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  1. E B O N Y
    New York City bustled beneath Ebony's penthouse apartment, and she watched the traffic run beneath her, imagining what it could be like to live like a normal person. Ebony would trade anything for a chance to be normal. She had not asked for the burden that had been unfairly thrust upon her before she was even born. She had not asked for her father's actions to follow her throughout her entire life.

    While the Tamlins had suffered a distinct loss in wealth when Anderson had been incarcerated they still lived more comfortably than most people; Anastasia Tamlin was the orphaned daughter of two millionaire tech moguls who had left their business to their son and their wealth to their daughter. Ebony and her mother lived in the penthouse suite of an opulent apartment building in New York City with more money than they knew what to do with. Ebony hated New York; the city was still reeling after the terror Decay had plagued it with, and everywhere she looked she saw terrified people with the ghost of her father haunting them. At least no one here knew who she was. The same thing could not be said about school.

    Dressed in a knee-length black dress, black lace leggings, black heeled boots and her favourite -- black -- leather jacket, Ebony grabbed her schoolbag and slipped out of the apartment before her mother woke up. It would take her twenty minutes to walk to the courthouse where the portal to her school was hidden, but even then she would have almost an hour before her school started. Ebony did not mind the spare time; she hated seeing how her mother looked at her, like she was a living, breathing reminder of her husband. Anastasia tried to stay out of Ebony's way, and Ebony tried to keep herself out of trouble.

    With Panic! At the Disco serenading her, Decay's daughter walked through the portal and onto the lush grass of her school. All around her, students with varying powers socialised and showed off their newfound tricks to their friends. And, of course, wherever she walked eyes followed her. The daughter of one of the most notorious villains of all time could not escape ogling eyes and hateful stares. There were times when Ebony wanted to just run her Wither throughout the entire school, killing everybody but Isaac, but that was what was expected of her. And she did not want to follow her father to hell.

    You're not like him, Ebony, she reminded herself. She had to. The knowledge that she was not evil was the only thing that saved her.
    I S A A C
    Isaac had already been at school for an entire hour before Ebony arrived, because his father, who often came to visit the school as a private tutor for kids with issues with their powers, had important business to attend to that Isaac and his sister, Zoe, were of course too young to understand. Which, of course, was bullshit. There was some kid with electricity powers in freshman year who kept blowing up the circuits in the computer lab.

    "Your girlfriend's here," Zoe teased. Isaac looked up from their place on the wall just in front of the fountain to see Ebony walking across the grounds. She was trying her best to look unfazed by the glances she was getting, and to the untrained eye she would look normal, but Isaac knew she was pained. With a quick, "She's not my girlfriend, idiot," thrown in Zoe's direction, Isaac rose to his feet and joined Ebony in the middle of the grounds.

    "Good morning, loser," said Isaac in a serious tone. He and Ebony often jokingly insulted one another; that was just their sense of humour and the way they acted around one another. "Did you finish that assignment?"

    He did not need to specify which assignment. In the only class the Heroes and Villains shared, they all had to stand up and present on their powers. The idea was ludicrous to Isaac; some kids had less noticeable powers and would most likely be critiqued for them, but there was nothing to be done. Their teacher was set on this project, and Isaac was not looking forward to the bullying Ebony would endure afterwards.

    "I finished it," replied Ebony as they walked to their lockers, "but if I actually have to present it next week I am going to die. Maybe I can Wither myself for my presentation."

    "Absolutely not," said Isaac immediately, though he knew she was joking. "Forget Wither and just bring back someone's dog."

    "Everyone knows I have it, Izzy," sighed Ebony. It was true. It was a well-known fact that people inherited their powers from their parents a lot of the time, which was the case with Ebony's Wither ability and both of Isaac's mental abilities; his father was both a mind reader and a mental manipulator. But kids could also form their own abilities, which had been the case with Ebony's power of Resurgence.

