We should just let birds vote

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kagayours, Mar 26, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    They seem to know what's up.
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  2. Not a good idea.

    You can sway the magpie vote with shiny trinkets and cashews and pelicans keep eating baby ducks, making ducks single issue voters who just want to deport pelicans.
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  3. Also, have you actually been around birds? They shit everywhere and won't stop making noise. In fact, ducks are known to be prolific rapists with corkscrew dicks rape tools! They can't even do opposable thumbs correctly, they're obviously the inferior race.

    Sieg Heil Trump 2016!
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  4. Like my grandpop used to say,

    "Just trust anything with a cock that looks like it was designed to auger the soil while opening a wine bottle."
  5. I don't know. I'm a firm believer that animals are a great judge of character. I don't trust anyone that my pets don't like. (Except my cat, because she hates everyone. She just hates me the least.)

    But I don't think most people buy into that theory.
  6. We should just let birds rule the world. Like in this video game. : |

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  9. If Bernie becomes President we're all become giant bird riders by the end of his presidency, confirmed. :3
  10. NO ONE SHOULD BE SURPRISED! I mean, one of our admins is an owl. It's just obvious they should be able to vote. They're smartypants
  11. Just so you know, Hitler and dogs got along pretty well. Animals are not great judges of character. Neither are babies.
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  12. One a more serious note.
    ^ This.

    When someone goes "If my pet doesn't like you then I don't like you" legitimately, it drives me up the walls. I mean if the guy is being a dick to the animals then go right ahead and dislike the guy. But if your cat pet is just being an asshole? Then don't be some sheep following it, cause at the end of the day your pet is an animal. They lack the advanced reasoning and awareness human beings have, as a result their standards are going to be a lot more shallow.

    Feed them and pet them? You are a God.
    You step too close to a dead rabbit? Well, you might as well be clawed now that you're asking for it.

    And I say this as someone who loves pets, but doesn't let that love blind me from what pets are actually like.
  13. Pretty much. My parents' dog really did not like my best friend, for whatever reason. He refused to go near him and wouldn't be in the same room as us. We never understood why.

    I'd like to think I know my best friend of 12 years better than a dog.
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  14. .............You guys know I was joking, right?
  15. Yeah, but some people seriously think animals have this magical ability to judge someone's true character. It's not your post; it's the sentiment.
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  16. Pretty much what Dervish said. We know you were joking.

    But it's such a common mindset that we felt the need to point it out before someone took this thread at face value.
  17. I unno Dervs. Eagles are wizard familars. They know evil when they see it.
  18. Becouse you can't smell the blood of the innocent on your friend that your dog can. What now Dervs?!
  19. Innocent is another word for weak. His friend did a good thing for the world and everyone in it.
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