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  1. A girl(Me. Will write as G from now on) and a boy(will wrote as B from now on) used to be very close friends through out all of daycare - 3rd grade. They did gymnastics together where B's father taught. Then they went to gymnastics camp together the summer of their third grade year. When they got back G disappeared for the rest of summer strangest of all when school starts up she stopped talking or even looking at B and quits gymnastics.
    This goes on into high school. B is kind of a *nerd and has no girls for friends. G is a loner. B decides to ask G to a school dance despite having not talked to her since 3rd Grade.
    G wont talk to him so B tries to figure out what went wrong....

    Why G left:
    Only read if you want to know why G left before we start (open)
    B's father(Who ran both the gymnastics camp and the gymnastics lessons) molested G for a while and finally he raped her at the camp so she quit. She quit because she was afraid of being near B's father, but she felt to guilty and ashamed to tell B what happened so she just stopped talking to him.

    My Character:

    Full Name: Charlotte Alejandra Murphy

    Nickname(s): Now- Charlie, Aleja(By her mom), Cam(Her initials), Shorty
    When She was little- Lottie(She refuses to respond to that anymore, but up until 3rd grade that was practically her name)

    Age (16-18): 16 (Or just about to turn 16...depends when the RP is...)

    DOB: 13 September 1999

    Looks: Charlie is half Cuban half American(Various 'races' mixed in). Her skin is a light golden tan. She's short standing at 4'11" and a little chubby in her build. She isn't 'fat' so to speak she just ha sa little chub. She ha sa hard time keeping the weight off.
    Charlie has dark brown long hair she generally keeps tied in a braid down her back. Her eye brows are normal and her eye lashes are slightly thick.
    She has dark hazelly eyes she got from her father. There are flecks of amber and brown in them making them dance in the sunlight. She has to wear a very thick set of glasses so she can see. They are a purple plastic rectangle frame.
    Charlie has a slightly round face, she has a button nose and small ears.
    On her shins, arms, and hands are scars from working on a farm and other various childhood adventures and misadventures she's had.

    Height: 4'11"

    Weight: 105-110 lbs (She's a touch on the chunky side because she has a hard time controlling her weight)

    Style: Very practical. She wears jeans, cargo pants, old t-shirts, flannels, and a hoodie. Her shoes are old tennis shoes.

    Personality: She's a quiet girl especially at school. She's very good at keeping a secret. Charlie doesn't do really well in school. She is dyslexic and has a lot of energy. She hates being in class and sitting still for a long time and struggles with reading and homework. She never vents her energy through speech though she loves working and has a very good work ethic.
    Charlie isn't good at sharing or making friends because she's so reserved when it comes to people. If she does make friends however she will stick with them through thick and thin. If Charlie leaves a friend something serious happened.
    Charlie is tough, a little too tough. She's good with her little siblings.

    Hobbies: She works on her family's small farm and enjoys fixing up cars and such(She'll help neighbors with their tractors and cars and works in the mechanic shop at school). Charlie is trying her hand at woodworking so far she's not very good.

    Talents: She's a hard worker and cook pretty well. She's a good mechanic and is actually very good at gymnastics.

    Flaws: Charlie's a little sensitive about her body(She's had weight struggles due to her condition), but not to the point of being anorexic or anything close to that. She isn't the most patient with people she thinks are bratty. She doesn't share feelings and such with people easily.

    Pets?: Elvis- http://i.imgur.com/4OpA7Bs.png (Male , Still a puppy) and Admiral- 8HXExE4 (Female, 9 years old). On the farm they have 10 sheep(1 male), 3 cows(One calf, They trade with the farm next over if they need the use of a bull), 9 chickens(1 Rooster), 5 geese(1 male), 8 goats(1 male).

    Piercings/Tattoos?: She has her ears pierced that's it.

    Quick Bio: She lives on a farm out away from the school and town a good ways. She has a large family having 11 siblings. Her mother is Cuban her grandparents fled to America about a year before her mother was born. Though the farm brings in a good amount of money the family isn't 'rich' because of the amount of kids they have and due to some medical expenses some of the kids have.


