We hunt by nights and hide by day

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  1. any one interested in a fan based "Blood and Chocolate." rp? I am thinking roleplaying a pack of wolves on how they hunt together sleep together. Using their chin of command
    Alpha (male and female)
    and pack members

    you will choice your place on the pride with how you can hold your own against each other.
  2. Well I dont' know Blood and chocolate but I would be interested in joining your pack of wolves.
  3. I dont quite think that is the chain of commands xD But I Would be interested in this Roleplay :D
  4. I MAY be interested but i want to see some sort of plot first.
  5. I'm with Khaleesi, would be interested just need more plot description
  6. LOVE just LOVE blood and chocolate, but I haven't seen it in ages. Would definitely join this
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.