    "Well, everyone's just going to have to get over it." Despite her urges Isaac knew Ebony would not be a villain. She was too afraid of herself to be one.
    J A M E S
    On this particular morning James felt fine, a state he was not accustomed to. No urges. No violent thoughts. No sudden inability to control his fire powers. Just ... fine.

    Once dressed in an all-black ensemble James descended the stairs to find his mother and father eating their breakfast while watching the news, tutting about a villain in their native city of Chicago apparently robbing a bank. James had no interest paying any attention to their ranting; he slipped past them, grabbing an apple as he went while his father raged about the lack of security in the city since they had retired. James knew his parents expected him to be the next saviour of the Windy City; a perfect hybrid of Ember and Chameleon, the two biggest heroes in the last fifty years.

    James knew eventually he would crumble under the pressure. He really did try his best, but his urges, his thoughts, often prevented him from succeeding in the way his parents wanted him to. He was in the Heroes class, as they had wanted him to be, and he wasn't failing any of his classes but he knew they felt he could do better. James could not bring himself to admit he needed help, not to his parents, teachers, anyone. They didn't need to know, and James could not handle being such a disappointment.

    He stepped through the portal in the town hall and onto the grounds of the school. Despite being a self-made social outcast, even his classmates expected great things from James. How could one person have so much pressure? Finding himself too sick to eat anything, James tightened his grip on the apple in his hand and burned it to a crisp, dropping the ashes on the bright green grass.

    With his head down, watching his feet, it was no surprise when he accientally crashed into a tiny girl with white and black hair. "Sorry," he said quietly to her, reaching down to pick up the books she had dropped. She looked new; James did not think he had ever seen her in the school before. But then again, he did have no friends anyway. How would he know?
  2. "Come on sleepyhead, time to get up and get ready for school."

    There was a groan of annoyance that left the blonde girl as she lay in her bed, turning over so that her back was to her brother, who was currently trying to wake her, "Noooo. I don't wanna. Can't I go back to being home schooled? At least then I don't have to wake up so early."

    With a chuckle and a shake of his head, Stefan moved to open up the curtains of the window next to her bed, causing her groan loader and cover her face with her blanket, "No, you can't be home schooled again. You have to get out there. Besides, there are people at the school that can help you perfect your powers. They've been really helping with mom. Besides, there's a lot of people that I told about you. They're excited to meet you." Stefan himself was fairly popular around the school, so of course at the mention that he had a younger sister who would be joining them at the school word would spread and people would want to meet her, not only as the sister to a very popular guy, but also as the daughter of some of the two most famous supers by the names of Zero Gravity and Stronghold. They had saved many cities and lives through out their careers, and it was no surprise that people would think highly of their two children that were to succeed the heroes.

    But the question was, could she really do that?

    Finally sitting up, Samantha looked to her brother, rubbing her eyes sleepily, though it wasn't hard to catch the hints of worry that rested in them, "Steffy? What if...what if I mess up? I don't want to hurt anyone. But with my powers...I mean, what if I get angry or upset somehow?"

    Letting out a small sigh, his gaze one of almost pity as he sat on the edge of his sister's bed, pulling her close, "Sammy...that's what this school is for, to help with controlling one's powers, even if we do get angry or upset. I'm sure once you get there, you'll make some friends and really learn to love it there. Then you'll be begging to stay after school to hang out and show off your powers." He said with a small laugh, as it was something he had done often with friends, staying after school to practice powers with others.

    Taking a look up at the clock in his sister's room, Stefan gave her one last bear hug, causing her squirm in his grasp, gasping out, "Too tight." Even with hugs Stefan had to watch his strength, but by now he was pretty good at judging it, at least when he was around his sister and having to be careful. But sometimes he did give her a bear hug like that on purpose, just like when they used to wrestle with each other before he got his powers and used to not let her go out a bear hug until she cried uncle. Of course he couldn't do that now to the extent as he used to, but giving her a bear hug like that every once and a while was still fun.

