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  1. Enjoying the sun under a perfectly clear sky Sarah sat on a park bench with her legs crossed reading a book, her thin jacket hung over the bench back as the air was much warmer in the sun than in the shade. Absently she stroke back blonde strands that blew across the face in a small breeze, too absorbed in the book to even notice, long ago forgotten her initial thought that she probably wouldn’t be able to finish the book in time for class next week. Normally she loved to read but when a book wasn’t interesting she could barely finish it even if it was for school, but despite that she’d been completely absorbed in the story.

    School had let out an hour ago and Sarah had left her friends a few blocks away to meet Nate in the park, it lay almost perfectly in between their schools so it was a good place to meet. Even when in another world a stray thought on him made her feel warm and fuzzy inside, the level of trust she had in him could only be rivaled by one of her best friends as a child. Recently she had found herself remembering those years more than usual, when she was least expecting it memories jumped on her at the sight of something or other that reminded her of the past.

    She even thought once that she’d seen a man that looked familiar to her but he’d vanished from her sight before she could see clearly, besides how big was the chance that she would meet him again this far away and that they’d even recognise each other.

    A familiar tune pulled her back to reality and Sarah realized memories had pulled her from the book without her even realising it, putting down the book and fetched her phone from her bag, a text from Nate telling he was late, held up after school. Sighing she sent a text back before returning to her book, disappointed over the delay, they already went to different schools so she didn’t want to shrink the time they had too much.
  2. Anubis remained in the small town they grew up in together when Sarah left. Honestly, her departure sunk him into fits of loneliness which he filled with random one night stands with beautiful girls, and hours of studying alone in his room with barely any light. Eventually, the loneliness became a simple part of him. He'd come back to the human world for the one reason of being the girls friend. He'd caught his eye once when he was watching the earthly plane from the underworld one day, and made the split second decision to become her companion.

    But that was gone now. Anubis sets down one last box in the small charming cottage he'd bought in the new town he'd moved out to. He wanted to get out of the stuffy little one that reminded him vaguely of her every time he left the house. Those feelings disappeared eventually but he never really was as sincerely cheerful as he used to be. Oh well... He sighs and brushes some midnight black hair out of his face, his yellow green eyes sparkling slightly as he smiles. It'd be nice to be in a change of scenery. The boy had flawless pale skin, striking features, and perfect lips. Perhaps he'd go for a walk. It didn't sound like such a horrible idea. He'd just graduated from highschool recently, and had finally managed to leave "home".

    The god in disguise had come to the human plane and been adopted into a human family. It was perfect. For a while at least while Sarah was there. He moves over to the door grabbing a long black coat off the hook, wearing a loose black formal shirt with the first few buttons undone at the top letting the collar hang a bit away from his slender neck, a loosely tied black tie hanging around his neck, and black pants as he pulls on the summer coat, putting his hands in his pockets as he walks out of the cottage, along the streets mindlessly, letting his feet guide him.

    After a while of wandering, he comes to a stop at the entrance of the park, looking into it faintly. It had a certain drawing feeling to it. He knew a lot of those feelings, and usually the ones he'd stashed away in his head were bad but this one was simply...welcoming. He turns walking down the path into the park hair, blowing a bit into his face as he does moving with his calm certain step.
  3. Something was gnawing at her as she sat reading, like she'd forgotten something or perhaps it was better explained as some sort of intuition, she was used to it by now, ever since she could remember Sarah had these feelings at times and by now she didn't really pay any mind to them. She thought about it as her own sixth sense, at times it had warned her intently about taking a certain way home after school, which let her avoid a traffic accident and at other times and more commonly it was like a built in lie detector and something that made it easy for her to judge people quickly.

    But now as stated it buzzed at her for no apparent reason, a break from her book told her that no one was close by, the gravel road winding across the park splitting in some places to lead to other parts of the park was shaded by trees and flanked by flowers in some parts, clusters of liliac growing somewhere nearby spread the sweet scent of blooming flowers.

