! She crossed her arms with a small pout and a puff off her cheeks. Really, though sometimes he wished her mother would just back off and let her do her own thing. Or at least let her breath. She felt her mother glared and anger before she smiled. "as you wish. Emmet" she spoke. Rose gave a nod. "I am sorry" She moved to let Alice stand to the side. "Simply put, I would wish a nurse to be around Alice, just in case something goes wrong with this expermental drug" she spoke.