    Father: Jack Emmanuel Murphy(He goes by Jack).(42) Jack is a tall man standing at 6'4". He has tanned skin from working on the farm and is very strong. He not exactly 'buff' or toned though. He has very dark sandy hair that he keeps short. His eyes are a light hazel with flecks of silver and gold in them. He has a strong face and a nice smile.

    Mother: Elysa Felcia Murphy (37). Elysa is a smaller woman in stature standing at barely 5'3". She has a full build and though she isn't chunky she isn't thin either. She's healthy looking. She has golden/bronzey tanned skinned and has pitch black hair. Her hair is long and she is very good at putting it up in fancy yet practical styles. She has stretch marks on her abdomen but she's not ashamed of how she looks. She has dark chocolate brown eyes.


    Jack Emmanuel Jr.(19, enlisted in the Army, Male...Goes by Junior or Jem most of the time), Garth Esteven(19, enlisted in the Navy, Male) - The boys are tall and muscled. They have a darker tanned skin taking more after their mother and black short hair. Their hair is in military regs. Both boys have strong facial features and deep brown eyes. They are about 6'3" tall.

    Georgia Elysa(18, in college in another state, Female) - Georgia has lightly tanned skin, it's lighter than the rest of her family's because she's been off at college and not working on the farm. She has dark brown long hair and very dark brown eyes. She is about 5'7".

    Noah Julian(11, Male) - Noah takes after his father in looks. He has a very dark blonde hair(Like wet sand colored.) in a short cut that doesn't touch his ears. He is lightly tanned from working on the farm. He has blue eyes. He is slightly lanky in build standing at 4'10" but being rather skinny.

    Sawyer Rigel(11, Female) - Sawyer looks almost like a mini Charlie except she's thinner. She stands at 4'10" also and is lanky looking like her brother. Her hair is dark brown and her skin lightly tanned. She also has hazel eyes.

    Jessie Paladia(9, Female) - Jessie has dirty blonde hair like her older brother. She has hazel eyes and like the whole family has a good tan from working outside a lot. Her hair isn't long it goes to just past her shoulders and she like to keep it in a pony tail. She stands at 4'7" and is a slightly chunky but that's just baby fat and she's a very healthy girl.

    Samuel Octavio(7, Male) - Samuel has very dark brown hair, his skin is tanned and he has sky blue eyes. (They say the blue eyes in the family came from their grandfather on their dad's side). Like all the boys in the family Samuel keeps his hair short.

    Joshua Valentin(6, Male) - Joshua's hair is a dark sandy color. He likes his hair a little thick on top but it still doesn't touch his ears. He has hazelly eyes though they lean more towards green. Joshua always seems to be getting in scrapes and trouble and nearly always has a cut or a bruise from falling out a tree, running through the woods, or whatever else he does. He has tanned skin and freckles around his cheeks and nose.

    Griffith Mio(4, Male) - Griffith has Down Syndrome. He has tanned skin and very dark hazel eyes. HIs hair is black and is messy, a little longer than the rest of the boys because he hates hair cuts, it barely touches his ears most of the time. He's a very small boy and is a little stocky.

    Justus Trevia(2, Female), Heidi Rosalin(2, Female) - Justus and Heidi are identical twins. They both have slightly curly dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Their skin is light, it has a touch of tan in it because of their mother's Cuban blood but for now they are lighter skinned then the rest of the family.
    Justus is the younger twin, the twins had to be born via c-section and Heidi's umbilical cord was wrapped around Justus 's neck when they were born. This cut off circulation to the brain and made it so Justus didn't get enough nutrients to her brain. The doctors say she will have developmental problems for her whole life. Heidi can walk, but Justus only crawls right now.

    Extra (no find outs): She has Diabetes Type 1 and always carries around a small bag with snacks, needles, and other supplies she needs for her condition.


