We Shatter The Silence

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It started on sunday after the Churchbell chimed Midnight...

It was a Dark night. Darker than most, even in these days of tribulation and chaos. It has been two thousand and fifty years since the Eternal ceasefire between heaven and Hell was signed and the holy war that tore earth to sunders and made less than eighty thousand square miles of Earth inhabitable ended. Dark and Vile things love these kind of nights...they make them feel less... Vile.
Marching visciously against the wind in tattered cloaks, the elements beating on the ancient flesh beneath, or through the shadows silent as a serpent through water, for they are equally at home in these extremes. They are torn from the myths and legends of tomes of old. a product of the indiscresion of the war. They...are vampires. ancient and tired soldiers who faught after the downfall of civilization in the year 3000 A.D. now it is the Year 2050 P.A. ( post apocalyptica.) Being old is now an understatement. age is determined by centuries nowadays. Vampires are numerous and uncontrolable. It is tiem something was done to quelch the uprising, because if the humans and hunters fear them too much. they know death is closer than they wish. so the ancients Meet tonight, and they discuss in taverns across the world newly freed of poison and barely inhabitable. they argue about the cattle and the slayers of their kind. they argue now for the sake of their progeny, lovers, family ties and wealth.
We WILL put an end to this madness...the locals still think skyscrapers are square mountains. we will emulsify this unrelenting staunchness of boring, unchanging, submission. it is time for WAR...we well shatter the silence.


Players will be required to satiate the vampiric hunger AT LEAST once every other Night In-game

You are an ancient vampire. either a young elder of two to three thousand years olde, or one of the vampires whom lived in the current era, and fought throug, or slept throught eh holy wars, which lasted over 4 thousand years, but the precise date is unknown, thus the P.A. instead of A.D. so basically, you are a A.D. olde ancient, or a P.A. Young Ancient. We will be makign political descicions for all vampirekind, and forgin aliances as we carve a path of destruction throguh slayer territoy, set aflame to religious zealots, and unravel a mystery Older than any of the elders.

There are four races of vampire

Nosferatu-Frighteningly disfigured, or unnervingly uncomfortable aura. The haunts
Wyjat- Mystifyingly gourgeous and strangely social, mystical enchanters with healing and beautiful magics.The Oracle witches
Pale chief- Debated as more beastly then the rest, Native american social structure.The WarShamans
Voidreineer-Masters of both war and wizardry, lofty enthusiasts of darker magic.The mages


Vampries use VERY different abilities. be creative, but make sure to keep it Based ont eh fact your character is already undead. so heres the fun part. unless interacting with another player character, GODMODDING IS NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION. Hordes of minions will die in this RP at your hands. But ridiculous slaughter will have horrid effects. remember. its easier to collapse a building then to fly through it at lightspeed slitting every single throat of every single soldier. ^_^ More discussion on thsi point is VERY welcome, i suggest you ask all your questions before you post a characters powers finally. That being said, Don't be afraid to add a littel intrigue to your magic. if we travel through a cemetery, Voidreineers are going to have some fun. If We travel through ancient burial grouns... watch out for the Pale Chiefs.

-) Character sheet (-

Name- (Be creative, most vampires change their names to something more fitting post mortum)
Race of Vampire-
Approximate Age- (Nothing pre-dating ancient cultures)
Old ancient or Young ancient- (P.A. vampire, A.D. Vampire, or elders assistant.)
Weaponry- ( Be reasonable please ^_^)

Ancient Powers- ( Limited to Manifestations of power dependant on limited usage per night, and/or, a heavy cost of spiritual energy ( mana) per casting.
Discription-(Brief visual appearance, Picture not neccesary, description is.)
History-(were they involved in teh war, are they a politician for the nightkind, etc...)

Accepting only two elders from every Race. Each elder may also have an assistant, of ANY vampiric age. their character sheet is exactly the same.