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    -We Got Married-
    A variety show twist on matchmaking!
    A group of six people are chosen from across the world are brought together in one house in Busan, South Korea, all for a chance at love. They have but 4 months to get to know one another, all while doing short missions meant to bring them closer, and exploring different countries as a group.


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  2. 〈 Monday, March 1st, 8:25 am〉

    Meeting Of The Couples Day!

    Angelina walked the streets of Busan, continuously looking from her phone to the different street names. She had been to South Korea once in her travels but it had only been a week long trip, not allowing much time for sight seeing. Stopping at a intersection, Angelina looked down at her phone and scrolled through the pictures of the park they were meant to meet at. "Why couldn't they choose somewhere warm?" Angie thought, shoving her phone and hands back into her warm coat pockets. It was currently 42 degrees outside with a chilly breeze, though you could on feel it when not around tall buildings. Finally crossing the intersection Angie came face to face with the entrance of Yongdusan Park, where the group was told to meet. Angie pulled out the pink envelope that she assumed everyone had received and looked over the directions again, checking the park names if they matched, since it was not in her native language she simple compared to two. "It looks right." She said hesitantly.
    Angelina began walking around the entrance, admiring the landscape and occasional building. She had no clue what to do next and hoped someone would get here quickly! Taking a seat Angie looked at the two young men that had been following her this whole time, apparently the camera man that was assigned to her and her translator. "Do you know when they'll be here?" She asked. Getting a simple shake of the head as an answer, Angie determined the were apparently not supposed to acknowledge them...which was increasingly hard to do!

    Younghwa had already arrived at the park and was sitting inside a small café a little south of the entrance. He didn't want to be out in the cold because it made it hard to breath, so he decided to watch outside the window for anyone being followed by a camera. His own camera man was sitting across at another table. He had been on many variety shows and had been an actor many years, so he was used to being filmed. Yet this time it felt odd. There hadn't been a script to read, didn't know who was coming, and worst of all didn't know what to expect! Taking a sip of his coffee, Younghwa jumped slightly when he saw a foreigner but sat back in his seat, disappointed when there was no camera man following. "Why didn't they pick a less busy place? How am I supposed to recognized anyone here." he mumbled, looking down at his phone and flipping through his SNS.
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  3. 〈 Monday, March 1st, 8:25 am〉
    Meeting Of The Couples Day

    Yuki was sitting in his manager's car and was on his way to the assigned park they were supposed to be meeting in. He had at the very least heard his new single once or twice on the radio and had to wonder if people didn't get tired of how often it was played. It wasn't that he wasn't proud or anything, but he always wondered if his songs might be played a little bit too often. The cameraman that was assigned to him had barely managed to sit in the same car as him, and it was now time for him to go. He flipped his hat a bit up and looked out the window, the signature strawberry already inside of his mouth as he smile to see a nice park. Looked pretty local and he enjoyed being outdoor. It wasn't raining, but he could do anyway. The only thing he hated was really hot days. His manager let him out a couple away from the park and let Yuki get out, before driving off. He straightened his red plaid shirt and dusted off his white tank top underneath. His grey skinny jeans were fit perfectly for his skinny legs, before they ended up in a pair of sneakers. He liked dressing casual, it made him feel a lot more relaxed than he usually did.

    Once more he tipped his hat up and looked at his lollipop. It was completely gone. He pouted before throwing it away in the closets trash bin, and took a quick peek at his phone. Where were they supposed to meet again? "Was it this way?" He asked, not really getting an answer as he sighed. This wasn't the first time doing variety show, so he already knew that no one would answer him. A few girls shyly looked over to him and he swore he heard one of them squeal as he made his way down the streets and over to the entrance of the park. "I'm a huge fan!" One of them shouted and he turned around to bow respectfully to them all. "Thank you so much! Please continue to support me!" He smiled sweetly to them before turning around and continuing to walk. He loved his fans and wished he had the time to stop and interact with them more, but he didn't. Now he was recording, so he had something else to concentrate about. He ended up at the entrance and looked around. Was this were he was supposed to meet up?