    Charlie sat on the school bus. She hated riding the bus but she'd got a late start this morning because Griffith had had a tantrum which had slowed the getting ready process down for the rest the kids considerably. She watched the country roll by sitting in the bus seat trying to take up as little room as possible.
    She was wearing a set of carpenter jeans that were messed up with dirt and rips, a gray army shirt and around her waist was tied a gray, yellow, and black plaid shirt. She knew she didn't look or smell that great right now. She hadn't had time to change after doing her chores this morning before running to the bus stop.
    They finally got to the high school and Charlie threw on her denim backpack. It had a lot of patches sewn on it with various odd designs. It was a hand-me-down bag from her brother Garth.
    Charlie made her way to her locker and opened it up. Her first class was Algebra II. She grabbed her text book for it, her note book, and a hand-made wooden pencil case her grandfather made for all the kids when they first started schools.
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  2. Name

    Kyle "Ky" John Carters





    Ky is a fairly tall boy for his age, he's built from his time doing gymnastics but not to a pount were he's all muscle. His skin is a light tan color and grows paler in the winter, this can make him look ill sometimes. Kyle has two different eye colors, his right eyes is a mix between brown and green while his left eyes is a clear blue color.

    His legs are his most muscular part as he also does cross country, they're also very long and give him most of his height.


    ((Not too much info as I would like to develope this over time))

    Kyle is a very kinda and often shy boy despite his popularity. He isn't cruel and refuses to make fun of others, he oftens looks happy but due to his deppression is very sad 90 percent of the time. He's very shy around girls and doesn't like to turn to violence unless he really needs to.

    He's a open minded person and always puts others before himself, he wants to help people because not only does it make them smile but it helps him forget of his own problems.

    Short Bio

    Ky lost his mother when her car was hit by a truck that sped a red light, both drivers were killed on impact. Kyle was diagnosed with deppression when he was 13 years old and it grew when his friend Charlie completely stopped talking to him. Shortly after his father quit his job and began to ignore Kyle and his younger siblings. His only real friends are his two younger sisters and dog.


    Father: Joseph Carters, 47, male.

    Joseph is a very reserved men who rarely comes out of his room. He's filled with regret for what he has done in the past. He has short brown hair and blue eyes.

    Sister: Jessica Carters, 7, female.

    Jessica is a very shy girl who likes to cling to Kyle. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes and looks alot like her mother.

    Sister: Kyra Carters. 10, Female.

    Kyra is a very curious and outgoing girl, she has long brown hair and green eyes.



    Chase is a male German Sheppard, he's 3 years old and very loyal. When Kyle isn't in school Chase goes everywhere with him.


    Kyle's "big secret" is that he self-harms and has done for the past two years. Losing his mother and bestfriend put alot of strain on him, along with the fact he has to look after his dog and sisters ultimatly caused him to turn to a blade for comfort. He wears a chain around his neck that has his mother's wedding ring on it.


    Kyle yawned as he shuffled through the school doors. Taking one glance around at everybody else before trudging over to his locker. He transferd any books he didn't need for the fist few lessons from his bag into his locker before shutting it. It had been hell getting up this morning, for one his arm was killing him already, didn't help that his youngest sister had accidently hit it with her school bag when she was getting ready, he hadn't been able to find a long sleeved shirt so he had to throw on his zip up hoody that was black. Luckily he found some ripped jeans, white shirt and white trainers so he wouldn't completely burn today.

    Ky pushed his glasses up his nose before slinging his bag over his shoulder and began to walk over to his first class of the day, Algebra II, getting in just as tge bell ran and sitting down next to Jake.