    He let her go, chuckling once more and standing up, "Sorry, 'guess I don't know my own strength'. Oh well, I guess-" He yelled out in surprise as there was a sudden weight on his left foot, not too heavy but enough to make him fall forward, tripping face first onto the floor.

    Samantha laughed at the sight of her brother tripping, her giggles coming non stop, causing her to float a few inches into the air, "That's okay, Stef. 'I don't know my own strength' either. Guess I should watch where I drop some gravity at." She continued giggling, feeling her back touch the roof, now noticing that in her glee and laughing she had started floating again, blinking in surprise, looking down at her brother.

    He laughed softly once more, standing on her bed and grabbing her ankle, pulling her back down to the ground, "Alright there, Mary Poppins. I think that's enough using powers for the both of us this morning. At least until we get to school. Go ahead and get ready. I'll fix us some breakfast."

    It didn't wake very long for Sam to get ready, getting dressed into a cute dress, as well as wearing some thick stockings under it (one would never know what she might float, and she sure didn't want to flash anybody when she did), and some flats. After that, she brushed her golden blonde curls and brushed her teeth. She was always one to try and look her best and had always a knack for dressing up. It always made her feel good doing so and gave no one reason to really look down on her.

    Well, one thing did, and that was the light freckles scattered across her cheeks and nose. People likely wouldn't make fun of her for it now, and it didn't even look bad. It gave her a youthful and innocent look even. But when she was younger, kids in her schools saw it as the only thing they could pick on her about and it gave her the mind set of them being unsightly and ugly. So, she always hid them under cover up when doing her light amounts of makeup, giving herself a natural yet appealing look.

    After getting ready, she began packing her school supplies into her back pack and then walked down the stairs to join her brother for breakfast. Breakfast as short and after words, her brother drove them to the government center, where, in a room set aside just for them, there was a portal. She stood there, taking a deep calming breath, silently wishing she could just turn around and go home, where everything was okay and she didn't have to worry about school or people or, at least in some cases, her powers. At home was where she could pretend she was normal. At a school full of supers though? She definitely couldn't do that.

    She felt her brother pat her on the back, giving her an assuring smile, before stepping into the portal. Standing there in the room alone now was a bit more terrifying as she looked at the swirling teleportation device in front of her. Yet, she knew if she didn't walk through soon then her brother would just come right back in after her. And so, taking another steadying breath, she stepped through.

    It was a strange feeling stepping through that portal and suddenly stepping out to be outside, blinking in the bright sun. She looked about in surprise at Stronghold High for the Gifted. The very high school her father had lead in instituting and building. A place where the children of heroes and villains alike could be trained to use their powers. She stood beside her brother, who smiled down at her, hand on her shoulder,

    "Welcome to Stronghold High, Sammy."

    With that, her brother lead her across the school yard, people greeting him as he walked along, as well, as staring at Samantha, whispering excitedly. Who wouldn't be, after all. The only daughter of the Stronghold and Zero Gravity? Now both the children of the two famous supers were attending the school and word was sure to get around quickly about it. The stares made her a little uncomfortable, but she would just smile and give small greetings, her brother leading her into the school and to the office, where she met with the principle.

    When Samantha was handed a schedule right off the bat, there was clear confusion written all over her face as she looked up at the pudgy man in front of her, "Sir? I thought there was supposed to be questions asked? Demonstrations of skills and powers? To be assigned to a group without all that seems sort of...weird I guess?"

    "With some people, we make certain exceptions. You father and mother were both heroes, your powers are clearly hero worthy, and your own brother, who is a part of the hero sector, requested your placement. So, the clear choice is to place you in that same sector. Congratulation, Mrs. Reese. And welcome to Stronghold."

