We Intertwine {Faneru and Kaz}

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    Name: Nico Di Angelo
    Race: Demon

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  2. They called her the White Rose. A flower that was as beautiful as the thorns that grew and pierced all that dared to touch it. Nico wasn't much for rumors but even he couldn't deny that it described his sister perfectly. She had an abundance of confidence and beauty that gave an imposing yet elegant presence. All the men that had asked for her hand were all shortly and briefly turned down as she believed that she had a sense of duty to fulfil for her family that did not involve 'falling in love' or 'marriage'. So that was why Nico couldn't believe that she would elope with an unknown man and leave her family in a state of shock and utter panic. Especially before the day of her first meeting with the man she was to marry. And this wasn't just any marriage. It was a 'holy' matrimony between a demon and angel.

    It had been arranged between the Demon King and the Angels Prophet in attempt to settle the racial disputes between the two races. If this marriage was to be cancelled a war would inevitably take place. Nico's sister had been the most qualified among the demon court to marry the chosen angel and by the time they had discovered of her disappearance it was far to late to choose another. Everything was in utter disarray and utter mayhem until Nico had gathered all the courage he had and suggested the most dangerous yet genius idea. He would take his sister's place since the only real difference between the two was the breast size and height, his sister being an inch or two taller. It would give them enough time to locate his sister and take care of the mess that had been caused.

    And that was how he stood on top of a balcony, hundreds of feet above a cheering crowd of Angles and Demons who had come to witness the official announcement of the marriage between the beloved bride and groom. Nico smiled and tried to appear like his sister as best as he could but no matter how much false confidence that he exuded his hands still refused to stop trembling. He couldn't afford to mistake however in front of such a large crowd and was more never racking was the person standing opposite him. The mad his sister was supposed to marry was just a hair length away . He was careful to keep enough room between them that he wouldn't notice his ceaseless trembling.
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    Theliel, like most of the angels, was still quite unsure about the marriage. Obviously, he no longer held a choice in the matter, but that did nothing to ease his mind. After all, for centuries he'd been taught that demon-kind were the absolute bane of existence. A blight to all races. Now he was expected to marry one. To spend the rest of eternity with an accursed being. Because, after all, what angel better fit the role than the 'Prince of love'? There is no love in an arranged marriage, something they all knew perfectly well...

    Theliel had spent hours mentally complaining in a similar pattern as he waited to meet his bride-to-be for the first time. He knew it was for a good cause. To finally end all the madness between the two races... But it wasn't until he first set eyes on the Demoness that his doubt finally ceased. He hadn't expected her to be quite so... Well... Lovely. He'd expected some sort of wicked seductress, not the petite and trembling figure he faced.
    Though he at first expected it to be some sort of trick, his doubts casually floated away the longer he gazed at his new fiance. Suddenly, rather than his usual hatred for demon-kind, he was stricken with a need to comfort, protect, and hold the little one standing before him. He even mused that perhaps this was what humans liked to refer to as 'love at first sight.'

    The angel's lips curled into a soft smile as he moved passed his thoughts, reaching a hand out to place atop the trembling fingers of his wife-to-be. He wasn't sure why she was trembling, but it had stricken a cord in him. He realized that the woman likely had just as much of a choice in the matter that he had. Perhaps it was simply a far more intimidating thing to her, marrying a stranger... A stranger of such different origin. Either way, he felt he needed to be the one to cease the trembling. To be the one to comfort and warm her heart. An arranged marriage, perhaps, but as he met his bride for the first time, he wanted it to be more. He wanted there to be love.
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