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    “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!! Stay away!” Alexandria shoved the rake onto the heads of the countless number of walking dead creatures that surrounded the perimeter of her house, trying to prevent them from climbing up to the roof. Beads of perspiration slowly rolled down her face as she started panicking, not having a single action plan. The smell of the dead wafted in the air, making her almost puke.

    She started climbing higher and higher on her roof, staring down at the crowd of the undead that started gathering around her house. She cringed at the sight as one of the zombie’s arm fell off. She searched around for an escape route. It was impossible for her to escape since her house isn’t a double storey house.

    Before all of this happened, it was a normal day for her. Well, not really normal. When she woke up to get ready for school, her parents were missing, not even a single note on the fridge. Thinking they left for work in a rush, she got ready as per normal. When she was in school, most of her classmates were absent for the day, only a handful showed up. When the school day ended, she left school for home. That was when she realised that everything was out of place.

    Mrs Smith, the old lady that lived a few yards away from her, wasn’t standing on her lawn, watering her plants and greeting Alexandria a ‘Good afternoon’, like she always does. Or, the Junior High kids that liked to hit Alexandria’s head with their soccer ball. And, that old man that liked to glare at anybody who passes by his house. They were all missing. It just seemed too quiet for her. She knew something was wrong but she didn’t bother it too much.

    Without bothering to change out of her school uniform, she sat in front of the TV and switched on her game console. That was when she noticed one of the zombies staring at her from outside her house, attempting to enter the house. After that, she jumped up, quickly grabbing her school bag and emptying it, then filling it with important necessities like food, water and first aid. She rushed to the backyard, grabbed the first thing she found that seems dangerous and climbed up to the roof with the ladder. And then kicking down the ladder so that none of them would climb up.

    Back to the present time, she still sat atop of her roof, looking for an escape route. The walking corpses won’t climb up onto the roof to get her. Or will they…? She thought. She sighed in frustration while combing her hand through her hair, “This seemed a lot easier in the video games…”

    She narrowed her eyes to the left, and spotted the family jeep that was parked at the side of her house. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?! She grabbed her rake and made sure her backpack was tightened so it wouldn’t fall off.

    She breathed in and out, trying to calm herself down. She took a few steps back before sprinting and jumping down. She landed, back first, onto the jeep, her rake was on the pavement next to the jeep. All of the heads were turned to her. Immediately, they started moving towards her, slowly. She rolled down from the jeep, picked up her rake and entered the driver’s seat. She tossed her bag and rake onto the passenger seat, next to her. Without putting her seatbelt on, she switched on the engine and sped onto the main road, silently thanking that the keys were left in the jeep. From the rear mirror, the zombies from earlier were still chasing her but as she sped, their figures grew smaller.

    The only thing she could think of is her safety. She already has a feeling her parents were already one of them.

    "I just have to keep driving till I find shelter... or a Walmart."
    she assured herself.

  2. "As if today couldn't get any crazier, now I've gotta deal with real zombies!" said a young man with shoulder-length blonde hair, a larger, yet slightly muscular build, and short hair that ran along his lips and jawline. Here
    As he took his ammo from his bag to reload, one of them grabbed him from behind, to which he responded with his sword in their head, the self-made blade splitting the creature's head like a watermelon as ir stood for a few seconds, giving him time to reload and pull the sword from it's skull as it fell into a heap on the ground.

    "You fraggers sure are slower than I thought, but I think it's because of rigor mortis stiffening you guys up.
    Luckily, there haven't been too may people that got turned, because those fraggers are fast."

    Slashing and shooting his way out of the convenience store after grabbing as much food as he could carry, he ran out onto the street, almost getting hit by a jeep that came plowing through before jumping on his trike and following them, hoping that this other survivor could help him figure out what's going on around here.
    As he caught up to the other vehicle, he noticed that the only weapon in the back seat was a rake, red with blood, and matted with hair, wondering how the driver was even able to use such an item to kill enough of those creatures to escape. Upon reaching the passenger side, he ran over a small group of creature he thought were dead, yet merely were laying in wait, as they grabbed his trike, one of their arms tearing off into the front wheel, causing it to jam, and forcing him to grab the handle of the jeep, opening the door and hopping inside before realizing that the driver was a young woman, not much younger than himself, wearing the uniform of his alma mater.
    He slammed the door so as to be sure it shut and spoke to the girl in a low, calm voice, unusual for him to be using, but he thought it might help him seem less crazy than he already was.