    Walking out of the office, Samantha....didn't feel right. She felt like to be favored enough to be automatically places was a bit...unfair. Favoritism in a way. But, seeing the smile on her brother's face when she saw her schedule, she felt there was no arguing it. After all, she likely would have been placed into hero anyway so what was the point? She merely smiled and allowed her brother to walk her to her first class, Hero Stratedgies. Fun. Her brother went off to his gym class, something he probably excelled in. With a sigh, Sam sat down, ready to start what would soon become the first day for her at Stronghold High.


    There was a large amount of anticipation in the short Juliet as she packed her book bag, wondering if there was any sort of special supplies one might need when going to a super hero school. If there were, there was no way for her to know. After all, her parents were normal humans. Well, at least the ones that raised her were normal humans. Her real blood parents on the other hand, they were apparently villains. Not that it mattered to Juliet though. She had never truly met them before they were killed in some big fight against a team of heroes. After they had been killed, which happened when she was just an infant, she had been relocated and put up for adoption, adopted out to a normal couple who hadn't been able to have children of their own.

    They took care of her, raised her, and they were her parents, despite what any government officials might say otherwise. She was raised with morals, good work ethics, and a strong will to keep trying when things got rough. And so, when she had found out about her powers in a little power outage incident, and had been approached saying going to some specialized school could help her learn to use such a thing as these electricity and control over metals and machines, she had agreed to give it a shot.

    And maybe she would have had a better feeling about all this, if she hadn't blown the electricity circuits out of the computer lab during her orientation visit to the school a few days ago. Now it was her first day of school and she couldn't help but wonder if similar things would happen over her course of being there.

    Yet, despite that small worry, she was always sort of excited to be able to learn control over these powers so that she could one day help people, like all those super heroes she saw on tv. Maybe it was a far off dream, but it was something she wanted anyway. So, when the time came, she said good bye to her parents, hugging them and kissing their cheeks before rushing off down the side walk toward her small town's court house, where she was lead to a small room containing the same portal she had taken in order to get to the school for her orientation. Grinning confidently in attempt to not seem like such a scaredy cat, the short girl walked through the portal, smiling brightly as she looked around.

    There were people all hanging around, showing off their powers to their buddies or just chatting and playing video games. It was almost like a normal high school but at the same time was completely different.

    She made her way to the office, walking as two blondes, a boy and a girl, walked out before she herself made her way in. The principle asked her a series of questions, asked her to demonstrate her powers, which she did by powering a near by lamp (accidentally blowing out the bulb), and then after being handed a small sheet of metal bent it with nothing but her powers. After a few more questions, she was handed a schedule, and frowned, looking to him, "What does it mean right here? 'Villain Sector?' I'm just a bit confused. I'm no villain. I answered all your questions and showed you my powers just as you asked me to. So I don't really understand what the problem could have been for you to place me in that Sector?"

    The principle sighed, clearly having heard arguments about placements more often than not, "There are many contributing factors that go into choosing sectors. There's heritage, powers, and the answers to your questions. While you did answer all the questions quite fine, I'm afraid your powers and heritage disagree with the 'Hero Sector'."

    "What? But how does my heritage do that? My parents are normal humans. They are very moral and haven't really done anything wrong." She countered, sitting up straight to look at him.

    "Unlike the humans that raised you, your parents, the people you descend from by blood, were villains. That ways in heavily on your placement."

    At the mention of him calling the couple that she was born of her parents, her hands clutched tightly to the schedule, clearly very agitated about it. Those people were not her parents and she didn't want any one to call them as such. She could feel her anger bubbling and huffing she stood up, "Fine. I'll take the schedule." With that, she turned, stalking off back outside to get some fresh air before she blew a fuse, literally.

