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  1. Not all warnings will happen, just precaution.

    In highschool, there is always those kids who wants to be famous, but who can blame them! This rp is about a group of high school wannabes trying to make a name for themselves, whether it be through music, acting, dancing or anything else! However; not everyone can make it in the world and even when they do, it's another matter whether or not they can handle the heat!

    In your first post include the following:
    Picture/physical description
    What they want to be famous for
    Why they want to be famous
    Brief backstory

    Please join the race to the top!



    His name was Yukito Akiyama and today he wasn't only starting his first year of high school, but also his his endeavour to complete his life time goal, to start a band and hit number one on the charts. His brother was always telling him he was too young for this kind of thing but he was fifteen now and a highschooler, he wasn't taking any more of his brothers ordering. Yukito knew he had what it takes, he had won all the talent shows in his middle school so his voice had to be good. All he needed was a band to go with him. And thus the search began for his fellow future band members. He sat in role mark, scribbling song lyrics into his notebook as he hummed a suitable tune in his head.

    "Yuki Takahashi?" The teacher called out from the role.

    "Here!" Yukito called out.

    Oh, that was another thing. At school he went by Yuki Takahashi, his real identity was a strict secret and he was not to tell anyone. There was a reason his brother was the one who took care of him, his parents were famous musicians Miyoku and Takano Akiyama. They were out touring most of the time and as of yet, nobody knew the faces of their two children, only their names.

    'Someday' Yuki thought 'I'll be just as big as they are, and then they'll be proud to have me take their name!'
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  2. 1332064422_5108_full.jpeg

    Name: Felicano Abandonato
    Age: 15 years old
    Gender: Male
    What they want to be famous for: His anime/manga
    Why they want to be famous: Because he loves drawing and creating comics and he wants to be like his favorite author
    Brief backstory: Feli was always obsessed with drawing and writing. And at an early age he had discovered his talent in drawing. When he reached the age of six he found the wonderful world of manga and anime. He enjoyed the art style and the many stories they held. When he turned eight he had began drawing and creating his own characters using them in various roleplays and fanfictions. Now at age of fifteen he has created tons of comics for fun but he is too scared and hasn't the confidence to dish out a full book.

    Felicano jolted out of bed as he threw on his white collars shirt and green sweater. He grabbed his khaki pants and hopped about crashing to the floor as he struggled to get dressed.

    Once dressed he raced down the stairs, he grabbed his bag and darted out the door his heart racing as he ran towards the school "(1)Non ancora, perché io sono sempre in ritardo!?!" He cries out in Italian.

    He didn't stop running, not even when he reached the building. He threw open the doors and raced up the stairs till he reached the classroom he threw open the door panting heavily "(2)Mi scusi, mi dispiace per il ritardo*...." he panted heavily forgetting to speak english.

    He dragged himself and sat in the desk to the left of Yuki.

    (Translations: 1) Not again, why am I always late 2) Excuse me, sorry for being late)
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  3. Yuki halted his writing to look at the boy that had just arrived. Had he been speaking... Italian? The rest of the class seemed just as confused as he was. It was probably just a slip of the tongue. Yuki knew what it was like to forget to speak English out of an old habit. However, he was still curious about his new class mate so he leaned over slightly, still not facing the newcomer.

    "Hey, do you speak English?" He asked softly so the teacher wouldn't hear. He assumed so, or else he wouldn't be in a regular class like this. After asking the question the next line to his song sprung to mind and he quickly jotted it down before he forgot.
  4. Feliciano turns and smiles "Si...er...I mean yes. I keep forgetting that I should speak english." He said smiling, he noticed that the other was writing and from what it looked like, he was writing a song.

    "What is it that you are writing?" He asked softly.

