We Used To Be Friend...(W/Futaba)

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A girl(Me. Will write as G from now on) and a boy(will wrote as B from now on) used to be very close friends through out all of daycare - 3rd grade. They did gymnastics together where B's father taught. Then they went to gymnastics camp together the summer of their third grade year. When they got back G disappeared for the rest of summer strangest of all when school starts up she stopped talking or even looking at B and quits gymnastics.
This goes on into high school. B is kind of a *nerd and has no girls for friends. G is a loner. B decides to ask G to a school dance despite having not talked to her since 3rd Grade.
G wont talk to him so B tries to figure out what went wrong....

Why G left:
B's father(Who ran both the gymnastics camp and the gymnastics lessons) molested G for a while and finally he raped her at the camp so she quit. She quit because she was afraid of being near B's father, but she felt to guilty and ashamed to tell B what happened so she just stopped talking to him.

Full Name: Theadora Juliette Athanasiadis

Now- Thea, TJ
When she was Little- Teddi, Teddi Bear, Bear (She refuses to respond to any of those nicknames anymore), Jules

Age: 16

Birthday: 3 August 1999

Looks: Thea is a small girl. She is of Mediteranean descent and has lightly bronzed skin tone. She is a little paler than the rest of her family because she is anemic.
Thea has very dark brown eyes that are shaped like fat almonds and are surrounded by normal eye lashes.
Her hair looks black during the winter but when it is summer you can tell it's just a very dark brown in the sun. Her hair is between wavy and curly and is fairly long though she keeps in a braid and even under a baseball cap sometimes.
Thea has slightly broad shoulders (Like a swimmer). She has a nice body, but isn't that noticeably curvy or really that noticeable in school.
Thea has a scar on her chest from having open-heart surgery as a child and she has some scarring on her from her left ankle most of the way up her thigh. She got when she and Aaron were biking down a hill in 2nd grade. The pedal had flown off her bike she swerved and flown off her bike onto the road badly scarping her left leg so she had to go to the hospital.

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 93

Style: She most commonly wears jeans, a plain v-neck coloured t-shirts, and her old set of dingy red converse sneakers she's had for years. She will sometimes wear denim shorts(Not the short short kind though they always go to a little above her knee)

Personality: Thea is a wallflower. She's a quiet unassuming girl who is very shy. She felt anxious about talking to people and making friends even before the incident at gymnastics camp.
After she stopped hanging out with Aaron she became even more quiet and shy. Aaron had always been the person who made her try socialize and who always made her feel safe and comfortable talking around.
Thea is average intelligence, she doesn't like school because all the people make her nervous.
Thea is kind of daredevil though if she isn't around people. It's the being around people that makes her nervous. She loves being outdoors and spends any free time she can outside.

Hobbies: She works in her mothers bakery, she bikes a lot, she hangs out in the woods.

Talents: Baking, she's very good with her little sister and brothers.

Flaws: She gets extremely anxious during social inter-action, she will never speak up and stand up for herself. Due to her mother's lack of success with men Thea is very nervous about being in any sort of relationship with one for fear of being hurt.

Pets?: None

Piercings/Tattoos?: She has her ears pierced that's it.

Quick Bio: Thea grew up in the little town she lives in now. At first she lived with her grandparents in their house but they moved when she was 4 and her mother didn't want to move with them so they moved into a little house near the town. After the twins were born her mom started a little bakery and they moved into the apartment above the bakery to pay less rent.
Thea has three younger siblings. She loves to bike outside of town and keeps her bike locked to the stairwell outback. She was diagnosed with anemia as a baby and learned sign language when Petra was born and they found out she was deaf.
Thea is pretty close with siblings despite the age gap especially her little sister. Her relationship with her mother is rather strained and just became worse after she quit gymnastics because she didn't understand how her mom didn't notice something was wrong and because she always felt like men got more attention and love the. She did when she was growing up.


