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    2 of each element, a boy and a girl(1- boy, 2- girl):


    1. Blaze - Meely
    2. Adreen - Zaira

    1. Hibine - Sen
    2. Lucy - Spark


    1. Sariel - Kittykins
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  2. Name: Blaze de Incendio
    Age: 18
    Element: Fire

    Appearance: Medium length red hair with the classic eyes. He wears denim jeans and a black hoodie.
    Personality: Blaze has a fiery personality. He has a bad temper, but is generally kind. He doesn't make many friends simply because he doesn't want them, though. He is sporty and not smart at all.

    History: Blaze was born into this slavery. He saw humans kill his sister, two brothers, and parents. Blaze automatically realised he was different. He fought back. He was attacked, and got a long silver scar on his face.
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  3. Name: Lucy Mae Volt

    Age: 16

    Element: Electric

    Appearance: Lucy have yellow hair. It's not blonde, and its not white. If you look at the color of a sunflower, thats what her hair looks like. Its long enough to fall just at her lower ribs. She has white eyes and tan-ish skin. Its an odd combination. She is skinny and short. She wears golden jean shorts, a light pink v-neck and a light blue jumper.

    Personality: Lucy is very smart, but also very athletic. She used to run track and was in the Honors Society. Lucy is a very calm and collected person who is also very kind and cunning. Though, in certain situations she does have a bit of a temper. Lucy is very friendly, and loves meeting new people.

    History: Lucy was born free, but was quickly orphaned and taken captive. They told her that she was different, and she didn't have the strength to fight them after watching her parents die. Lucy was always an only child, and her family avoided slavery until she was 14.
  4. @Spark hi Lucy, welcome to the gang. Accepted!
  5. I'd like to have the fire girl :) I'll be filling the CS later tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Okay I'll reserve her for you :)
  7. Name: Adeen Hollwen
    Age: 18
    Element: Fire

    Appearance: She's normal sized and really skinny. Most of the time she's wearing skinny jeans and a sweater too big for her small size. Adeen has red, long and straight hair, which usually ties up.
    Personality: Adeen is usually friendly and in a good mood. She's strong; no matter what she has to go through, she's really hard to break. Anyways, when she get's angry, she is unstoppable.
    History: Adeen was born from normal parents, that raise her until she turned 12 and they couldn't ignore what she really was. A few days after her birthday, her parents turned her in, trying to do "the right thing for society". The ones that she used to care more about have been the ones that betrayed her the most. After that event, she began hating them more than anything, and her main objective in life is to escape and kill them. Anyways, she still tries to see the bright side of life.

    Hey! Is the IC on?
  8. Yeah, it's on, and you're approved!
  9. Awesome!
  10. I have a few questions, do I already know the other characters? Are we locked in cells close enough to each other to talk and see ourselves?
  11. You don't know the others. You're in very separate cells, you can see each other but you don't speak. They are about to put you all in one cell, a really big one.
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  12. Could I reserve the boy for wind.
  13. Yes of course
  14. Name: Sariel Lovelace
    Element: air

    Appearance: Sariel has white hair that falls to his shoulders. He usually dresses in a dark grey jacket, light grey short sleeve shirt, and dark grey cargo pants.

    Personality: He is kind and gets attached to easily. He likes to move around a lot. He tries to be happy despite all that has happen to him. After he killed his family on accident he tried to suppress his anger.

    Background: He was born into a caring family that loved and cared for him. When he turned ten he lost his temper and accidentally killed them. He went into an orphanage before they finally took him at 13.
  15. Accepted, welcome to the team!
  16. Name: Hibine Winters
    Age: 19
    Element: Electric

    Appearance: Short to medium blondish-white hair, it's always messy. He doesn't like to comb it. Hibine has blue eyes. He's quite tall 183cm (6'), has a slightly lean body. He is most likely wearing a white singlet with jeans or casual pants.

    Personality: Reckless and suspicious, always geared for action and ready to go. Because he is so suspicious he finds it hard to trust others and tends to make hasty decisions. When upset, he's blunt and will speak what's on his mind. However, just as he is quick-tempered, he is also sincere, affectionate and generous. He prefers to be alone, a solitary man, but will let special people into his life. He's a secret romantic, playful and passionate to the ones he loves. But he is also inclined to be over possessive when jealous.

    History: Abandoned and disowned at a young age since his mother prefered his well-mannered twin brother over him. Captured when he was caught stealing.
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  17. Thank you.
  18. You're welcome.

    Is his name Kris or Hibine
  19. Oops, sorry about that. Let's go with Hibine.
  20. It's fine :)
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