    Jake was your typical blonde hair, blue eyes. He was a jock and a jerk 99 percent of the time but Kyle was popular so he had to hang out with him. The blonde fist bumped him as he sat down and they watched the teacher drag on and on. Kyle messing with his mother's wedding ring as he waited for the class to end.
  3. Charlie sat down. She sat near the back usually that way she could be the first out of class. Especially Algebra. Math was awful enough without throwing letters into the mix. She was pretty sure they just past her on Algebra one because the teacher didn't want her back.
    Charlie glanced around class. The high school was actually pretty big. It was the school for all the surrounding villages and little farming communities so the was a good amount of kids here even thigh the town was pretty small.
  4. The teacher, Mr. Furnstock, continued to blabber on before handing out the worksheets and putting a few extra questions on the board. Kyle got to work, glancing around the classroom. His eyes landed on Charlie and he turned back to his paper as his heart clenched.

    They hadn't talked in so long...

    He sighed and continued with his work, ignoring Jake when he asked for help. His mind was in other places as he twirled the ring hanging around his neck absent mindedly.


    The bell for Lunch rang and Kyle trudged out of Art and headed over to the hall. Getting his food before slumping down at the popular's table. Everybody was talking about prom and some of the boys were daring others to ask the "losers" of the school to go to the dance with them.
  5. Charlie dragged herself into the cafeteria. Honestly she only ate lunch because she had to for her diabetes. If she wasn't diabetic she would bother with slogging through the lines and sitting in the teenager packed disgusting cafeteria.
    She stared at the food on her tray. She hadn't brought lunch today so she had to eat from the lunch there.
    Today it was some kind of hamburger helper type dish and canned vegetables.
    Charlie rolled her sleeve up and injected herself with insulin, she threw the needle away in a hard case so was 'safe'. Then she started to eat, she kept her eyes in her food avoiding looking around at anybody.
  6. "Hey Kyle, I dare you to ask Charlie Murphy to prom!" Jake called out to the brunette from across the table, Ky opened his mouth to reject the stupid dare but paused.

    She would have to talk to him even if rejected him so he would be able to hear her voice after so long. The male sighed before standing up and trudging over to the girl he once knew so well.

    "Charlie... Do you, uh, do you wanna go to Prom with me?" The brunette rubbed the back of his head, chewing on his bottom lip.

    'Okay, this waa a dumb idea I should just turn around and run. Yep run, go Kyle go!' His common sence screamed at him but the teen stood there. Waiting.
  7. Charlie stopped eating when she heard Ky's voice. It's gotten deeper since 3rd grade...a lot deeper. She put her eating utensil down slowly and stared at her food. She didn't know what to say...she didn't even know if she could speak. Talking was too dangerous. It could open up too many old memories.
    She looked up at her old friend, her dark hazel eyes meeting his mismatched ones for just a second before looked back at her food.
    Charlie stood up and not even clearing her tray she grabbed her bag and walked quickly out of the cafeteria. Once she was in the hall she started to run.
    The interaction with her friend seemed to have taken forever when in reality it was a matter of seconds.
  8. Kyle stood frozen for a minute before taking off after Charlie. His warn out white trainers slapped against the tiled floor loudly and it didn't take long for him to catch up to Charlie, he skidded to a stop and grabbed her shoulder, stopping her.

    "Hey! Hey! What was that about? Charlie what's wrong? Why do you hate me?" He leaned down so he could look into her eyes, his mismatched ones gazing into her chocolate colored orb, "please talk to me Charlie..."
  9. Charlie jerked her shoulder out of Ky's grip. She shook her head and wrenched her gaze to the ground, concentrating on her used to be best friend's trainers.
    "I can't..." She said obvious getting upset but trying to hold herself together
    "No." She answered his last question. She shook her head again and glanced around. She needed to get away from Ky...she couldn't even look at him. She looked too much like his dad now. Charlie could feel herself shaking. She needed to get to the girls restroom...or locker room.
    Charlie suddenly pushed Ky and darted through the doorway of the girls locker room slamming the door behind her.
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  10. "Charlie..." Kyle whispered as she darted off, he dropped his gaze to the floor before slowly trudging over to his locker. He decided to skip out on the rest of school, not like he really needed to focus on the rest of his classes as he was already acing them.

    He put all his books in his bag and snook past the school officer who stood by the door, the older man had been talking to a group of the newer students, and began walking home. Glaring down at his trainers, she didn't just look upset, Charlie had been afraid.

