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    You are fine with two characters as long as you can rp with them ^_^

    Autumn arrived in the city just now. The city looked so huge compared to her small town. It had always been dreaming about visiting the city but to go through this, she was a bit more nervous then she expected to be. It seemed like a good thing though. Once paired, they have a their own place to stay in the city and everything is provided by the state once with child and their residence can be up to a year before that can move to wherever they desired.

    The was a large group of people gathering outside of a tall building, which had a sign that said, "Revival People Registration Here." So with her suitcase and her carry-on bag, she goes over to the line. There were actually two lines; one for the males and the other for the females. The dirty blonde goes over to the female side.
  2. Josie arrived at Revival fairly early, she saw many kids her age got to the Revival Registration. She heaved a sigh and began to walk over to the female line, she carried her suitcase and a simple duffle bag.

    The brunette ended up behind a girl with dirty blonde hair, but did not say anything. She was too nervous, but jittery and for some reason excited. She didn't understand why she was excited but she assumed it was just her teenage hormones speaking.

    Generally people thought of her as a sarcastic and rude child. But she did not simply care, her father alsi had taught her to defend herself so she always had. But that was not entirely Josie, if you could catch her at the right time.. She could be a sweet yet caring girl.
  3. Jae arrived earlier than she thought she would. She sighed, adjusting her backpack straps and getting in line. A minute or two later, a girl with dirty blonde hair and hazel blue eyes got behind her. She hesitated before turning, holding her hand out. "I..I'm..Jae...Jae S-sentri.."


    Blake stood, stretching from the long ride. He pulled his suitcase behind him, smiling and introducing himself to a few guys before getting in line. He was ready for this new life, but he still cast a sad glance as his parents drove off. With a sigh, he faced forwards, his smile returning. "Here I come, Revival."
  4. Autumn noticed her line getting a bit longer behind her and blinks a bit when the girl in front of her spoken. "Oh, hi...I'm Autumn, Autumn Brooke," She says. "So um...where are you from?" The girl asks, trying to make conversation since it seems like the line was taking a lot longer then she thought.
  5. Jae smiled faintly. "I..I'm f-from..from River-riverglade...y-you?" she asked shyly, her introvertness obvious, her shyness impossible to oversee. She uncrossed her arms, smoothing out her black dress.
  6. Josie noticed the girls in front of her trying to make conversation. She sighed and decided to join in. "My name is Josie Ross, if you were wanting to know. Just trying to make myself known, before Revival happens." She said behind the dirty blonde.
  7. Jae looked slightly fearful at Josie, but smiled a little, relaxing again. "I-I'm J-Jae...J-jae Sentri...n-nice to meet you." she smiled timidly, fiddling with her backpack straps.

    Blake looked over at the girl's line. He noticed several of them talking and smiled. At least they aren't all terrified.
  8. The blonde smiles some as she turned to Josie, "it's nice to meet you," She says and since she was in the middle she steps some to the side so that she could see both of the girls. "I'm from the Country side not too far from this place but this is the first time I've ever been here."

    Soon the line was moving and it would be their turns to sign in. At noon, they would all meet in a large room where they would all be assembled about what will happen once they are assigned to their partners.
  9. Josie glanced over at the boys line, to see one of the guys looking at the three girls. She thought he was somewhat cute but shook her head. Her curls followed her head movement. Josie then looked back at Jae, "Nice to meet you Jae, I see your nervous? We all are." She tried to assure her. She wasn't all great at it.
  10. Jae looked down, rubbing her arm. "I..I'm always..n-nervous.." she giggled a little. "But I..I'm really nice!" she looked up at the two and smiled brightly.


    Blake caught one of the girl's eye and blushed, looking away. She was pretty... Was the only thought that went through his head as he stepped forwards.
  11. Through peripheral vision, Josie thought she saw the boy blush, which made her blush. She shook her head then stepped forward. "I can tell, Jae. You seem to be a sweet girl." She glanced at Autumn, "Hey I have a question. Do you see that guy over there?" She asked, gesturing over to him. "Isn't he cute?" She asked with a slight smile.
  12. Autumn notices the line of males and gulps, "oh man, look at all of those guys...they're all cute." She says, shaking a bit. Autumn was one of those girls who would be a complete wreck when it comes to talking to cute guys. "I hope they're nice." She mumbles to herself.