  5. Picture/physical description



    What they want to be famous for

    Singing Pianist
    Why they want to be famous/Backstory

    Her father was a pianist and she often sat along side him while he played and she just got into the sound of the piano.
    She knew the keyboard like the back of her hand at age 4. She got her singing talent from her aunt, whom she lives with now.
    It was her fathers dream to become a pianist and after he died she vowed that she would become famous for him and eventually
    play their song they made in front of a real audience.

    kana walked into the class wearing the required uniform, a rule that was optional or not to the students. She liked to wear the uniform cause it was the only nice thing she had in such a high class school. She couldn't afford it all by herself she was happy when her aunt had given the tuition money for her as an early birthday present. She walked into the noisy class room silently her long hair in a side ponytail that hung off her shoulder. She looked down as she walked to the empty seat in the back, passing the two males who sat in the row that had her seat in. "S-Scuse me.." She whispered to them as she past. She sat at her desk and got her music sheets out with the staff lines and got out her pencil and wrote the notes to the tune she came up with in her head on the way over here.​
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Abrielle Thompson (Ellie)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    What they want to be famous for: Singing/acting. (Performing on Broadway)
    Why they want to be famous/Backstory: Ellie’s grandmother used to always take her to shows on Broadway, which consequently caused her to take interest in it. Her family disapproves of her wanting to become and actress on Broadway, and this drives her to try even harder to become and actress.

    ‘Oh no, oh no, oh no. I’m late!’ Ellie thought as she ran through the hallway, clutching her bag tightly. Her headphones were hanging around her neck, still blaring the last song that she was listening to. She slid across the floor, grabbing the doorway to stop herself before she went past her classroom. Her cheeks were flushed as she pulled herself into the room. She blushed a deep pink and ducked her head while she rushed to her seat, setting her bag on the floor and putting her headphones back in. Another day in paradise.
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  7. Yumi had the nasty habit of tapping her pencil between her index and middle finger, flicking it back and forth she nibbled on the index finger of her free hand as she looked over the notes of the staff paper. She was so bad at writing lyrics. She sighed and with that last flick sent her pencil to the female who had just sat down, her cheeks stained pink. Yumi went to write more notes but noticed the pencil had not been there. She looked around and then looked to the right at her pencil that sat on the females desk. She clasped her hands over her mouth with pink cheeks of embarrassment. The students of the class were chuckling. Yumi stood up and rushed over. "I-I'm so sorry!" She said taking her pencil "I-I really have to learn to stop doing that..." She said bending forward to look at the blushing girl.
  8. "Hm?" Ellie said absentmindedly, putting her headphones around her neck once more. She then noticed the pencil and the people looking at them. She put two and two together, and smiled at the girl who was standing by her desk with a pencil in her hand. She should really pay attention to these kinds of things more often. "Oh! It's fine. I wasn't paying attention anyway. Doing a bit of fine-tuning."

    She gestured to her headphones that hung around her neck, still blasting music. She brushed her brown hair back absentmindedly as she took out her notebook and pencil and set them on her desk.
  9. "Oh, good" Yumi said looking around, by then the class had went on and minded their own business, talking among-st each other. Yumi went to walk back to mind her own business but she stopped not even getting a foot away from the other girl before turning around and walking back to the side of her desk. She had to make some kind of friends. She couldn't possibly go on by herself. "I-I'm Yumiku!" She said with eagerness in her voice and her hand out, offered to the girl in a bond, within Yumi's mind, of friendship. She looked down at the girl with a smile.
  10. “Nice to meet you Yumiku. My name’s Abrielle. But people just call me Ellie.” She said, taking the girl’s hand and shaking it. Hm. It was odd. People usually avoided Ellie because of her always working on her music. It was nice to finally have a friend, or something like it. She unhooked the headphones from around her neck and set them on her desk next to her notebook with almost ineligible scribbles scratched across it. There were a few notes written in between the lines, but mostly dynamics and words were squeezed onto the sheet. “I like your uniform. I would wear mine, but it’s buried somewhere in my closet…”
  11. "Oh! Thanks" She rubbed the back of her head. "Yeah, I only wore mine because I didn't feel like taking the time to pick anything out " She lied. Most of the stuff she had was skater, torn jeans and a baggy shirt that was her elder brothers before her moved to america. She looked at the clock and nodded. "We should hang sometime. I would love to hear your music" She smiled, waving. "See ya" She smiled as she walked away she had a little, mini party in her mind. She had made her first friend and she didn't have to travel around this school by herself. She sat down proud that she had overcome her fear of other people.
  12. Ellie gave a small wave to her new friend before she put her headphones back on. It was a cover of her singing, and she made a face at the note that she just hit. She turned the page and scribbled a few words down before leaning back and resuming listening to the song. She hummed a bit and stared off into space. She smiled as the image of her completely green. Yes, it was an odd dream. But that’s what it was. She was green. She was onstage. She was Elphaba. Wicked was by far, her favorite musical. The consequence of it was that she would have to be green, but it would be worth it compared to the benefits.
  13. Feliciano shook his head to clear his mind from the sudden black out he had, he realized staying up late probably isn't the best thing to do.