    "Don't worry about who I am right now, just keep an eye on the road.
    I have food, ammo, weapons, and plenty of other supplies that I was able to get my hands on, so we should be alright until we get to the next gas station.
    This is the third town I've been to since the outbreak at Ground Zero, my home town, last week. The name was pretty foreshadowing, since the toxic gas killed most of the people at the plant, and the vaccine they were working on exploded in the fire and brought back all the dead researchers.
    It's not much different from a horror movie, except, well, you know, it being in real life.
    As long as we stick together, watch each other's backs, and try to find other survivors, we'll be alright."

    After finishing his sentence, he pulled a handgun from his large bag and began firing into the horde ahead, hoping to be able to clear a path at least large enough to let the vehicle move through without too much trouble, yet still have a few he could shoot at on the way out.
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  3. Alexandria nodded, eyes focusing on the road. She knew that now, no matter who she meets, she needed to stick close to them. That's what they do in the video games, right? "It's funny how I was about to begin playing my zombie game, one of them shows up at my doorstep." she chuckled humorlessly as she turned the wheel, making the vehicle turn to the left, heading towards the next unknown town.

    As she drove, many more of them seem to appear. They didn't appear out of nowhere though, they were just wandering towards their direction. Without mercy, Alexandria stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated towards the crowd that was right in front of them. She ran over them without a sign of guilt on her face. Ah, it's a lucky thing I didn't get my driving license before all this started... she thought bitterly.

    "So, that was your third town ever since the outbreak thing, huh?" she asked. The vehicle entered the unknown ghost town. She couldn't tell the name of the town as it was smeared with blood. The town had no sign of human life; the streets were abandoned while some cars were driven into the walls of buildings. There were a few dead bodies lying around. She cringed at the sight.
  4. He pointed towards a gas station on the left, hoping to gas up before they passed it, answering her question as he did.
    "Yeah. I've been the only one besides you who hasn't died and got up or been turned out of 7,852 people, including this town, so we're gonna have to do what we can to get what we need and get out as fast as possible."
  5. Alexandria hummed in acknowledgement as she turned the wheel to the left. She parked the car next to one of the petrol pumps. She switched off the engine. Before exiting the car, she took note of the car's fuel gauge which was nearly empty.

    She took one of the pumps and inserted it into the place where the fuel are pumped into. While she was waiting, she forgotten to introduce herself.

    "By the way, I didn't get your name. I'm Alexandria. You are?"
  6. He lifted his hand and clasped it around her's, looking into her eyes as he set his other hand on her shoulder, covering her ears with his sleeve as he set he head against his chest and shot the creature about ten feet behind her with his silenced, yet still fairly painful to hear at close range, pistol right between the eyes before he removed his arm.

    "Sorry about that. You never know what these things'll do if they get too close. Anyway, I'm Caramon. It's a pleasure to meet you Alexandria. I guess we're gonna be stuck together for a while, aren't we? Well, I always wanted to be able to be alone with a beautiful girl, but I didn't think it'd be in these circumstances."
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  7. Alexandria squirmed in his arms before he released her. She took a step back and blushed madly, not looking at him in the eye. She averted the conversation by saying, "Hey, look! There's another convenience store. How convenient!"

    She then briskly walked to the convenience store, leaving him behind.
  8. "Run Em! Don't look back. RUN NOW!"
    That was the last she heard her father say. He was the first she turned her back on. Memories of that day flashed behind her eyes as she shoved supplies into her bag, keeping a watchful eye out for any movement for those things.

    Mental bent and twisted. Blood everywhere. Confusion swirled around in her head as she fluttered her eyes open. Glancing around, she realized the vehicle was on its side. She struggled to unfasten the seatbelt and after Come on dad. We gotta go." She begged as tears slipped down her cheeks, and shaking him. Finally, his eyes blinked opened and he look her over."Em. Leave go. Get to safety. Go on." He ordered before coughing up some blood. "But...I can't lea-" "No Em I'm not going. take this." He said, as he reach out his fist hand and opened his fingers for her to see nothing but air. She shook her head as more tear fall freely. "Love you, Em." She didn't get what he meant my taking nothing from his hand. But before she could ask he spoke again. "Run Em! Don't look back. RUN NOW!" And she did. After she snatched her bag and guns, she gave him one last look telling him she loved him before running.

    That was only a few days ago.