    A very flustered Daniella walked down the streets with her phone in one hand and her bag in another. Where was she supposed to meet again? "Was it down here... or was it over there...?" She asked herself and looked at the cameraman helplessly as he didn't even want to help her. Or he probably wanted, but it seemed as he couldn't speak. The pledge of silence. "Could you at the very least point me in the direction Mr. Cameraman... please?" She asked as he complied and pointed West, and she smiled brightly. "Thank you!" She quickly thanked and with that she continued to walk down the streets. The only reason why she had accepted this crazy idea from her editor was to publish her new book. In reality she was meant to be busy writing a sequel, but it seemed as her editor wanted to give her a break and said that variety show could be really funny. She didn't like it, not at all. She was supposed to pretend she was married to someone? On top of that she would be among strangers? She didn't like being with a lot of people. Maybe this was a secret plan from her manager to make her open up more.

    In the end she decided to go inside one of the cafe close by, shrugging her jacket more on more. She wore a light brown trench coat, with her light brown bag in hand. Her pants were black and she wore boots outside of her pants, underneath her trench coat hid a white shirt that she was really proud of because she had bought it herself. She wanted to avoid the park, mainly due to the fact that it sounded terrible to go somewhere so crowded, and she had all the reasons to avoid it. That was until she saw someone else, rather familiar, sitting there with a cameraman across the table for him. Was he also a part of the variety show or did he happen to be a celebrity? Or maybe both? She did hear that some famous people would be involved. Very shyly she walked over to him, standing by his table while trying her best to give off a friendly, though it failed and looked rather bashful instead, smile to him. "A- Ah... Um... Sir. Are you a part of a variety show...? Called 'We Got Married?'" She asked him kindly. She was really hoping she was right. Because if they were meant to meet in the cafe then she would feel so much more at ease. Crowded places was bothersome, noisy and really scary. ​
  4. The Actress


    Looking around at all of the korean characters in utter confusion, Mara sighed desperately as she pulled her white denim jacket closer to her body, regretting her decision to wear spring season clothing in spring... funny how one would do that... no? Swallowing back her frustration as the camera woman, her boom mic holder and her elderly translator once again either ignored her pleas or shook their heads... this was why she avoided these types of shows... but her sister convinced her that this is what her mom, who died when Mara was a young child, would have wanted... besides, She had been looking for another show to do as of late seeing that her career seemed to have hit a slow point and she didn't feel ready to give up, settle down and run the bakery her step-mom started just yet. Giving a huff, Mara pulled out her Galaxy S6 Edge and took a picture of what seemed like the eightieth 'park' the crew had stopped at that day. Mara had been up since 7am to look for the park. She was fighting off Jet-lag from arriving only two days before and was extremely tired still. Stifling a yawn as she tapped her phone screen, the picture had been sent to her step-brother who was currently back in Russia, visiting his old friends... and taking his girlfriend and her kid to meet his grandparents for the first time. Generally Mar didn't rely on Mike for much, he was hot-headed, stubborn and way over-protective...generally speaking the two didn't get along well... but he did travel a lot, having a degree in architecture and international business put him at an advantage... apparently he had even created a building or structure or something at the Yongdusan Park, which is the park she was looking for. About five minutes later, as she was leaning against the side of a little cafe looking shop she got a phone call... The person on the other end was gruff, unpleasant and grouchy... it could definitely only be one person: Mikael Tael, her step-brother. After rolling her eyes as he made fun of her via cell phone, Mike eventually instructed Mara on how to get to the park... which was only about a five minute walk from where she had been fifteen minutes ago. "Gee, thanks Mike, yeah yeah whatever... Say hi to everyone for me.... maybe this show'll send us to St. Petersburg and you can meet my 'future husband' she said, her tone dripping with sarcasm as the line abruptly went dead. Typically step-brother of hers, only he can be sarcastic and make fun of other people.

    Finally arriving at the park, Mara spotted a few people in the park, some just seemed to be normal, every day citizens. Waving at two little kids, a boy and a girl, whom she presumed were siblings as they pointed to her and jumped up and down excitedly she stifled a giggle as the man with them, probably the father, took each one by the hand and led them away. Mara was actually slightly surprised that the kids recognized her. Most of her work was done with Voice Overs, and she didn't partake in many interviews as she preffered to keep her private life just that, private. Nearby she spotted two other people with camera crews and guessed they might be part of the show too... or at least she hoped. Turning to the nearest one, a male she cleared her throat and walked over, "Hi, you wouldn't, by chance be part of this "We're getting married show, would you?" she asked, looking at the male whom she recognized after a few moments. "Oh, hey, you're Yuki Cox right? I'm Mara Argyris ... I think we were on some show together...briefly." While waiting for his answer Nene heard the light tone of the Pink Panther theme song playing behind her. Blushing, she slid the phone out of her pocket, begrudgingly hit the ignore button even though she was dying to talk to Marina, her younger, only fully biological sister. Turning her phone onto vibrate she slipped it back into the back left pocket of her jeans.
    The Writer