    She had been so caught up in her annoyance, that she really hadn't been watching where she was going, running smack into someone, "Why don't you watch where--" She had to stop herself and take a deep calming breath, bending down to pick up her books while biting her tongue. It wouldn't do any good to snap at anyone. It wasn't any of the student's faults that the administration here seemed really screwed up. Trying to take a deep calming breath, she looked up to who she had bumped into, apologizing as well, "Sorry. I didn't mean to snap. It's just...been a kind of rough morning." She sighed, taking her books back into her grasp as she was handed them, and looked at her schedule, "Do you think you could tell me where...the Building Contraptions lab is?" She asked, a little displeasure in her voice as she said it. It definitely sounded like a villain class for sure, and she didn't like it. Looking back up to him, she frowned lightly, "But, if you don't, its okay. I'm sure I can figure it out myself."
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  3. E B O N Y
    Unlike everyone else on the planet Ebony enjoyed gym, because, most of the time, using one's powers was against the rules unless you had something like super strength and could not help it. Ebony stepped out of the changing rooms in grey sweats and a black tank top, tying back her hair as she joined Isaac on the stands fit into the gymnasium. "This class really is the prime opportunity for you to cheat, villain," she said in a deadly serious tone, but as Isaac knew, she was simply joking.

    Gym and a few other classes were shared by juniors and seniors alike, which was why Ebony was actually in a few classes with the famous Stefan Stronghold who probably hated her guts simply because of who her father was -- is -- just like everyone else in this damned school. She watched as Stefan, the boy with super strength, socialised with about everyone but Isaac and Ebony, the villains. Isaac wasn't even really a villain, but, because he was in that sector, he was treated as one.

    Ebony would have liked to imagine that, if she went to a teacher, the discrimination against her and the other villain students would have stopped, but to nurse such wild wishes would be very stupid, especially when the teachers themselves were prone to favouritism. The school was not meant to be building villains; villain classes were meant for problem kids, kids with more sinister powers or kids with other problems, problems the perfect heroes didn't even know exist, but the teachers treated Ebony like she had already massacred a classroom of schoolchildren.
    I S A A C
    "I wouldn't cheat, I have morals, unlike you," Isaac shot back. Joking, of course. But she was right, mental manipulation and mind reading were the perfect powers to possess in gym class if you lacked physical prowess. Isaac did not lack physical prowess, as he liked to show off, but even if he was a scrawny weakling he would not use his powers to cheat. Not only was this against school rules, it was also against Isaac's morals, which was part of the reason he had achieved a D in math in freshman year. He simply wouldn't cheat.

    The teacher announced they would be playing dodgeball. Isaac leaped up and practically dragged Ebony down the bleachers. It had been a while since he had played this noble sport. As the game commenced Isaac noticed definite signs of cheating, such as the kid with telekinesis guiding the ball to his opponents and the girl with super speed sneaking to the other side of the court to grab the ball. The teacher either did not care or did not notice. Isaac firmly believed the former. He watched as Ebony ran to grab the ball, meeting Stefan Stronghold in the middle.
    J A M E S
    "Don't apologise," said James nervously, handing her back her books. James was generally nervous talking to most people, but this girl was pretty, and that did not help in the slightest. "I should have been watching where I was going."

    James peered at her timetable to see which particular room she meant. "Building Contraptions, S10, it's in the building just behind you," he said, nodding to the building he meant. "Halfway down the hall."

    He guessed she was in the Villains sector, and that she was unhappy about it. Most of the time students were content with their placements, but when his mental problems had started coming about James had felt certain he needed a transfer into Villains. Heroes never had the thoughts he had. He had a dark mind.

    "I'm James, by the way," he said out of sheer pressure to not seem like a jerk. He scratched the back of his neck. "We have Power Management together after lunch. That's one of the classes they split between Heroes and Villains. And junior and senior," he added, babbling.
  4. Stefan had always enjoyed gym class. After all, who wouldn't enjoy it if they had super strength and invincibility. This was what his powers were good for. Dodge ball though, well, wasn't his favorite sport. One overly strong toss of a ball and he could really end up hurting someone. Half the time he would grab a ball and toss it to one of his less strong team mates. But sometimes he would throw a ball or two, being sure to watch the strength so as not to literally knock someone out. He had a keen eye, watching around him and dodging any time someone tried to toss a ball his way.