    Her father always warned her this would happen one day. People always said he was crazy. One of those survivalist always afraid that the world would end. Sadly, she had believed him crazy too. Until things changed. Luckily for her, he was prepared and when she was little had sent her off to survival camp every summer. Taught her how to hunt and shot guns and everything. Of course, now she was thankful even though back then she wished he was like any other dad.

    After tossing in bottles of water, she made her way down an aisle for food. Her hand gun in her back pocket and a rifle in one hand, she was loading up on supplies before moving to a safe place to hide before night. She planned to stick to her father's plan. Head to the cabin and go from there. As she was reaching for a bag of chips, she heard the door bell signaling that someone...or something was opening the door. Slinking back pack quiet onto her shoulder, she then knelt down and crept to the end of the aisle to take a look at the new comer.

    A girl who looked to still be in high school with dark hair and dark eyes stepped inside. She must be a couple years younger than herself. Emma held her breath and ready her finger at the trigger on the rifle as she waited. She prayed this girl wasn't one of them. She didn't look like it but better safe than sorry. Hopefully, she wouldn't have to shot though. She hate to find that the girl was on fact the walking freaking dead. It'd be nice not to have to be alone.

    Emma waited. Waited for the girl to get closer so she could get a better look.


    Picture: Here

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  9. Caramon blushed just as much in response to how cute she'd looked, yet couldn't believe how stupid what she'd just done was.
    "You never go anywhere alone in these times. I don't care if it's to find food or not, survivors stick together."

    As he entered the store, he noticed something moving in the corner and drew his gun, hoping that he'd be able to keep Alexandria safe it wasn't what he'd hoped it was.
    After moving in the direction of the movement, he searched around the shelves to find that he'd happened upon another girl here, a human girl, and it seemed that she was in worse shape than he was.

    "Hey there. It's okay, I'm not one of them. Don't worry, I won't bite. What's your-"

    He cut off his sentence as he saw something else in the corner, shambling in Alexandria's direction, yet he could see that she was too preoccupied to notice it, so he fired once through the head as it fell in a heap only a few feet behind her, and twice more when he walked over to it before he set his hand on her shoulder and turned her around, staring into her eyes to make sure she understood him, nearly completely forgetting about the new girl, yet keeping her in his periferal vision to be sure she didn't leave alone.

    "I know you're just a few years younger than I am, but still, have you never tried running off on your own in a zombie game? If you have, you should know just what happens when you do that nowadays."

    Wrapping his arms around her, and keeping his gun trained on the door in case something non-human came in, he continued in a softer tone, doing his best to help her understand the severity of her actions.

    "You never go anywhere alone. We met for a reason, and that's to protect each other and keep each other alive, so that's what I'm gonna do, even if it kills me. There's bound to be more survivors like our friend over there, but we still need to stick together, because there's not many of us left, and I couldn't bare to lose you."

    As he slowly let her go, he turned in the direction of the other girl, a slight smirk on his face as he called out to her.
    "Okay, the coast is clear, so you can come out now. Like I said before, survivors need to stick together."
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  10. Glancing up when a male voice spoke, she bit the inside of her lip as she listened to him as he went about not having to worry and that he wasn't one of those dead things. Suddenly, he cut off and shots rung out. Eyes moving back to the girl, she noticed one of the zombie like things drop to the ground. The guy walked over and began talking to her. Emma assumed they were a couple or something. It seemed as much and what little she could hear, sounded as much. She rose to her feet slowly and loosened her finger on the trigger slightly as she made her way over to them.

    With a quirk of her brow, a small smirk of her own played at the corner of her lip. "Really, huh?" She murmured, still keeping an eye out around them. Letting out a sigh, she nodded. "Alright. Well, did you guys have a plan or what? Because I would love to get out of here. It'll be dark soon and we're wasting daylight standing around." She pointed out as should mulled over the idea of telling them about her cabin.
  11. Once he released her from his grip, Alexandria's gaze turned to the floor. Her eyes trailed to the zombie that was about to attack her before Caramon killed it. "Idiot. I hate how he's right..." she thought to herself. She clenched her fist in anger but soon told herself to relax. She turned to the girl that Caramon was speaking to. She didn't look much older than Alexandria. "We're just gonna travel till we find shelter."