    Shading blue gray eyes Sarah looked closer down one path, the bench she was sitting on, partially under a tree was placed on a söight slope and by that gave her a better view around her. A young man came down one path and her first hope of it being Nate was quickly quelled as this man had black hair and when he came closer it became apparent they were not even very similar at all. But he was strangely familiar still, even though pale skin and dark hair wasn't exactly rare her strange intuition told her there was something more to it.

    It had been six years, and granted Sarah had not the best memory after a few years had passed but some part of her mind constantly brought up memories of her old friend Anubis. Now she wondered why she had never made the connection to mythology as a child, his parents must have been die hard history fans. But now she could almost swear that guy was Anubis, and so far her sense had not failed her.
  4. He doesn't notice the blonde sitting on a bench a ways ahead, too absorbed in his thoughts and sounds of the park around him, until he was closer He slowly halts about 6 feet away looking at her faintly curiously, seeing her staring at him, hands in his coat pockets.

    His yellow green eyes sparkle a bit looking back at her as his hair ruffles slightly in the breeze. She reminded him of Sarah...A bit too much of Sarah. He raises an eyebrow slightly blinking. Even hundreds of miles away from that town he still was reminded of her. He lets out a soft chuckle, tilting his head. "Well, hello..." smiling faintly.

    The chances of her being in this town out of all the ones in the country were next to impossible, but none the less, he wanted to hear her voice and the way she talked. Maybe even her name to dispel any faint hopes of it being her.
  5. "Hi," she answered, unfolding her legs as she placed her book over her bag, open side down so it wouldn't blow shut and make her loose where she was. "Have we met before?" Sarah asked as the man stopped and gave a hesitant greeting. It would be strange meeting him here, out of all the hundreds of cities just in this part of the country but weirder stuff had happened, just not to her.

    Absently she stroke back her hair again, revealing a cluster of birthmarks on her jaw bone, it was a habit she'd had as a child although she'd managed to tone it down a bit, she no longer sat and twirled her hair endlessly whenever she was thinking hard. "This may sound weird but are you Anubis who lived in Springfield many years ago?" She had stepped a bit close to the black clad man to make the conversation more normal although it became more apparent that he was, if he was Anubis that is, was still quite a bit taller than her.
  6. He blinks a bit, his sharp eyes catching the small movement of her hand moving her hair back and the light cluster of birthmarks he'd memorized after seeing it day after day when they were little. Anubis stares at her in shock before snapping out of it slightly and smiles widely, "Sarah?" Taking his hands out of his coat pockets.

    If this was her, which he was pretty certain it was by now, she'd grown to become beautiful. Of course, she was pretty cute when she was younger but now....she was absolutely stunning. He chuckles a bit softly to himself. Perhaps he was dreaming, a rare occasion for the god, and perhaps wishful thinking had brought the scene before him into his mind. It had happened a long, long time ago, but not recently. And if this wasn't wishful thinking....He almost loses control over his human form, practically reverting into his jackal body but stopping himself, a faint glint to his eyes.
  7. So it was him after all! It was an unbelievable stroke of luck, if she had been a true believer she may have thought of it being guided by a higher power. "It's great to see you again," she said with a smile taking a few steps closer and gave him a spontaneous hug. Then stepping away in case it had been too bold, she had her impulsive moments but it had been what six or seven years after all.

    "It's been so long it's a wonder you even recognize me, have you move here? What are you doing now?" Her questions where only stopped by her need to take a breath, as she had moved on as a child when she left Springfield and made new friends she had almost forgotten how much she'd missed him.
  8. He chuckles a bit, hiding the fact it felt like years of weight had been lifted off his shoulders and heart. He hugs her back a bit before she pulls away and reaches out ruffling her hair a bit like he did when they were kids. Or at least technically.

    "It's great to see you. And an answer to all your questions, I have moved here, just in the past few days even, I wanted to get away from Springfield it held too many memories-" he stops himself before putting on a smile again, "It was just getting old. Plus, how could I not recognize you? You still have that small cluster of birth marks that you always show with that little habit of yours," chuckling again meaning her reflex to push her blonde hair behind her ear. Putting his hands back in his pockets, he flashes another charming smile, "And yourself? What are you doing in this small town? School? Oh, I bet you found someone nice," winking a bit still carrying a cheshire cat like grin, but inside withering a bit at the thought.

