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  1. In the not too distant future, humans are becoming extinct. Those who had survived the world that had been ending had fixed the problems but now, the humans' numbers are very low.

    It was proclaimed that in order to save the human race, the remaining humans must start reproducing at the age of 18 at the city known as 'Revival' with an assigned partner. When one reaches their birthday, they are entered in the main building in the city where their ideal partner is selected for them.
    Name: Autumn Brooke
    Age: Just turned 18
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 123 lbs
    Hair Color: Carmel Blonde
    Eye Color: Hazel Blue
    Some Bio: Autumn is the youngest in her family which consists of her mother, older brother and older sister. She lives just outside of 'Revival' where going to this city to do the deed seems like a dream come true. Both of her siblings had gone through this and have children of their own and now it is Autumn's turn.

    Name: Victor Burton
    Age: Just turned 18
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 160 lbs (muscle)
    Hair Color: Raven Black
    Eye Color: Bright Green
    Some Bio: Victor is the eldest son of one of the most elite people in the continent. His great-grandfather was the one that discovered the solution of the population declining after society started to rebuild. He is quiet and somewhat of a loner because of how he was treated growing up. He didn't like being spoiled and would prefer to be left along to play piano or draw in silence.
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  2. Name: Jae Sentri
    Age: Turned 18 today
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 118 lb
    Hair Color: Pure white with eccentric red highlights
    Eye Color: Dark Green
    Some Bio: As the youngest of two, most would think Jae was a spoiled young girl who got everything she wanted, but this is not true. Her bother, Derek Sentri, is 2 years older than she is. Being their first-born, her parents wanted to be sure everything went right for him. When he left, her parents where unsure of what to do with her. She'd become slightly isolated, introverted, but she'd do anything she was told. She was like a lost child who was scared of strangers. She'd never ask for help, but she'd do anything for others. She is still this way as she heads to 'Revival' in her best clothes, a white pair of jeans with a red tank top and a black jacket.

    ((OOC: and if we are allowed 2 characters...))

    Name: Blake Gerd
    Age: 18 today
    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair Color: Jet Black
    Eye Color: Light Brown, almost golden
    Some Bio: As the oldest in his family, he grew up watching his parents care after his younger siblings, and a lot of times, he helped with his three younger sisters. Ashley is 3, Brooklyn is 4, and Kate is 15. He learned to be kind, yet strict at a young age to keep his sisters from his room. Now, he's off to 'Revival' to start a family of his own. He's sad to leave, but ready for a fresh start and new faces.
  3. OOC:
    Bertolt Sondheim
    Age: Hey, since everyone's doin' it, why not? Just turned 18.
    Height: Let's leave it at "tall" (about 6')
    Weight: Neither fat nor thin, but ain't got real abs either
    Hair Color: Chestnut brown hair (Shoulder length, unkempt. With budding sideburns)
    Eye Color: Gray
    Some Bio: Bertolt's the only son of a rich family, and because of this he comes off as fairly spoiled to most folks: he's not used to responsibility, not used to not getting what he wants, and most importantly not used to being the "lowest" of a group. However, this doesn't mean he's completely rotten: he's clever, insightful, generous, and never mean-spirited; not the perfect lover, but surely someone who's good enough (he hopes, as he's also quite the romantic. 'Swhy he's one of the few kids who're excited to actually go to Revival).
  4. Name: Josie Ross

    Age: Just recently turned eighteen

    Height: 5'8 (Quite tall for an eighteen year old girl. For I myself, am 5'6 and I am 19.. im so short)

    Weight: 120 Ibs

    Hair color: Brunette
    (Shoulder-length, curly hair. I mean litterly.. Shirley Temple curly. )

    Eye color: Dark chocolate brown

    Bio: She has dreaded the day of 'Revival'. She did not want to reproduce with a man that she did not know. She would rather mess around with a tree then some stranger.

    She came from a middle class family, her father was one of the people to encourage 'Revival'. He prepared her for it, her entire life. She is an only child and her mother died giving birth to her. That is one of the main reasons her father encourages her.

    All she hopes is that the guy she would be paired with is a sweet and caring one.
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    Name: Jake Blackhand
    Age: 18?
    Height: 5foot8in
    Weight: 130 pounds of human flesh bone and muscle
    Hair Color: brown
    Eye Color: brown
    Some Bio: Jake Blackhand was born into an empty house, with no windows, gas, electricity, or water. His family was abusive and blamed him for being born, and being another mouth to feed. His dad was a smoker, and eventually killed his mother, who drank, even during his birth. He ran away, and was adopted by a foster family, who took better care of him, and sent him off to Revival with their other son.
  6. ((OOC: Victor is paired with Jae.))
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  11. Name: Levi Morrison
    Age: Just turned 18
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 122 lbs
    Hair Color: Black (shoulder length)
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Some Bio: Levi is the oldest of two children in the Morrison manor. Although she comes from a very wealthy family, she is a very down-to-earth type of person unlike the rest of her family who like to be treated like royalty. She is ashamed of how spoilled rotten her family is and feels like their family is drifting apart because of their greed. Because of this she doesn't really care about money. Levi usually spends most of her time outside of the manor either hiking or going for bike rides. She's caring, intelligent, and slightly stubborn.
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