    Alexandria walked over to the water aisles and shoved most of the bottles into her bag. There weren't much left on the shelves but it was sufficient for five people. "It'll be enough for everybody..." she thought as she looked into the bag. She walked over to the two of them and introduced herself to the girl. "I'm Alexandria."
  12. Jeric was sitting at the rooftop of the building, he was looking at "them" or the zombies. He was been there since yesterday, he was stranded and he doesn't know where to go. Then, he noticed some people fighting them, so he shouted at them "Hey! Please help me. Please I don't know where to go!"
  13. After pulling her bag higher on her shoulder, she stuck out a hand to Alexandria. "Pretty name you have. I'm Emma." She introduced herself. "I guess we should load on some more food. And may some medical supplies and lighters or matches might be useful." She added. Her cabin was what she wanted to get to. There it would be a good place. Also, had a sort of natural lagoon type thing in the nearby woods. Mind made up, she the went with, "I have a place we can go to...that is if you guys are up to it."
  14. The Undead.
    It was a subject a certain 17-year-old always tried to avoid. A familiar Srrrrrrccciiitchhhh of several decomposing hands scratching against the walls and doors of the small house she lived in. Her brother had gone out with her mother, and her father? Well that was a subject she would have liked to avoid as well. Zoë was standing by the door, as she'd seen her brother do during military parades, standing straight up, gun in hand. The scratching began to die down, (Haha, funny me), and Zoë scurried up to the second floor of her house and looked out the window. With deft hands, she grabbed a pack and filled it with food, clothes, ammo, and a few guns her brother, Nick, had stashed in his room. She opened the window's locked quickly and hurriedly climbed to the roof, like a squirrel almost and began screaming. The mass of undead writhed in her front yard, crawling, dragging, and moaning away.
    Loosing hope at survival, she screamed for anyone alive. "HEEEEEEEEEEELP! SOMEONE PLEASE! Someone... Anyone...?" She was desperate, afraid, and alone, or so she thought, as the zombies began to scratch away again at the door.

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  15. "Well, we're gassed up, so it shouldn't be too bad to head out soon, but getting supplies and such would probably be a good idea, as well as a few tanks of gas, just in case. I'm Caramon, by the way. Nice to meet you, Em."

    After nodding to Emma, he searched around the store to be sure there weren't any more things lurking around, and came back to the pair when he was content with his search showing no results as he began stuffing things from the shelves into bags.

    "Am I the only one who's been hearing cries for help nearby? I know we need to leave soon, but do you think it'd hurt to search for survivors? The more we have, the safer we should be, and I raided my entire home town for supplies, so there's plenty of ammo and weapons to carry out some rescue missions if you gals are up for it."

    As he got to his feet, he looked out the window, hoping to find where the voices were coming from, until he noticed a pair of people on two seperate houses, frantically reacting to the posistions they were in before walking over to the girls again and pointing out what he'd seen.

    "There's at least a couple of survivors in this town, and both of them somehow made it to their roofs, so, If you want, the two of you can wait for me in the jeep and watch my back while I go after them, that way you can be more likely to stay safe while I'm out there. I know you can take care of yourselves, but if anything happened to either of you, I'd feel responsible."
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  16. (Just wanted to apologize for my earlier post(s) I noticed all the grammar mistakes. Lack of sleep.)

    Emma tensed when he called her by her nickname her father had given to her when she was a child. It was weird having a stranger that was closely around her age call her Em. As he looked around, she waited a little impatiently for him to finished. She'd heard noises, screaming and yelling, but hadn't said anything for the simple fact that she wanted to be sure they were done here before moving on.

    "Why not? They may need help. There's quite a lot of those zombies or whatever the hell they are out there." She shrugged, thankful to know someone had more ammo, guns, and supplies. Especially, if there would be more survivals joining up with them.

    An eyebrow arched at his implication of it being smarter for the two of them, girls, to wait in the jeep and 'watch his back'. What did that even mean? They weren't capable of doing a recused with him?She wondered if it had to do with them being girls that made him say that. It also pissed her off. She could handle herself doing more then sitting in a car. Not being one to fight over somethibg so childish as that and it not being the time to do so, she kept her thoughts to herself. However, she did ask "Is that safe. You going off by yourself while we wait?

    If that was what this Caramon wanted, she wouldn't stop him. Who was she to say he couldn't or even shouldn't do that? Then, what h said at the end hit her. He would feel responsible for them? Why when he had just met her would he feel like that? She wasn't a child after all. Shaking her head, she decided whatever the reason didn't matter. At least, he seemed to be someone she could trust.
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  17. (OOC: Sorry, phone's being stupid again, so post wasn't finished when it posted at first.)

