We got hacked, again.

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  1. Many of you have probably noticed that the forum went down at 03:02 AM Central Time, some might even have seen a note left for us by the responsible party.

    The reason for this is the main Iwaku server was accessed and all files were deleted. Luckily the server was backed up just a few minutes before that and the backups remained intact.

    Jared came in from holiday specifically to access the damage and we have all been working with the knowledge that everything might be irretrievable, but after hours of work on little to no sleep the forun has been restored, with only about 3 hours worth of lost posts made between midnight and 3 AM US Central Time.

    There are several important things we need everyone to do: The first and most important is to change your passwords. They were encrypted and we do not believe they were compromised but you can never be too careful. If you use the same password for any other service, especially things like email, paypal, steam, gog, origin, uplay, ebay, amazon, etc... we strongly recommend you change your passwords there too.

    The second is to not panic, point fingers, or persecute anyone in any way over this. We do not know who was responsible but the best thing we can do is to continue as a community like nothing has happened. Eve if every last post was lost the community and spirit of Iwaku would have remained and it is that which transcends posts, servers, and attempts to sabotage them. So long as that remains unchanged it will continue to nurture the growth of writers and long term friendships. No one can take that away from us.

    If you battle to get into the CBOX follow this link: https://chats.iwakuroleplay.com

    Or if you're using Firefox click the shield next to there you type in the URL, this should be solved in about 4 hours.

    So get out there and ROLEPLAY!
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