    He'd be lying if he said he didn't notice the cheating. There was a guy on his side with throws that were way too accurate, not surprising considering he was a known telekinesis. But there was a girl on their opponents side using speed to steal their balls. After a few times of noticing this, he finally grabbed a ball, tossing it in the girl's direction, hitting on mark. With a grin, he watched as the girl went to sit out then ran forward for a ball that had landed in the middle of the dividing line. He managed to get to the line just before she did, snatching the ball up with a smirk, "Well, well, looks like the villain looses again. But then again, when does a villain win?"

    There were quite a few snickers as he back up, tossing the ball in the girl's direction.

    "Mr. Strainer. Would you kindly send Samantha Reese to the secretary's office? Thank you."

    In hearing this, Samantha glanced up from her work a little confused, but after being given a hall pass made her way quickly to the secretary's office, wondering just why she was being called up there. Had she done something wrong? Surely she hadn't broken any rules. At least she didn't think she did. Maybe there was some rule she didn't know about? If there was, then hopefully she would only get by with a detention and not anything like expulsion. Though, she supposed she was also being a little too much of a worrier, because when she walked into the secretary's office, there was nothing but smiles on the woman's face.

    "Hello, Mrs, Resse. I'm Mrs. Power. It seems in looking over your records we've made a mistake. Please have a seat."

    Walking over and sitting in one of the seats, she looked to the woman expectantly, "What kind of mistake?"

    The woman smiled, "Nothing bad, I promise. In fact, correcting this mistake means good news for you, Samantha." Pulling out some documented papers, she looked over them as she spoke, "After your homschooling in your rehabilitation, government officals tested you for your knowledge. You not only scored perfect, but after a secondary test, its shown you're a full year ahead." She looked up to the girl, smiling, "We're offering to place you in Junior year, if you so wish it."

    "Junior year?" Samantha said, blinking in surprise but then smiled happily, once again floating a few inches out of her seat, "That would be amazing!"

    It was clear the girl could barely control her excitement and after a quick reminding motion of the hand with the secretary, she calmed herself enough to stop floating, though couldn't wipe the bright smile from her face. Within minutes she had her new schedule and saw she was supposed to be in PE. Going to through the locker room entrance, she quickly dressed out in a pair of shorts and a tank top, pulling her long golden hair into a pony tail before making her way out into the main area of the gym, seeing them right in the middle of a very rough looking dodge ball round.

    She seemed very hesitant to join what seemed like an extreme game, but after a quick comment from the couch she carefully moved to the very back corner of the court. She had never liked contact games like this or fighting in general, unlike her brother. Dodge ball was a night mare for her. She watched out carefully, standing on the same side as her brother (who hadn't noticed her in their class yet), watching carefully for any balls heading in her direction.​

    "Oh, thanks." She said, turning around, looking toward the building he had pointed out. She still wasn't happy at all about her placement and was not looking forward to going to this class if it had nothing but villains in it. She supposed though that she had no choice for the time being, and she was about to walk that way. Yet, the boy she had asked, spoke up, introducing himself, as well as telling her that they had a power management class together, as well as mentioning it was split between the heroes and villains.

    So, this James kid was a hero. Lucky guy.

    "Power management? Is that where they teach us to control our powers? Or is that more of a place people around this school go to show off?" Honestly, she had seen a lot of students here showing off their powers, so she wouldn't be surprised if that whole class revolved around something like that. But, she supposed that, either way, if the class helped her manage her skills with electricity and metals then she could live through it for the most part. Just so long as no one really got on her nerves. She had a small temper problem and it was even worse now with her powers at hand, waiting to come out any time she got a little too angry.

    "I'm Juliet by the way." She mentioned, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked up at him, clearly not at all intimidated by how short she was and how tall he was, "So, since we're probably already late to classes, what's your power, blondie?"
  5. E B O N Y
    Ebony scowled at the Stronghold boy as he taunted her. He threw the ball at her and she dodged, not caring where it went. Suddenly, a ball hurled from her side and clocked Stefan right in the side of the head as he snickered at her. Ebony turned to see Isaac laughing, walking to join her.