Father: Thea's father is gone. Her mother had her very young and he left before Thea was born(They moved to the town they are in now after that because Thea's grandparents moved there and Valentina was still a minor).
The twins and Nyke have the same father that their mom was in an on and off again relationship until he left them for good when the twins were 2(He was arrested for domestic violence and though he was released he left town)
Petra's father was a one night stand. Valentina though a pretty good business woman doesn't have very good judgement or luck with men. (Petra's father had just been traveling through the town and hasn't returned even though Valentina tried to contact him to tell him he had daughter)

Mother: Valentina Lark Athanasiadis(33). She is a smaller lady around 5'2". Like her daughter she is slightly broad in the shoulders like a swimmer. She has slightly darker skin than her children and has pitch black hair. Her hair is very long but she keeps it up most of the time. She has dark brown eyes. Valentina is of Mediteranean descent. She has normal facial features.


Nyke(Ny-Key) Corban (10). Nyke is a little under average height for his age. He thin in a lanky sort of way. His hands and feet are a touch on the large side but he's still growing.
His hair is black and curly. He keeps it short on the side but a bit thicker on top to show off his curls. His skin is the same color as the rest of his family's. His eyes are a very dark blue.

Kadri Saladin & Cadoc Gabriel (7). The boys are identical twins. They have the same skin and hair as the rest of the family. Both boys have dark green eyes. They are healthy strong boys, slightly small in stature but they're growing quickly. Their hair is curly like their older brother.

Petra Valentina (4). Petra is like Thea a small girl. She still has a bright innocence too her. Her face is round and she has a button nose and little ears. Her eyes are a sparkling brown with flecks of gold and amber in them. She has long black hair that her older sister will braid it for her.
Petra is deaf and though she does have hearing aides her speech is pretty rough

Extra (no find outs): She is anemic(She has Sickle Cell Anemia) and sometimes can get very tired or cranky especially whens he's pain due to her condition.

(I Will add more later on, sorry in a hurry to post this. I will make the starting post soonish too unless you want to then you can I don't mind.)


Thea herded her brothers down the stairs and out the back door. They lived in the apartment above the bakery so they had to use the backfire to avoid disturbing the customers.
After they got outside Thea watched to her brothers head towards their school. They lived near the center of the smallish town and their schools were in different directions.
After making sure they were off in the right direction Thea started to walk towards the high school. She walked slowly dragging her feet. The thought of having to spend another day in the bustling high school with all those people intimidated her.
Their town might be small but the high school was used by the collection of little villages and towns in the near by area so it was quite busy.
Thea crossed her arms in front of her gripping her upper arms tightly as the school building loomed in front of her. She kept her eyes locked on her sneakers as she opened the door and walked in.
It was so noisey...so many kids trying to get to their lockers or their friends or their classes. Thea navigated her way down the hall towards her locker.
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"Bye mom! Bye Abby!" He called to them, slumping his black back pack on before slipping on his vans.
"Pick up your sister after school, okay?".
"Right, right." He waved to his mom before heading out of the house and down the side walk quickly.
Aaron wouldn't say he was a morning person, because he wasn't, the only reason he was in a rush was well.. He wasn't even sure, he just felt like today was going to be better then the passed few.

The small male ran a hand through his thick hair, sighing heavily, stuffing his hands in his pockets after, seeing the high school come in few. A tired smirk appeared on his face as he walked up the stairway to hell- I mean school. His little joke made his chuckle slightly then he pushed his way into the crowded school.
A long sigh escaped his lips as he saw all the people but he had to deal with it. He headed down the hallway and to his locker which was 2 lockers away from known other then his old friend Thea though.. She never seemed to notice him all that much but that's okay cause he has no idea they go to the same school!
Arriving to his locker, he took his book bag and unzipped it throwing books into his locker along with his Jean jacket into the locker, leaving him in a black t shirt that says "Free hu- oh.." And a t-Rex on it along with light washed skinny jeans.
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Thea's first class was PE today. They had just started the fall semester a few weeks ago and she ready hated it. High school sucked...it was like you were getting your blood constantly drawn by the end of the day you were exhausted and she still had work and homework to do.
Thea headed for the lockers to get ready for PE. She wearing a set of boot cut jeans, a plain light purple colored v-neck, and a set of old faded red converse shoes she'd had since middle school and needed to change into gym clothes.
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I was going to put his first period as PE too *-* ))