    "Think anout this, Em. We've lost loved ones, friends, family, people we knew for years, and now we're all we have. For the longest time, I thought I was alone, but now that I found out I'm not, you're both precious to me. I've already lost 70,000 people, I'm not going to take the chance of losing either one of you, nor am I gonna let those two get eaten if I have anything to say about it.
    I've always been a good judge of character, but that doesn't matter right now, because whether you like it or not, we need each other to survive, so I'm going to do everything I can to keep those within my reach safe."

    Wrapping an arm around each girl, he looked from one to the other, a big smile creeping across his lips as he continued.
    "I trust you both to watch my back, because I know that, despite being able to take care of yourselves, neither of you want to be alone, and you don't want that for others either. I can tell from your eyes. Both of you have eyes that are soft and warm, revealing that no matter how you may feel, you both have truly caring hearts, so I know you won't let me die."

    As he released them, he moved to the door, drawing a second pistol from his belt, standing at the ready, waiting for when their rescue operation would begin.
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  18. Alexandria thought for awhile. "He's right... we're all we have. We have to survive this together!" She gulped and nodded, "Go ahead, I'll drive the jeep."

    She took her bag and stood next to Caramon. She looks away and muttered, "Just be careful, will ya? I kinda owe you my life..."
    She looked towards Emma. "Once Caramon run out to save them, we'll run to the jeep and follow him. Then, once he gets the other survivors onto the ground safely, everyone gets into the jeep and we'll leave this town, okay?"
  19. Positioning himself to open the door, he kissed Alexandria's forehead, looking from her to Emma and back before replying.
    "Thanks, I appreciate it, but as long as you're both safe, I don't have to worry about anything that happens to me. Besides," he paused for a second as he looked into her eyes, trying to drown out any insecurities she may still have of him before continuing, "I've gotta be immune to the virus, since I was the only one in the whole town not infected, so there's no reason to worry about me."

    Thinking over her plan, he decided it was a sound idea, no reason to keep the others waiting, and he'd have backup with an escape route waiting for him.
    "Alrighty, I'll see you two in a bit then, and don't worry, I'll be careful."

    As he opened the door, he switched off his safeties and ran over to the closer building of the two, firing in different directions over the fence, slowly thinning out the horde before they began to notice him, to which they started to give chase, giving him an idea as he ran towards the other house, being sure to fire behind him at any that decided not to follow him or that moved in the direction of the jeep, having some 30 or so behind him even after that, and more on the way if his plan worked.

    "I'm glad I changed mags when I did, because reloading's gonna be a bit difficult right now. I hope I can hold 'em off long enough for the girls to get here, otherwise, I'm gonna be a cannibal buffet."

    Happening upon the other house, he did what he did before to lure out the ones in front of it, killing enough of them so they'd notice him, and ran onto a nearby truck via the bed, firing down at the creatures that began crowding around it as they scratched at him and attempted to board his temporary base, to which he amply replied with a bullet to the head. When his magazine ran dry, he dumped each cartridge and used them as if they were stakes, jamming them into his enemies' heads as he replaced them with new ones.

    "This'd be pretty fun, if I wasn't fighting for my life up here. I hope those girls get here quick, because I've only got enough bullets on me to kill a few more dozen, and there's a little bit more than that out here, maybe double that, and I've already killed 27 by my last cou-"
    He was cut off by one of the things grabbing his leg, which he kicked off and shot between the eyes.
    "Make that 28 down, 10, 20, .... 57 more to go. Great, and here I thought this was gonna be easy. Get in, get out, and go, but no, I had to do things the hard way. Oh well, at least I can at least clear out another town while I'm here, since the rest are bound to be dead dead instead of undead, and who knows, if there're survivors besides these two, maybe they'll be able to rebuild and start a new life, something I can't do until every one of these fraggers is dead and buried."
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  20. "Oh my God... What...?" Zoe's eyes widened as people began killing the walking dead at the nearby house. "Might as well help out." Getting into a sniper's stance, she laid on her stomach, her brother's sniper putting itself together in her hands. The steel clicked into place and she carefully loaded the barrel of the gun and slid it back in. Looking through the scope, she locked on a zombie ' head, and fired. A clean shot!

    "HELL YEAH!"
    Zoe shouted from her 'sniper's nest' and began to aim for another. SHHHHHH...... The bullet made a sound like a person telling another to shh... Another clean one! She was getting used to this. Then the sound of wood breaking jolted Zoe out of her happiness as the undead broke down the door and began swarming the inside of the house. Please tell me that zombies can't climb up stairs...
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