    Question was why.
  11. Charlie paced the locker room before ducking into a stall and vomiting into the toilet. She heaved and lost her lunch and her breakfast. Her body shook as she dry heaved trying to calm herself down. She was hyperventilating, her mind was racing, her vision swimming. Tears burned her eyes. Charlie went to the sink and splashed cold water on her face. She rested her hands onntyebesge of the sink supporting herself. Charlie felt like she was going to have a mental break down. She was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't get a hold of her emotions.
    Surviving school was not an option today. She got some gum from her locker and started chewing it as she exited to the gym. No one was there so she hurriedly made her way across the room and out the gym doors to try football field from there she turned and headed for the road, she had a long walk ahead of her if she was going to go home.
    Charlie knew she should test her blood sugar again soon since she hadn't really eaten enough for the insulin to take effect. She ignored that for now thigh. She was too freaked out, she couldn't even hold her hands steady!
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  12. Kyle sighed as he kicked at small stones that littered the road, he kept his gaze on the ground as he wandered into town, humming softly. A few people were out and about, doing everyday things. He sent a smile to Mrs. Riverstone, the nice lady who owned the town's diner, as he walked past her.

    As soon as Kyle has walked through the gate to his front yard Chase came running from the back yard and pratically tackled the brunette, he was probably surprised as to why his master was home early.

    Kyle let out a chuckle and scratched behind the german sheppard's ear, "Good to see you too boy." he ran his hands through the dog's fur before unlocking the front door and walking inside, shutting the door behind Chase who skipped in after him.
  13. Charlie walked slowly. She looked unsteady as she dragged her feet along the road towards home. She pushed her glasses up her nose as she made her way through town. She walked past Ky's house, her pace slowed a bit, not because she wanted to slow it but because she was thinking. She remembered when her older brothers or sister would walk her up here to play with Ky. Or when her dad or mom would drive her up here so she could go to gymnastics practice with Ky.
    Her mind also pushed the darker memories to the surface. In the little office near the master bedroom during one of her sleepovers here was when...he had first...The young girl shuddered at that thought , trying to stop thinking about it and tried to make herself pick the pace. Charlie shook her hread trying to clear it as she walked past the house that held such mixed memories for her.
  14. Kyle walked out the house again, Chase's lead in his hand. He paused when he saw Charlie and before he could react the large dog and bolted past him and jumped over the fence, obviously happy to see Ky's old friend, "Chase stop!"

    The large dog stopped in front of Charlie spinning around in circles before jumping up again, placing his front paws on her shoulders so he could lick her face before he went back to spinning around and barking, letting out a few whimpers to.

    Kyle grabbed his dog, clipping the lead onto his collar as he gave Charlie a sorry look before dropping his gaze, "I-I'm sorry... about just now a-and earlier and uh... i'll just... go." He turned to walk off but Chase had other ideas.

    The large dog barked before turning and yanking at his lead, the sudden pull sent Kyle towards Charlie and caused the tall teen to crash into her, he managed to catch her before she hit the floor and backed off, running his hands through his hair.

    "Sorry! sorry, sorry, sorry I just... I uh." She let out an annoyed sound and sent a glare towards Chase who was sat there wagging his tail like he was innocent, "Bad dog..."

    The german sheppard barked at that before licking at Charlie's hand.
  15. Charlie blinked when the large dog practically jumped on her.
    "Hey boy." she muttered scratching behind his ears as she let him lick her. She'd always loved dogs. He'd been just a puppy when she'd stopped seeing Kyle about 7 was it years ago? Or maybe he had a different dog then...she wasn't sure, but it looked like about the same dog. She let out a start;ed grunt when suddenly she was falling and then Ky caught her and she sucked her breath in fast. She didn't know how to feel and stumbled back a few steps after getting steady on her feet. She ran her hands over her mouth and sighed. She smiled at Chase and patted his head,
    "Don't listen to him, he's just cranky." Charlie told the German Shepherd. She knelt down and let the dog lick her face,
    "Nice...um dog." she muttered to Ky standing up and backing up, "Sorry about freaking out." she added her voice softer and trembling slightly.
    Charlie ran her hands through her hair. She was thirsty and felt oddly sweaty even though it was pretty cold out.
  16. Kyle pouted at her, "I'm not cranky, you try living with him and you'll understand my pain." he chuckled before looking down and kicking at the ground.

