We should role-play together. (F/F, M/M)

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  1. Hello all! I'm new here, but I'm just going to jump right in and search for a role-play or three. :D

    A little about me (and us):

    • I only role-play gay (m/m and f/f) pairings, with a slight preference for f/f.
    • The only things I am not down for are graphic rape scenes, pedophilia or bestiality, or using our characters as human toilets.
    • Romance and sex are all fine and good, but I also like to strike a balance between that and dynamic storytelling. I love plots! I love plot twists! I love adventure!
    • I included this in my profile, but I'll include it here as well: I suffer from a chronic illness, so I sometimes take a bit to reply. I'm sorry about this! I'll try to let you know if I'm having a particularly bad week.
    • I don't do word counts; I write what needs to be said. I'm not sure if that's such a big deal on this forum, but I thought I'd include it anyway!
    • I usually come up with my characters as I go. Most of my established characters are story characters and not for role-playing, so I enjoy developing new ones based on our plot. :)
    • As for your characters, as long as they have dimension, I don't care! However, I try not to apply dom/sub labels to characters unless the role-play calls for it.

    Now for what I'm interested in role-playing!

    Italics indicates a role I would prefer to play, but by no means need to play. An exclamation mark (!) indicates that I would give my first born to play this right now. An ampersand (&) means I have a plot (or two) in mind already.

    ! Persona 4 Souji/Yosuke &, Chie/Yukiko, Souji/Kanji, Kanji/Yosuke, Adachi/Souji , Kanji/Naoto & *

    * The plot I have for these two involves Naoto actually being transgender and Kanji actually being gay and the struggles it causes for them and their relationship. Therefore Naoto’s pronouns would be he/his.

    Persona 3 Akihiko/Shinji, Minako/Aegis, Minako/Mitsuru

    Dragon Age F-Hawke/Merrill, M-Hawke/Anders, M-Hawke/Fenris, OCs

    Final Fantasy 12 Balthier/Vaan &, OCs (Vieras?)

    Silent Hill OCs only

    Harry Potter OCs only

    ! Pokemon OCs only

    League of Legends Vi/Caitlyn, Vi/Jinx

    The World Ends With You OCs only

    The Elder Scrolls OCs only

    ! Frozen Elsa/Anna < No plot ideas for these two, but I ship them like burning.

    High fantasy, urban fantasy, modern fantasy, medieval fantasy — you name the fantasy, I probably like it.

    Supernatural - vampires, lycanthropes, shapeshifters, witches, etc.

    Mythology - modern takes on gods, folklore, etc.

    Crime - organized (mafia, yakuza, etc.) or disorganized

    'Twisted' fairy tales

    A morbid future where the USA follows the steps of Russia and LGBT ‘correctional’ schools and facilities have become commonplace.

    Science Fiction - post-apocalyptic, dystopia, any nerdy sci-fi ideas you might have. I have a plot idea for a dystopic future based on The Happiness And Peace of Mind Committee. That’s a Vocaloid song. I regret absolutely nothing.

    Steampunk - I really love sky pirates, but something involving rival inventors or an inventor and his/her creation would be neat as well.

    Horror - I enjoy plots involving dangerous outbreaks. I have one in particular based off of a dream I had once.

    Kind of like instant role-play: just add plot!
    Also, I really have a thing for age differences. Reasonable age differences though; I won’t role-play characters under the age of 16.

    Teacher/Student ! &
    Twin/Twin or Sibling/Sibling ! &
    Guardian Angel/Ward &
    Street Rat/Entrepreneur ! &
    Prostitute/Client (F/F only please)
    Arranged Marriage *
    Criminal/Criminal (runaways?)
    Therapist/Client &
    Sky Pirate/Prince(ss) ! & (F/F preferred)
    Head-Hunter/Shapeshifter &
    Rival Inventors
    Master/Slave **
    Shapeshifter/Human &
    Automaton/Human ! & (F/F preferred)
    Your average Vampire/Human/Werewolf/What-Have-You &
    Serial Killer/??? ***
    Cannibal/??? ***
    Trans(wo)man/Cis (wo)man

    * Not like, ‘couple is arranged and live happily ever after.’ Like ‘one character is arranged to marry some random dude/lady, falls in love with another dude/lady, angst ensues’

    ** I’m wibbly on this. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, but I’d also only like to do it if you have a good solid plot for it, because I don’t have any ideas and I don’t like generic ‘you are my master, I’m your slave, let’s have lots of kinky sex for the entire role-play’ plots.

    *** These are very specific, I know. ‘???’ covers various things, like a cop/detective, or an unsuspecting friend of theirs, a protege, etc. Please have basic knowledge of this topic!

    Whatever else you can think of. Probably. I have so many ideas running around in my head that I find it difficult to list them all. Feel free to tell me about your own plots/pairings/ideas/etc. I love looking over them!
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  2. Hey, I'm new here, too, but not necessarily new to roleplaying.
    I also appreciate a good plot especially ones in fantasy.
    F/F please.
    I like teacher/student, and prostitute/client.
    Maybe we can find a way to put them all together in a fantasy setting?
    Maybe even throw in the 'LGBT' correctionals or something?
    But I see that you have something planned for teacher/student.
    I don't mind really.
  3. I do have a plot in mind for teacher/student, but if it doesn't suit your fancy, I'm all for coming up with our own plot based on those plot points!

    "A teacher gets involved with a student. They can't really help themselves; they were made for each other. The teacher is worried enough as it is... until they learn that their new fling is the child of a prominent mafia boss. Can be light-hearted or otherwise. A possible spin is that the teacher has had dealings with the mafia before, but never paid their dues. The boss in question asks their child to seduce the teacher in order to get his payment. "

    That's my silly idea. Though I also think it could be interesting if (in another plot) it took place in an LGBT correctional facility, considering the teacher would have an obligation to enforce those rules. I don't know, just let me know what you think!
  4. Oooh, the mafia!
    Didn't see that one coming.
    Not silly at all!
    It's making me excited.
    Let's do the LGBT correctional some other time then.
    Would you like to be the teacher or the student?
  5. I'm glad you like it! I've always had a thing for the mafia haha. I'd prefer to play the teacher, if that's okay with you. :3
  6. No problem :)
    how do we start this thing?
  7. I would be interested in the sky pirate/princess one. :D I have a thing for steampunk.

    Though I do have a steampunk-esque female inventor already, so maybe it could be sky pirate/inventor? If not, princesses totally works. xD
  8. @Mistress
    I'm fine with starting the role-play if you'd like. :3 Would we like to start it before or after they've established their relationship, though? Maybe just at a 'flirting' stage?

    I'm actually plotting a role-play for sky pirate/princess right now, but sky pirate/inventor would be awesome for me!
  9. Awesome. :D I'll send you a message and we can hash out some details.
  10. @Vega, I like the 'flirting' stage.
    And when things are starting to get solid,
    the mafia complication comes into surface.
    And would you rather do it in PMs?
    Or a thread?