Aaron then grabbed his gym clothes and started to head off to gym class, slamming his locker shut, the hall way not as crowded as it was when he walked in.
He smiled a bit, his pace quickening to the gym room though because of his short legs he was moving that fast.
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Thea changed into the dark gray shorts and neon orange shirt that was the PE uniform. Thea always changed in a bathroom stall. She felt awkward stripping in front of anyone even girls.
Tying her neon green and pink gym shoes on she headed out to the gym.
She kept all her gym clothes at school in her locker and never used her gym shoes except at school. Her mom was a single mom and they didn't earn enough for Thea to be running through shoes quickly. The boys already were bad enough with how fast they were growing Thea wasn't going to add to that expense by running though sneakers quickly...one of the reasons why she still had the same converse sneakers from middle school.
Thea stood near the huddled group of girls as they waited for the gym teacher to come in.
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Aaron entered the gym room lockers, putting on navy blue sweat pants and a white t shirt. The clothes were pretty baggy on him since he was really small for his age but he always blamed his shortness on his parents for being so short but he couldn't blame them.
Sighing he yawned quietly until he felt a hard wack on his back, making him flinch in surprise. Glancing up he saw his wrestling pal.
A smile appeared and he shoved him. "Get out of here." He said to him, shaking his head and starting to walk out of the gym room to join everyone else.
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Thea sighed as gym class started. They lined up for the 'warm up'. A lot of the kids didn't wear the PT uniform, you didn't have to except on 'Spirit week'. Thea just did because it was easier then getting a bunch of different sports clothes. She wasn't a fan of PE class. Then again, no one really was. This whole week they were getting self defense classes after warm up. The classes including grappling with your attacker, getting away when standing up, and various other scenarios.
Thea wasn't excited it seemed to involve way to much touching of other people. The instructor told them to pair up after warm ups.
When they did warms they called for them to get into partners. A quiet groan escaped his lips before he looked towards his wrestling friend who was asking an okay looking tall blonde girl instead of Aaron.
He pursed his lips, looking around the gym, most people he knew found people, making him a bit annoyed.
"10 seconds!" The teacher called, making Aaron panick and walk quickly over to a short girl with black hair and tan skin. He took a hold of her wrist and looked at her with an intense stare. "Be my partner." as he grabbed her, his felt his heart skip and his stomach churn as if old memories started to flow back to him.
Thea whipped around when her wrist was grabbed, jerking her wrist towards her body to get it out of whoever had grabbed her's grip. She stared at the young man. It was Aaron...she recognized him because she'd seen him since she'd stopped talking to him she just had never tried to contacted him or anything. She swallowed hard and looked around. Everyone else was partnered up already she couldn't switch because they were starting the lesson.
She gave a slight nod avoiding eye contact with her old friend feeling very awkward and nervous. Her stomach was in knots, was it just her or did he look so much like his dad the older he got?
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He sighed before holding a hand out "First we should exchange names, Hi my name is Aaron, you?" He raised an eyebrow. "You?".
The poor boy had no clue it was his childhood friend, from the past years he tried to block out those memories and try to make better ones but none of them now could compare with the old ones they had.
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Thea crossed her arms gripping her upper arms tightly nervously. Did he really not remember her? Or was he just messing with her? She looked back the instructor had everyone introduce themselves to their partners because 'you're about to get really personal with your partner you may as well know each other's name'. The instructor also said now would be the time to speak up if you were uncomfortable with an opposite gender partner.
Thea was too worried about singling herself out to raise her hand at this.
"Thea." She muttered to Aaron. She'd gone by Teddi last she saw him maybe he'd continue not remembering...then again Theadora wasn't a common name in the town.
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"Huh.." His fist clenched and stomach churned more, a slight pain in his side. His heart aching with an unknown longing pain. "Thea was it..? Sounds familiar.." He mumbled, pursing his lips.
His mind wanted to block it so badly but his memory came back more and more.
The pain of finding out she quite when he was younger, the pain of finding out she left, the pain of never seeing her again. It all came rushing back to him, his hands shock and they were cold and clammy.
Sorry for making it a little sad and dramatic ^^"" something like this has happened to me before so I wanted to describe how I felt when something like this happened heh.. ))
(Sorry something like taut has happened to you...
And the moment is dramatic I mean he's recognizing a friend after like years of blocking her memories out...the moment needed the drama you did a good job)