    Him? A god? Worrying over such small matters such as if a human girl had found a lover? He pushes it out of his mind, making the excuse that it was simply the feelings of a long lost best friend.
  9. That simple ruffle brought back more memories than the meeting itself and for a second Sarah was back in the past, a small girl following after Anubis, her hair that was a bit longer than filled with static as he ruffled it. "I've been living here for a few years, since my parents finally decided to stop moving around," she answered, frowning slightly. She had been sick and tired off moving so often because of their jobs and been so relieved when they decided to stay in this little town, she finally could take the time to make real friends without fearing she'd have to leave them soon.

    "I'm almost done with high school, next year is my last," also something she was glad over, she didn't mind studying although she strongy disliked some subjects, but after spending more than half her life in school it was beginning to be boring and tiring. "Well, yes I have," Sarah admitted at his last question, a slight blush spreading across her cheeks. "I was actually waiting for him here but he was delayed after school with some club duty." In her joy to see her old friend again Sarah had almost forgotten about Nate, almost as some part of her brain always seemed to aware of him. "What about you?" she asked. "You shouldn't have a problem finding a girl?" As a child she had had no concept about him other than a friend but now she could see that he was really handsome, and seeing as he was a great friend he wasn't only nice on the outside.
  10. Anubis listens as she talks about how long she's been in the town and how her family finally settled, but at the part in which she confirmed she'd found someone his smile flickers a bit, just for a moment, pushing back the disappointment that settled in him.

    He clears his throat slightly, realizing she'd asked him a question. Sure, he'd found girls, but none for any real relationship. Anubis almost never had any sort of emotional and physical attraction to a human, or at least enough for a real relationship. "Well, not exactly. I haven't....been dating." He smiles faintly again as he answers her question a bit absently, a bit distracted as he studies her features. He blinks slightly as he realizes his actions and gaining his focus back onto their conversation, chuckling. "I really don't have a connection with any of the girls I know in that way."

    For Anubis, to find a girl that attracted any attention from him at all was rare. Humans were, to say the least, dull. Or at least they'd grown to be. Back in the ancient days, the Egyptian civilization had been more then interesting to participate in. It was lively, every day packed full of chores and goals, drama. Now in the modern day, everything was instant. Very few things actually required any sort of long term work. For example, the pyramids. Those had been entertaining to watch being built. He grins slightly at the thought, focus drifting again for a minute despite himself.
  11. Never having the slightest thought of him being more than a friend Sarah didn't notice his smile faltering for a split second. "That's too bad," she remarked with an askew grin, a teasing glint in her eyes. "You're robbing some girl of having a great guy." Resting her hands in her jeans pockets Sarah takes a deep breath, enjoying the fresh scents of late spring. "You know, about your name, back in the day I didn't notice it at all, but now I can see the unusual in it, I take it your parents were fans of mythology and that you're not a God," she said it with a chuckle, not for a minute considering the last possibility, it went far above her down to earth thinking, naming children after gods wasn't that weird in this day after all, unusual yes but not rare.
  12. Anubis freezes at her last words, silent for a minute before putting on a smile, "No, my parents actually weren't that big of myth freaks. I came with the name when they adopted me, you know. It's always been my name," for thousands of years, he adds mentally. He looks over at a few trees in the park, "It's an odd name though, I've never heard of anyone else being named Anubis." He grins a bit at the thought. If anyone named their child Anubis, they'd be a bit crazy. In ancient Egypt, the name Anubis was never used on humans. It was considered to be practically a curse on your children naming them after the god of death and funerals.

    "Anyway, I'll walk you to your boyfriends school if you'd like. I'm sure he'd love to be surprised by a pretty girl after a long day of school," smiling, reaching out putting an arm around her shoulders, something else that he used to do in their childhood. It was a habit, almost a reflex.
  13. Sarah laughs slightly at the thought, "well it may be a very odd name but it's not that bad. After all Anubis, as the God of funerals, was said to prepare people for the next life and I think that is a good thing." Many Gods shared the same fate as Anubis, assumed evil and cursed by people and almost becoming a synonym for death while their original territory was things like funerals, the after life and as much needed for the natural order as other more popular Gods. Of course that went mostly for people who believed in that, but even those that had little faith and only studied myths and religion had the wrong idea sometimes.