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  5. Yuki Cox
    [​IMG]"When you find that one thing you really want to do. Then do it. No matter what it takes,"

    In all honesty he always found it a little bit of a small bummer that people on reality shows, the crew, never really helped them out. It wasn't his first time on such a show, and he highly doubted it would be his last, but it was always a little bit fun to be able to do something else. Yuki loved his singing and dancing like he loved his mother, but sometimes it just felt great to be able to interact with his fans more directly. This was the most direct way he could that, without risking being chased throughout the streets of South Korea. That had happened once and it was more terrifying than anything, because some fans went way too far in their obsession with him. Either way, he was in yet another reality TV show, and now he was going to "get married" with someone he didn't even know. It sounded funny and highly creative, so why not join in on such a show? If only he who to look after, despite the obvious crew members surrounding them, it wasn't so easy in a park. The park was huge, and to add to everything, he had never been there before. He didn't have as much time as he wanted to go outside and enjoy a normal life.

    Suddenly Yuki found himself broken out of the thoughts of searching after someone when a cute familiar girl walked up to him. They had been together before? "Oh yeah!" He said with his classic smile and the lollipop in his mouth, as he recognized her after letting that brain of his work a little bit. "It's hard to not remember a cute face like yours," Yuki smiled. It may sound like a pick-up line, but it was completely unintentional. Yuki tended to be a bit impulsive and say what was on his mind, and there couldn't be anything wrong in calling girls cute right? "It is nice to see you again Mara," He smiled and tipped his hat to her before the sound of a familiar theme song rang in his head. "...Pink Panther...was it?" He asked before she seemed to go a bit shy and put her cellphone on vibration. He chuckled sweetly and smiled at her in a reassuring manner. "Don't worry. I had my ringtone as my favorite kid's show once. It rang in the wardrobe when I had a concert and I made the entire crew laugh," He recalled and rubbed the back of his head a bit before another voice entered to greet them. "Hello," He answered back in English, his British accent showing off pretty clearly in his speech. "Yet another one part of the "We got Married?" He asked her in English, since that would make it easier for her. "A pleasure to meet you. I am Yuki Cox. And you might be?" Yuki asked as he returned her bow with a smile before finishing up his lollipop and throwing the stick away in the nearest trash can.

    Danielle Hyun
    If dreams doesn't come true. Why not make them true with words?

    On the sight of the young handsome man standing up, Danielle's entire posture seemed to change as she straightened out her back. Her hands instantly traveled over to her waist where her left hand was over her right, before giving him a formal bow back. "I am too," She smiled before her eyes traveled over to the hand that was stretched out for her to take. It was large and seemed to be tended very carefully. Was this man in the entertainment business? He certainly seemed to be good looking enough to make it as a model or even as an actor, singer or dancer. Tall, handsome, dark... definitely seemed to be fit for the role. "I am Danielle... Though most call me Dani," For some reason she felt a little bit bashful as her cheeks seemed to light up a little bit as her smaller and elegant hand placed itself in his larger one to shake it. She had just been outside so her hand was far colder than his hand, which seemed to be unreasonably warm, but that might just be her. In a way she could say she 'fell in love with his warmth' without meaning real love for the person that was the source. It was strange, but love worked in so many ways. Being an author she had written about it countless of times, but never had she tried to be in the place herself. Yet again she questioned why she even agreed on being in such a show. She had never had a boyfriend! What in the world was she even doing right now?

    Her entire being seemed more relaxed now that she had managed to find someone else in the same boat. They were both in on this show, but she was certain he would be able to find any girl outside the show. With such looks it was hard to think otherwise, but the fools the heart after all. Carefully she brushed some of her bangs away from her eye, still feeling a little bit nervous. "Eh? Oh no I haven't yet..." she said with a small bashful smile. "I just entered here," She embarrassingly admitted as she did realize she was in a cafe. Maybe ordering something would have made a little bit sense, instead, she went inside on a whim to get away from the cold and because she hated crowded places. It felt awkward to be standing in the middle of a cafe, as if being surrounded by cameramen and a microphone wasn't giving them enough attention, standing up like this gave them even more. "Could... Could I take a seat?" She stuttered out a shy request. It was better than standing around, and it would make less people stare... possibly anyway.
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