    "It's fine. And he may be cute but I swear this dog is the devil." Chase barked and jumped up, swatting his paws at Ky who just rolled his eyes. The large canine then rolled onto his back infront of Kyle, looking up at him and whimpering, the male shook his head.

    "Nooo. We are not making her walk with us." Cue angry bark from Chase, "no! It's not happening, she has a life of her own and I don't want her to have to put up with you chasing anything with wings." He sent Charlie a sorry smile when Chase sat in front of her and started whining, looking up at her with big chocolate brown eyes.
  17. Charlie shrugged. She wasn't going to say he couldn't walk with her that would be rude...and awkward. Counter to what he probably thought she wasn't upset with him, she wasn't angry with, and she wasn't scared of him. Charlie was scared of what would happen if she became friends with him again, she was scared of what would happen if he ever found out why she'd left, she didn't think he'd believe her. He probably would say she was a liar. That's what Mr. Carters said. He'd told no one would believe her if she told people because he was an important adult and she was a diabetic farm girl who probably was just trying to get attention. Charlie bit her lip. She felt a bit tired...sick....probably from having been upset She should just get home.
    "I...gotta..um go." she muttered. She turned and started to head home though her thirst was growing and she looked a lot paler than she should.
  18. Kyle watched her go, turning to walk off despite his worry only to find himself being dragged after her. By Chase.

    He was gonna murder his dog.

    Ky soon found himself walking next to Charlie only then did Chase stop dragging him, "I-I'm sorry he really wants to walk with you..." He kept his gaze on the floor, wincing at how stupid that sounded.

    Chase was whimpering softly as he watched Charlie, the dog knew something was wrong. Kyle looked at his dog before turning to face his old friend, "Hey are you alright? You look really pale..." His brow creased in worry as his mismatched eyes watched her, his lips pulled down into a frown.
  19. Charlie shrugged. She knew something was wrong but felt too confused to figure out what. She no longer was at the point where she could see that stress, not eating after her insulin, vomiting, and various other factors were making her blood sugar go nuts. She took her hoodie off because she felt really sweaty and her vision was blurry. She tongue was extremely dry. Her head ached and her heart raced, she felt oddly exhausted.
    "I'm fine" she snapped irritably at Ky though even her speech came out slow and confused. She suddenly stopped and stood still for a few moments and then dropped like a log to the ground.
    Charlie had been diagnosed with Diabetes on her 4th birthday and usually dealt with it fine. However recently she'd been skimping on her insulin, trying to drag it out further because she knew how expensive it was and that her family was going through rough time. She knew that she'd living off rather low blood sugar but today between totally skipping lunch and all the other extra stessers and emotional roller-costing it'd finally become too much for her body to handle.
    Charlie had a medical bracelet on her wrist that listed she was diabetic and had her parents phone numbers on it along with other relevant information.
  20. Kyle frowned as Chase started going nuts, "You don't look fine..."

    Then she dropped and panic imediantly shot through Kyle's heart, he rushed over to her catching her just before she hit the ground and pulling her against his chest, he looked down at the band on her wrist, pulling out his phone with one hand as he dialed her parent's numbers.

    Once they answered he rushed out an explanation, "Hi it's Kyle, Charlie's old friend. Charlie just collapsed and her wrist band says she has Diabetes and I think it might have something to do with that. We're on Rogers Street could you come get us and take us to the hospital? Like, now."

    The brunette pressed his fingers against Charlie's neck, sighing in reliefe once he felt her pulse before he brushed some of her hair out of her face. Chase nudged at her arm with his nose.
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