Thea watched his hands not daring to look at his face. The instructor was explaining how to do a certain manuever and demonstrating it.
Thea wasn't paying attention though, and from what she saw of Aaron he wasn't either. She felt queasy, really queasy and gripped her arms tightly to keep herself steady.
The Mediterranean girl looked paler than she should even with her anemia. How was she going to be able to do this with him? She couldn't explain to him why she left...she hadn't tols anyone that and didn't think she'd ever be able too. Moving her gaze to her own feet she stood silently there.
"Alright work with the partner to do the manuever I just showed you." The instructor commanded. Thea didn't move, she couldn't.
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It's okie it's okie ^^ hehe but thank you
I love her reaction to his hehe oh yes and during the story I might surprise you a bit okie?))

His hand twitched slightly, memories racing through his mind in a split second before the tears broke and some jack ass had to point it out.
"Hah, hey Aaron why are you crying? Realize how much of a girl you are?" One of the kids called, chuckling at his pathetic joke.
Aaron didn't do anything though, not like he normally would.. This time he just stood there frozen, his now steal blue eyes staring at Thea with a hurt look.
(Yeah that's fine. By the way did you read the spoiler about Thea or no? (I don't care if you did I might write a little differently if you haven't so it'll be a surprise though.)

Thea kept her eyes on the ground. She could tell he was staring at her, she felt the hurt in his gaze like electricity in the air. She needed to get out of this, she couldn't do this exercise with him.
Thea squeezed her eyes shut and focused on the queasy feeling rising in her gut. It made it worse which is what she wanted. She felt like she's taken one to many spins on then merry-go-round at the play ground and had cramps at the same time.
Thea took a step back and ran her hand across the back of her mouth. She felt like she might vomit. The small girl walked quickly over to the gym instructor and mumbled something about cramps to him softly.
The gym instructor didn't question her at all and told her to change for her next class. She guessed he thought she was in her period and he didn't want to deal with it. Which was fine, she'd rather him think that than know what was really going on.
Thea hurriedly entered the female locker room and dashed to the stalls before leaning over the toilet and puking.
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Nah ;3 I like a good surprise so I decided to not read it))

"Aaron you can team with some other.." The teacher trailed off as he saw Aaron's tears.
Before the teacher could speak, Aaron walked to the boys locker room to change and Get out of here.
He wiped the tears quickly with the backs of his hands, the knot staying in his stomach as if he had a cramp as well but that wasn't the case.
He started to feel a bit light headed and his body felt almost numb but he ignored it as he changed out of his gym clothes and into his normal ones. 'Today is just brilliant..' He thought sarcastically to himself, pursing his lips tightly, pulling his jeans on before his shirt then he grabbed his bag and quickly headed out of the back door that connected to the boys locker room thank god.
"I'm done with this BS.." He grumbled.
(Cool just checking. I didn't want to accidentally give it all away that would be awkward. (If you have any like triggers you might want to read it though so I dunno you can prepare yourself I guess?))

Thea stayed bent over the toilet even after she was done puking. She felt dizzy and lightheaded from throwing up. The small girl stood up shakily and walking over to the sink she splashed her face with cold water and swished some around in her mouth.
After doing this she changed into her jeans and shirt. She zipped her hoodie up, throwing up always made her feel cold for some reason. Her hoodie was a black sosohappy monster hoodie with rainbow stripes arms and rainbow spikes down the back. The hoodie was faded and no longer had the drawstrings around the neck, the sleeves were frayed and the zipper stuck a bit when she zipped it up.
Thea tied in her converses and then sat for a while. She didn't want to be at school all day, not after her interaction with Aaron. She slowly got up and went into the hall to get her bag. She grabbed it from her locker and got some gum to make her breath better. She needed to decide what to do.
(I'll post a link pic to Thea's hoodie when I get on my computer....)

Aaron walked down the side walk with a blank expression. He didn't know how to feel now. All those years, Thea standing before him and what did he do? Cry like a baby cause he couldn't handle his past and it pissed him off.
He was mad at her but more importantly he was mad at himself.
His anger built up to the point where he turned to a lamp post and just started to kick it with the bottom of his foot over and over and over again, his fist tight and his teeth clenched. "Damn it damn it damn it." He repeated under his breath angrily.
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