    He noticed two more students had entered and had already developed a friendship.

    Smiling to himself the Italian opened his Black Butler duffle bag and extracted a red binder and flipped through the pages to a blank page of copy paper and began to sketch mindlessly.
  14. "I'm writing a song" he told Feliciano with a grin and a wink. "But it's top secret for now so don't tell~" he laughed softly and watched as the. Italian brought out his book and began sketching.

    "Wow, you can draw? That's awesome!" He complimented. His brother could draw, but Yuki had never been able to do anything of the kind. He thought it was amazing when people could creat stuff like that.
  15. Feliciano smiles "Aha, thank you. Though I think your talent is much more fantastico, to be able to create something that will be able to shape our cultures and bring people together is amazing." He said "And don't worry I wont tell!" He said happily.

    He hoped that the two of them would become friends, like the students in the back.
  16. Yumi began humming the made up tune in her head her eyes narrowed and her lips kouthing the words of the lyrics she attempted to make since out of. She groaned and crumbled up the 4th paper that had gathered round on her desk area. She groaned and closed her music sheet binder, she lookes at the single sheet paper that had her tune on it.. "such a good tune....has to go to waist" she sighed and looked at the door to the classroom, still humming the tune.
  17. Yuki shook his head before speaking. "My talent isn't much, I mean when it comes to singing it's more about what you're born with which determines whether or not you can do it." He explained. "But art is something you have to work for. It takes dedication to produce something good!" He praised. This guy seemed a bit shy, but he liked him. Yuki had two sides of himself, there was his enthusiastic creative side, and then there was his performance side, in other words he fluctuated between easy going and deathly serious, and Yuki thought that this guy would accommodated for either.
  18. Ellie felt her phone vibrate quietly, and looked around for a moment. After making sure that nobody beside her had heard it, she took it out of her pocket. She flipped to her messages screen and read it quickly. It was from her older sister.
    Mia: Don’t tell Dad, but I got us tickets and backstage passes for ‘Wicked’ this weekend. The perks of being an accountant!
    She gasped and yelled “Yes!” very loudly. And then she remembered something very important. She was in class. And there were people around her. Most of which were giving her very odd looks.
    “Uh. I mean. Yes. I am so excited for this lesson! Yay!” She said weakly, giving a halfhearted smile. “I’ll shut up now.”
    A few snickers rang out around the class as she ducked my head and blushed a very deep red. She just couldn’t get a break today.
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    Name: Ezra Hunter

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    What they want to be famous for: Acting/Voice Acting/Singing (or as a singer for a band)

    Why they want to be famous: He was always told how soothing his voice had sound and how nice it was to hear him sing. And his acting skills are quite top notch!

    Brief backstory: All his life, Ezra had always been ccomplimented how amazingly soothing his voice had always sounded, especially when he sang! People would often tell him they would listen to him talk all day. One day, when he was in sixth grade, the drama club had asked him if he could be the lead character, because nobody could beat his looks or voice for it. At first, he wasn't confident enough to try out the acting business, thinking he would do terrible at it but when he had realized acting was simply another way for him to live another life! He couldn't help but fun and to purse in his newfound goal and dream!

    [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]"Hmm, hm, hmmm..." Ezra hummed his new tone he had been working on these past couple of days so wonderfully, casually strolling the halls of the school. He was already lost in his own world, hardly noticing anything around him. Also forgetting that class was in session, whoops. Though he hardly care, but that wouldn't exactly good for him, for his parents would ground him for slacking so much... if they were still alive, of course.[/BCOLOR]
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  20. Name: Sygil Occlan

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Wants to be famous for: Boxing

    Why?: Before he had died, his father was a boxer, one of the best. He would've become the world champ too, had it not been for his accident. One day young Sygil ran into the street to grab a quarter he'd dropped. He hadn't noticed the truck speeding ahead. His father ran to save him, but as he did the truck clipped him, the driver was speeding. Sygil's father and him were lucky to have lived with just a few scratches, and his father broke his forearm, causing an abrupt end to his career, leading him to become a coach. When his father died, Sygil became obsessed with realizing the dream his father could not.
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