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  1. Hello there, Iwaku people!

    So, I recently started on this site, and I am looking for a lot of Roleplays while I am here. I'm really excited :D

    What I am looking for:
    • I need someone who I can count on. If we are going to make this work- I would like us to work together, as a team.
    • DO NOT DITCH!!! This one is pretty simple. I don't like being ditched-and I don't think anyone does. So please, if you can't be on, or for some reason don't like the Roleplay. Shoot me a message, give me a heads up.
    • COMMUNICATION! I can not stress this enough, I am a very relaxed person. If you have an issue or need to talk to me you can. You can even talk to me just because you want to get to know me. GO FOR IT. I like meeting new people.
    • Someone who is open to mature rps. I am not excluding people here. I tend to Roleplay a lot of mature themes. BUT that doesn't mean that's the only thing I will Roleplay. I will happily work with you and make you feel comfortable.
    You still with me? Great! Okay now, I don't have a lot of rules. I think it's just common courtesy, really. I will always be polite and respectful to you. I can be a bit sarcastic, but I only do that if I am really comfortable with you and we've been talking for a while. Let's move on.

    Ideas/Cravings for:


    Post Apocalyptic/Apocalyptic

    Medieval Fantasy

    Modern Fantasy


    Steam punk Era

    Fandom (please ask, if interested)

    So, these are some of my cravings for now, I should be adding more soon. If you want to talk, or have question PM me.

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  2. Hello !:) I'm interested in rping with you!:) If you don't mind.
  3. Would love to work something out with you, if you are still looking :)
  4. Okay, I sent you a PM. :)
  5. Are you still looking for a steam punk esque one?
  6. what kind of fandom?

  7. Yes, I am!
  8. =D Let's do it!
  9. I'd liked to do a modern fantasy with you! :)
  10. Your post is a soothing balm to my weary RP soul. I would love to start up a story with you. Steampunk, Medieval Fantasy, a fandom we're both interested in, it's all my cup of tea.
  11. Howdy, what genders do you prefer? I write as females and my forte is medieval fantasy. :3
  12. Deffinitly into some Supernatural, Apocalyptic/ Post, and Modern fantasyyy.
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