We Have to Amputate

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  1. A great way to flesh out and get to know your characters, is to learn how they would react in various situations.

    For this exercise, write a scene in which a character is informed one of their body parts must be amputated.

    While you are writing, think about:
    • How has my character dealt with great losses in the past?
    • How do they feel? Does their mood change as it sinks in? (Remember to use body language when communicating moods!)
    • Have they built defensive mechanisms about this kind of thing? Do they delude themselves or distract themselves instead of dealing with it? Do they try to blame someone?
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  2. Yoshikazu had been minding his own business riding down the highway on his motorcycle.When all of a sudden a drunk driver in an suv swerved into his lane causing a wreck.The wreck had been a terrible one that left him hospitalized and almost in critical condition.He had finally woken up in a hospital bed feeling a little drowsy from the morphine.Shortly after he woke up a nurse entered the room,"I'm glad you're finally awake,Mr. Hiroyuki.I have some good news and some bad news."She says.He looks at her with almost emotionless eyes,"Go ahead and tell me the bad news."He says in a calm and serious tone of voice.

    The female looks down with sad eyes,"Alright.Well...I'm sorry to have to tell you this,but...your left foot was to severely damaged to save.It will have to be amputated to prevent it from developing gangrene."She says sadly.His golden yellow eyes slightly widen in shock upon hearing the bad news he was given.After a few seconds his eyes take on their usual emotionless gaze,"And the good news?"He says seeming calm.The nurse looks back up at him,"You didn't sustain any life threatening injuries or any brain damage.Also you survived a wreck that should have killed you."She said trying to sound a little cheerful.

    He looks to his right,"I see.Thank you for telling me."He says sounding somewhat distant.The nurse sadly sighs,"You're welcome and the doctor will be in shortly to talk to you."She says before leaving.Once she was gone he furrowed his eyebrows and gritted his teeth in an angry frown.Hearing that his foot was going to be gone made him feel many things all at once.He clenched his fists feeling anger,shock,helplessness,denial and most of all contempt.The contempt he felt was toward the diver who selfishly drank before getting behind the wheel.His eyes filled with tears of anger although he had been through worse things.During then he had kept himself busy with assignments and other tasks until it blew over.This time it was different...it wouldn't just blow over.It would be a permanent thing that would alter his way of life until he died.
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  3. (This is ironic and kinda funny because was just using a character that is a doctor and enjoys cutting pieces out of people herself. But I suppose if something were to happen to her it may be like...)

    Mandy laid on the surgical table looking up at the blinding lights that the operators use to see better while they work on such delicate processes. "It must be removed, we have to take your right arm from the elbow down. The infection has grown out of control and if we don't." She interrupted the man, knowing what he would say, it almost seemed like a no brainer and had even seen the graphs herself. "Or I might die. so, why are you still blubbering and not making sure your team and tools are ready?" Her face had little expression since it was always covered with a surgical mask but her one good eye could say plenty as it narrowed at him and her hand waved him off like swooshing an annoying fly away.

    When they brought the sedatives to put her under she shook her head and took the syringe from the nurse and threw it to break it on the wall. "I wan't to be awake, and I want to feel every bit of this." When they ask why she'd tilt her head and smile under her mask. "Because, your MY assistant, this is MY operating room and in such facility I am always present. Besides, I always wondered what it might be like to operate on myself but as you know, thats impossible." She'd laugh and sit up some so she could examine the room, everything looked in order so she laid back down with a sigh and rolled her eye like this was all some sort of joke.

    When it began, she was still, she felt the flesh melt away and bone grinding to the marrow. Pain wen't up her shoulder and slammed into her brain making every muscle fiber in her being tense, legs jolting and would have kicked someones face clean off if it wasn't for the restraints. She slowly turned her head and looked at the saw going in. It seemed like a dream, nothing real, because this kind of thing doesn't happen to her its really the other way around. Tears flowed out of her eye, that one good eye, the other one was gone but loosing her right eye was quicker than this. It was difficult to compare which was worse the eye or now the arm. But then everything went black as she fainted. When she woke up it was over, her arm just a bandaged nub and she looked down at it disapointed she'd missed out on her own operation. "...hmph..well not bad I suppose." would say at their handywork with a sigh and the room was spinning...they gave her sedatives anyway...how nice of them.
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