We need to save Iwaku

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  1. So the groups died first... And now it shall be the whole site. Death is coming.


    However... Death is a Moon.
    The Moon has a weakness.
    One we can exploit!

    Praise the Sun now! And Iwaku will be spared!
    If you do not shit post praise the sun, that can only mean you care nothing for this site.
    So in the wise words of Shia LeBeauf.

  2. I'm not afraid. I made a fort.


    It will protect me.
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  3. When I saw that moon picture I nearly dropped my phone in the toilet....
  4. [​IMG]
    If it's that moon destroying Iwaku, this deku is our only hope.
  5. I have come to let others know that all hope is not lost.

    All we have to do to make Iwaku a better place is to arm ourselves for the Revolution.

    Come on in my bunker and get some submachine guns.


    Gwazi gets no guns because he'll be our decoy ;)​
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  6. That will only save yourself. Iwaku will still fall.
    You need to play more Zelda. :P
    NOT if you go by the theory of that game was Link trying (and failing) to escape his own death. :P
    Guns are pitiful against the power of the Sun. I can destroy your planet with a single word.
  7. Did someone say Deku?

  8. I did. Can't tell if that gif is good or bad.
  9. My beloved Murder Group is gone. *sniffle* ;;
  10. I for one welcome our new overlords.

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  11. I told you this would happen! I warned you! I told you to turn your eyes to the past, learn from our mistakes, and hinder another Iwak-aplypse! But did you listen?

    *squints at @Diana*
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I think you guys need some new jokes. >:[
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  14. Being Original is Heresy!
  15. You're not God. Keep flying that close to the sun and it won't be just your ego going down in flames.
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  16. You're right. I'm a reincarnated god.
    I get burned by the sun only to erupt from my ashes as a Phoenix.
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