We Were The Chosen Ones


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  • Oh the joys of the Dark Unicorn pub. It was quite the most lively of the pubs in all the kingdom, mainly due to its history. You see, here is where the heroes gathered to fight back the darkness that threatened to swamp this land. But alas, that was so long ago...

    "We were the chosen ones...
    Our armour was soaked in blood,
    We slayed the dragon!"

    That was the merry chantings of the very drunk man dressed in dark green. It was such a sad sight to see, formerly the best friend man of the one who lead their party to slay the evil, now the town drunk, albeit a bit more armed and dangerous.

    "We no longer live in fear,
    It's time to raised our glasses,
    We slayed the dragon!"

    No one joined him in his little salute to himself. He simply went back to drinking, not a care in the world. That was until the herald stormed into the pub, bringing grave news.

    "Everyone! Everyone listen! The darkness is returning, the dark lord has risen once more, he broke from his seal! We must fight back, who's willin-"

    The herald, despite bringing such grave news, was quickly shooed away by a guard, with him mumbling "Try the other pubs..."

    The Lancer was completely oblivious to this news, now at a barstool, face down on the counter, glass in his hand. He looked dead for all intents and purposes.

    There was another who entered the Dark Unicorn after the herald was shooed out. A familiar face...

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