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  1. We've been here for almost a century. Hiding in the corner of your history's eye, right beside you through wars and lurking in the scary stories human minds seem to invent. You deny that we exist at times, yet you still seem to wonder when your alone, in the dark. "Demons" of speed and strength, stuck in another time of which we can not break free in order to join society. Then there's your opinion that we're inhumanly beautiful. Though I'm not certain the word "beauty" is completely accurate, I know you have one sense of the meaning correct. We are not human beings.

    We came from a planet on the edge of your galaxy, I think. Honestly, our memories from that time have been taken from us. Not by the people back home but by ourselves. I remember that of our small group we are the last. Abandoning our world because our blood wasn't enough. Do we drink blood blood, you might ask? Close but not quite. We need it but not as you've imagined for centuries. Our species is drawn to blood and places of carnage but we do not drink the blood of humans. The reality is, we feel drawn to death; the parting of whatever gives life and breath. The smell of blood is our compass and trigger, we need only to be exposed to it in order to become overtaken by the need to find it. Blood is what gives us a sense of urgency to "bite" or finish the job. It's unnecessary really, the feeling that overcomes you. The urgency to bite is so strong at times that it creates such a pain inside that if you don't follow through you might complete the process orm in a frenzy, harm those around you.

    Our people were somehow different. Our bite instinct didn't exist on our planet and so all we had was an instinct to kill. It did not give us a fraction of sense of completeness as it did when a human or animal dies yet we still felt the deadly desire. In order to survive on our planet, we had to kill that of living things incapable of thought, animals, to gain this completeness. Being of an unimaginable age and unable to kill each other we would not die or sacrifice ourselves. Eventually our population had grown so numerous that the demand of our animal killings, which were once done kindly, had grown too high to support the population of "sacrifices". The situation became unrecoverable and the animals, all animals of our planet, eventually faded from existence. We were greedy, did not control our desires and thusly ended the chance of our survival. The few of us that remained fled to earth; we know not how.

    Now on your planet we found that humans were different. It seems God had a favorite. He gave you had a choice. A choice to kill or live in peace. A choice which we have looked upon with disdain because even with choice you choose to die and harm and kill. Here on your planet we live within the wake of your death. beings that go unaged by your time and unharmed by your world. Oh believe me, We bleed and die. The major difference is...We love living.

    ~Cultural Information~

    Clarient: Those of us who still believe in the old ways of a monotheistic God who created us for the purpose of watching over death. Theories of our desire for causing death no matter what the cause were thrown on our ancestor's past disobedience.

    Kenorthalt: Some of our people turned to fight and kill each other, as in history passed, hoping that death of all the unusable would ease our population. When they weren't allowed to succeed they retreated to the blood within their veins would suffice as some sort of appeasement for death. It did not yet they obsessed over it, painting themselves and stealing the lives of those around them just for the purpose of worshiping the useless liquid. The result was unimaginable death on our planet.

    Okay this is a very rough version of the story I'm putting together. Before I make a huge deal about it I want to see if anyone is interested in joining this kind of a story; Either to help me put it together or to play in it.

    What I wrote is in the point of view of my character who is "Vampire/Alien" and thusly is making assumptions but adequately provides the background of the story.

    This is NOT about Vampires or aliens but my own version of a fantastical species based on some of their qualities. The story will fall heavily on playing regular old humans and I expect there to be more if not equal amounts about them than the species which I have not named yet.

    Let me know what you think; Good or bad.

    Suggestions, etc.

    (uh..I'm working on it..)


    light skin:
    Naturally Black hair:
    Impenetrable skin:
    during the night


    Healing/infection bite: Their bite will immobilized for a day or so, appearing as dead, but if you survive you may take on some of their qualities for a duration. Because their a different species it can not be permanent


    Heightened senses:

    Near immortality:


    Blood fever: The drugged state entered when in close proximity to a certain amount of blood. When entered logic is all but lost compelling you to bite, resulting in infection, or kill.

    temperature: below freezing

    Sunlight: Causes the loss of impenetrable skin

    ~Things I may not have said out loud~

    *It's regular old earth between 2015-2024
    *Other aliens or paranormal species do not exist
    *There is no actual drinking of blood. All other Thirsts, fangs, or anything else to do with blood probably do exist.
    *The storyline isn't presented yet, just the background.
    *There are few of the species
    *They don't remember anyone, time on their planet only the reasons why they left. Their culture may or may not have been extinguished.
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  2. Well i'm interested.
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  3. *Poke*

    Well, this appears to be interesting. I do have some ideas, but I would like to see your species. Falling heavily on humans doesn't really do it. Also, double check grammar. I noticed some capitalization errors, but other than that you're good.
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  4. I'm interested but I think you need to work on the blood thing a little more. They need blood, or they don't? It doesn't make sense to me that they need to spill blood to survive, but don't drink it, so it may not be the blood that they need but the energy that is life? When they sacrifice their animals they kill them - so it may be that they need something from a living "being/animal" other than blood. What that is isn't clear to me.

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  5. ~Thanks, I love to hear your ideas!

    ~I'm writing down more detailed information about the species now. Anything in particular that you are curious about them?

    ~I don't mean that the story will be only human or anything, I just meant that I didn't want it to be focused on just the Species and their mishaps. I'm formulating a story of sorts and have already changed the Original post a bit if you'd like to take a look. I'd appreciate it.

    ~*heavy sigh* There is always bound to be some capitalization errors somewhere in my writing. I'm working on ridding myself of that. *shrug* What can I say...It seems to be achilles heel...
  6. Though it doesn't seem to make sense that anyone should have to drink blood in the first place, I completely agree. It did seem confusing, perhaps that's because I was so confused myself. >_<
    I changed and tweaked that. Does it still seem like a confusing situation?
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