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  1. Our job is simple. We work for an organization that specializes in keeping the paranormal from coming into contact with the normal. ACC; Anomaly Control and Containment. We've been around for a long time. A really long time and paranormal control is what we've always done. We have a lot of... methods when it comes to solving the interesting little problem that is keeping the paranormal under the rug.

    Most of the time, that involves killing the problem. We have squads and operatives who can do that. They're good at it. Just point and shoot at the problem till it dies. Strike teams, Spec Ops, whatever. If it's kicking doors down and shooting at things with silver-threaded rounds, we have people for that.

    However... that is not what you're gonna do.

    Sometimes there are problems you can't solve with shooting. That's where you come in. When the jar heads fail, we pick up the slack. We're what you'd call... specialists. Well, not you; not yet.

    See, you've worked your way up around here. The time has come to assign you a role. Most people would probably have a rifle slapped in their hands and sent guns blazing towards the nearest werewolf or leshen. You, however, have scored well enough in your proficiency evaluation (not to mention the psych eval) to earn yourself a place in a more specialized field (and probably one with a better life expectancy). And you've made a good(-ish) choice. Investigation and Magic Diffusal. It's a fancy way of saying you get sent in when no one else has any clue as to what the fuck is going on.

    You'll be placed under one of our best. The best, arguably. From them, you'll learn everything you need to know. Things might get... weird. You're gonna see a lot of shit that's gonna keep you up at night. But that comes with the job, don't think it about too hard. Oh, and you'll be hearing that phrase a lot in this line of work. Don't think about it.

    If you've made it this far, then your patience has put you a little closer to the kind of player I want to team up with! Hopefully you've got a good idea of where we'll be going after reading all that, but I'll shorten it even more.

    We're gonna be solving problems for an organization that takes care of occult and paranormal issues. Think of them like the BPRD from Hellboy or the SCP Foundation. They protect society at large from supernatural threats, be they occult, extradimensional, or inhuman in any way. To keep this from becoming a combat RP, I've decided that the perfect role for us lies in solving the problems you can't just fight. That doesn't mean your character should be restricted by that though!

    You'll be an assistant to a specialist who's worked this for some time now. Your character can have any background you want, and whatever skillset you deem appropriate. It's an entry level position, so the nitty gritty you'll need to know will come with time. Here are some of the character traits you can include (and that might make sense in a place like the ACC). These aren't the only ones so feel free to be creative.

    - Combat experience. It wouldn't hurt to have it. While it's not our main role, we may or may not get jumped here and there.
    - Magic users. I can see the ACC keeping a few mages or witches around. Under tight control of course. My character will not be a mage or natural-born magic user, but yours can!
    - Supernatural entity. This will depend on what kind of supernatural being. If it's something too obvious, it might be a no, but try anyway and we can always adjust. As a note, my character will not be a supernatural creature, but again, yours can.
    - Male or Female. Doesn't matter to me so long as your character has some literary meat on their bones. As in, they've got potential and personality.
    - Whatever you can think. Let's discuss it!

    Know that I do expect a competent writing capability. I'm asking you to write me a 35 page dissertation, but I do ask that your grammar and spelling are in check and you can at least write well. I know not everyone has that capability for a variety of reasons, but sorry, them's the rules.

    I do want this to be long term; posting speed is about once a week. Faster would be nicer, but let's try and keep things frequent-ish. I know we've all got stuff going on, but I'll make an effort if you do. If we need to slow down, we'll do so. Anything at all, let me know, I'm very flexible.

    Also note, I'm a little picky with who I play with in a One on One. Sometimes you and another player don't really connect well or have the right chemistry. That's fine though. If I turn you down for any reason, it's not personal. I'd just rather not waste both of our time. Always give me a try though. I make an effort to give everyone a fair shot and if I decide against you and you want a second chance, you'll get it!

    Above all, let me know about stuff. I like talking to my players. Even if you just want to talk about stuff that isn't about the roleplay, go ahead. Roleplaying is a social activity, so part of the fun in it comes from socializing. Who would've thought that an activity that involves interacting with people might be fun when you interact with people?

    Send me a PM or let me know here in the thread! I've given you the basic rundown of it, but there is a lot more to this roleplay and I'd love to see it evolve with someone else!
  2. This is a very interesting idea and I would love to talk with you more about it, if you're interested.
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