    "Sure," glad that he wanted to come Sarah easily fell back into old habits as he placed an arm around her. Stopping slightly by the bench she put the book in her bag and swung it over her left shoulder, placing her jacket over it. "Where do you live now by the way?" She asked as she led the way through the park and down a street to the west that would lead to Nate's school.
  14. He chuckles slightly, "Yes yes I do have an odd name." He pauses as he lets her grab her things before starting to walk the way she hinted toward. "Hmm, I bought a small charming little cottage on the outskirts of the town. It's quite nice by human standards," grinning a bit.

    The garden had honey suckle crawling up the front of the house, covering it green and the beautiful flowers, lavender planted in nice places along with a variety of other flowers, creating a watercolor of plants with a nice little pond at a corner of it, a few cherry blossom like trees hiding the white little building behind them. He'd been intrigued by how nice it was for such a town. Very few times had he found a place with such simple beauty. It was a wonder to smell as well.

    They walk down the sidewalk toward her boy friends school, keeping an arm in a friendly away around her shoulders, happy that he got to speak with her again after her hurried departure of the childhood town. Her parents left literally minutes before they had to catch their flight for them to say good bye, and so few minutes that it was barely enough time for a goodbye hug. Sarah's parents never really approved of Anubis for some reason. Perhaps they subconciously sensed his true nature.
  15. Seeing that it wasn't the biggest town Sarah knew most places in the area and while she didn't know the place she had seen how beautiful some places were for being so close to a town and she was a bit disappointed that her parents had bought an apartment not too far from the center of town. His choice of words then snapped her from her thoughts, it was such an odd way to speak, as if he differentiated himself from humans. But she shrugged it off as a pattern of speech he'd picked up during the years, or something he'd always done just that she couldnt remember much of it in that case.

    "I must come over and see it," she said eagerly. "I bet Timo would have like to come too if not my parents had sold him when we moved constantly." Timo having been her cat, a lazy and friendly cat with a very hazy pedigree, if it could be called that, he'd been with her since well before she met Anubis. "Although perhaps not, I could never understand why he didn't like you, he was always so friendly otherwise." A true fact indeed, one of the only times Timo hissed or ran and hid was when Sarah brought her friend over and it didn't matter how much she called or cooed he wouldn't come out of hiding.

    Not that it would be a problem now though she thought with a sigh. "It's a left here," she said, almost missing the turn. Further down the street she could see the large school that Nate went to, it was bigger than the one she went to and the only other high school in the area and also the one that housed the middle school while the Kkindergarten and elementary school had it's own building.
  16. He nods. He'd love to have her over, as she'd be his first guest. Plus, it was pretty quiet on that side of town, making it all the more serene. Anubis remembered that cat, Timo. It never liked him, and understandably so. Animals had a very strong sense of death, darkness, and especially dogs. Well, dog like creatures. Anubis never really considered himself a dog, just a relative of them. Jackals had the appearance and scent of dogs at times but the very thought of being associated with mangy mutts made him sick.

    "You'd be welcome to come any time, I'll probably be there most of the day every day," smiling as he winks a bit ruffling her hair again as they walk toward the school. The relief of being able to see her again, drowned the disapointment of her having a boyfriend. It was better then not getting to see her at all, wasn't it?
  17. Sarah felt as giddy as a child on christmas, not only had they met by chance they were also able to pick up their friendship again as if no years had passed, she doubted that her parents would have changed much though. They'd never like Anubis and she felt certain it would still be the same now, luckily she was older now and soon her parents had no say over her life what so ever, not that she disliked her parents, it was the opposite, but she hated the fact that they couldn't accept her friend.

    "I don't know his school so well," Sarah said stopping inside the gates. She had been there a few times but never managed to really get the layout to stick in her head. "We can wait here for him." It would be the quickest way and it made sure they wouldn't pass by each other. As school had already let out only a few students still hung around, those who'd been stuck in detention and members of clubs mostly so when the brown haired young man came walking, a bag slung over one shoulder he was easy to spot. "Hi, Nate," she called out, waving one arm to catch his eye.