    "NEXT!" The woman at the desk at the line shouts, referring to Jae since she was next in line.
  13. Jae winced, whimpering slightly. "B-bye b-bye.." she said quietly, turning to the lady. As she walked up, she was shaking a little. "H-hi.." she said quietly. "I-I'm J-Jae Sentri." she told the lady her name.


    Blake stepped forwards as yet another person was passed. He looked at the line of guys in front of him and sighed, looking back over at Josie, just a glance before he looked away. He didn't understand why...but he just felt a connection with her.
  14. Josie decided if who she got as a partner is him, she would be happy. She felt that she needed to get to know him.

    She waited for her turn, her mind wandering to what would happen later on that day.. Would they have to reproduce tonight? She hoped to at least get to know herppartner.
  15. The woman looks up her name and says, "Sentri, Jae, go to the left and head down the hall into the section labeled Q-T and that's where you'll be sitting in that section." The woman gives her a slip with all of her information on it.

    "Next!" The woman says and it was Autumn's turn.

    "Hi, Autumn Brooke." She says. The woman finds her name and her slip, "Brooke, Autumn. Go to the right, head to the section labeled A-D and sit with that group of woman. Next!" The loudness of the woman's booming voice frightens the blonde and has her scurry off.

  16. Jae was gone in a flash, shaking as she took the slip and rushed to section Q-T. She was absolutely terrified. She found a spot in a corner and sat down, putting her backpack in her lap and hiding. She didn't like this. She wanted to go home, not be here. She hoped, if anything, whoever she got was sweet, romantic, and understanding.


    Blake had been watching the female's line from his periphrial vision. He noticed it was Josie's turn. With a sigh, he cut off his attention from the girl's line. Once Josie went through, there would be nothing left for him to pay attention to other than the slowness of his own line.
  17. Josie takes a step forward and looks at the lady. "The name is Josie Ross, and yours is? " she asked with a smile. Her hands still firmly grasping her things.

    She glanced at Blake, then back at the lady. "Why can't we choose who we get to reproduce with?"
  18. The woman looked at Josie and says, "that's not important and you will find out once your are inside and everyone is seated. You go to the section Q-T, next," the woman says slightly annoyed and handed Josie her slip.


    Autumn went to the A-D section and entered the large room where people were sitting in the stands like in a stadium. The girl goes down to the center and sits the end. The placed soon started to fill up with women on one side and the men on the other side.
    Once everyone was seated, there were a few people at the center and could bee seen on the jumbo screen.

    "Ah, Welcome everyone. I see a larger turn out then last years which is a very good thing. I'm President of the Revival Repopulation counsel Dr. Brewster and along with my collages, will aid you in the goal of repopulation. Now each of you have already been genetically coded for the ideal match in producing a healthy offspring and therefore, after meeting with your assigned doctors, you will be given a key to yours and your partner's apartment will you stay within this center. Thank you all for your cooperation." The man spoke and everyone had to clap.

    Since the group was small in numbers, the doctors lined on stage and started to call the groups by their sections, meaning Autumn's group was the first ones out of the auditorium.
  19. Jae spotted Josie immediately. "J-Josie!" she said, smiling faintly, trembling, still scared out of her mind. When the doctors started calling sections, Jae's eyes widened. "W-we have to meet them today??" She mumbled, curling up.


    Blake stared at the doctors, waiting for his section to be called. He looked at the girl's side and somehow, luck maybe?, spotted Josie. He smiled.
  20. Once everyone's sections were called and groups were meet with their doctors, now was the assignment of the partners. Autumn felt really alone since the girls she'd met earlier weren't in her group and the other girls looked like they were from high society and snotty, which made her nervous and sad. It wasn't like Autumn was rich. Far from it. She worked with her mom since she was sixteen while her brother and sister were away and times were tough.

    When it was Autumn's turn to meet the doctor, her slip was scanned and the doctor says, "okay your match is with Jake Blackhand."