    Nate turned to head their way, a warm smile on his face as he placed an arm around Sarah who'd left Anubis side to give him a kiss, though she had to stretch a slightly to reach. "What a nice surprise love," he said, a noticable trace of an English accent still audible despite moving away from there as a child, keeping his arm around her waist. "And who's your friend?" He asked, not a sign of suspicion in his face, it generally took a lot to lit his jealousy. "This is the friend I told you about, Anubis, from Springfield, he just moved in to town." She said with a smile. "Nice to meet you mate," Nate said, still curious about the odd name but had heard Sarah say it often sohe didn't say anything.
  18. Anubis made his way to the outside of the school with Sarah before she pulls him over to a place to wait for her boyfriend. He was slightly curious as to what kind of boy had caught his long time friends eye. It definitely would be interesting if not a bit painful. He looks up slightly as she calls out to someone. Nate? Yeah, she said Nate. He'd tuned out slightly focusing on his own thoughts before she said it.

    He releases her from his grasp as she walks over to the brown haired boy, green yellow eyes studying him intently with a canine gleam to them as they greet each other. Anubis nods slightly to him with a small smile. It was the least he could manage regarding expressions. "Nice to meet you as well. As Sarah said, I'm Anubis. I just moved into town a few days ago." Holding his thin pale hand out to offer a shake of hands with the other.

    Anubis felt fine, if not slightly reluctant about her boyfriend, he seemed alright and he definitely had manners at least. "I'm glad to see Sarah has found someone." nodding a bit with a slight chuckle, "I was worried. It's been a while since I've seen her and I honestly had no idea she was even in this town. I hope you don't mind if we get together some time to catch up?" eyes giving a slight sparkle. He didn't want to offend the human as the god had always tried to stay on the good side of the mortal inhabitants, although it was kind of hard when you were the harbinger of death.
  19. Nate shook Anubis outstretched hand, his tanned skin contrasting against tho other's pale hand. "Nathan," he clarified as Anubis finished. "But everybody just says Nate." It was so common to call him by his nickname that it seemed that was his full name, when mentioning him or introducing him it was not many that remembered to actually say Nathan, at times not even himself.

    "I've heard a lot about you from Sarah over the years," Nate said, unable to get rid off the odd feeling he got from the young man, maybe it was his eyes, golden green and with a glint he couldn't place, but he ignored it trusting Sarah's judgement. "So, because of your history I guess I can spare her some times." He continued with an askew grin and a devious glitter in his brown eyes. Sarah elbowed him lightly in the ribs and rolled her eyes, used to his various antics.

    Nate rubbed his ribs, as if he'd recieved a hard blow. "Just be careful around her so she doesn't get you as well," he said with a chuckle. "Don't worry," Sarah said, looking at Anubis. "I only hit annoying people. And it's apparently only those that are frail enough to feel it." Her words where light and the scene not too uncommon, everyone who knew the two had seen it and been part of it.
  20. He smiles watching them, "Thank you, Nate, I appreciate it." nodding slightly. Most people always had the smallest tinge in their thoughts that pointed out something was different about the black haired pale boy with green yellow eyes, but no one would ever place it. It amused him to watch them try to, and he could tell this Nate standing across from him had noticed it like most, but it surprised him when he saw him dismiss it so quickly. Usually it stayed with people for a few days, a nagging little annoying buzz that they tried so desperately to figure out.

    Anubis moves his gaze over to Sarah and gives a white toothed smile, "Well, I'll leave you two love birds be." He hated the fact he had to say it to Sarah and someone other then him. But that was a bolder thought then he was used to and he quickly clears his throat, smiling still. "Have a good day, I'm sure I'll see you around." He starts to walk away before pausing, glancing back, "Take good care of her, Nathan," his voice cool and calm. A faint undertone can only be detected by the brunette of deadly seriousness.

    He wouldn't stand for anyone or anything hurting Sarah in a physical or emotional way, and he hoped for Nate's sake he wouldn't chose to do either. Anubis turns back forward as he puts his hands in his black coat pockets, walking down the sidewalk away from them.
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