    "Villains win today, apparently," he told Stefan. He took a sarcastic bow as the teacher told Stefan to get off the court. "Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week."

    "Nice shot," Ebony complimented her friend. "You could have thrown it a bit harder and knocked him out, though."

    She was still frowning. She had done nothing to Stefan and yet he felt it was necessary to taunt her simply because of her sector. Quite frankly, Ebony Tamlin was never surprised by this treatment. It had become the norm for her, which was how she was able to get over it so quickly. She picked up a ball near her feet and took out the kid with telekinesis, causing Isaac to laugh.
    I S A A C
    "Violence is never an adequate means of resolving conflict, Eb," droned Isaac, repeating the same phrase the villains were told every day in homeroom since freshman. Isaac essentially lived by this phrase but he liked to tease his friend with it.

    Isaac was on fire, eliminating two other cheaters within the next minute. He noticed a small blonde girl who definitely looked too young to be in junior year standing kind of at the back of the court until the boy with acid spit to Isaac's right knocked her out. He watched her walk off the court until he himself was eliminated by the girl with ice powers. Isaac patted Ebony on the head as he walked off.

    "No hard feelings," he said to Stefan as he sat beside him. They were kind-of friends -- well, as friendly as a known villain-hater and the best friend of the child of a villain could be. "Is this your famous sister, Stefan?" he asked, nodding to the girl he had watched be eliminated. "Hi, I'm Isaac," he said. "I'm not evil, if your brother had told you that about me."
    J A M E S
    "Depends on who you sit with," said James, half-smiling. "Technically it's for learning how to control your powers but some of the heroes just use it to show off. We have to do an assignment where we demonstrate our powers to the class," he warned her. James himself was greatly dreading that particular assignment, not because he did not have control of his powers, but because it involved speaking in front of the class.

    "My power?" He hesitated for a moment -- they both needed to get to class immediately before they were caught loitering on the grounds -- but he pushed the sleeve of his left arm up and conjured a small flame between his fingers. Well, it was small, until the inferno ripped up his arm and rested at his elbow. "I also have invisibility but I guess it's a lot less cool," he tried to joke, extinguishing the flames and dropping his sleeve.
  6. Stefan clearly wasn't happy about being knocked out and was steaming about it as he walked his way off of the dodge ball court. But he supposed it was his own fault. He hadn't been paying enough attention and it allowed for Isaac to throw the ball and get him out. Still, it didn't make the situation any better for his pride as he sat there on the bleachers, so caught up in his own annoyance that he hadn't even noticed his younger sister int he gym with him at the time. Samantha stayed in her corner, looking about worriedly, and when she saw a ball coming her way, had attempted to move out of the way, but the ball still managed to peg her in the shoulder.

    She was more than happy to walk off the court, avoiding any balls flying back and forth across the court. First, she went to one side of the bleachers, grabbing her water bottle to take a drink out of it, then made her way over to where her brother sat just as one of the boys from the opposing team came over, taking to him.

    Looking up as Isaac spoke to him, he grinned slightly and shrugged as the boy sat beside him, "Yeah, no hard feelings I guess. You got me fair and square. Just know that next time we play this, I'm aiming for you first. Have to get rid of the tougher competition first, you know?" Then, at the mention of his sister, he looked over in confusion to see his sister walk over and stand beside him, "Uh...yeah, this is my sister. What are you doing here in a upper level class, Sam? You're supposed to be with the sophomores."

    "Yeah, I was. But apparently they messed up by testing. I'm Junior level. So, they moved all my classes. I'm with you guys now." She looked over to the boy that had mentioned her to her brother and smiled, nodding back to him, "I'm Samantha. And, my brother never really mentioned anyone being evil, but now that you had the urge to say that upon us meeting, I don't know if I should believe you about not being evil." Of course though, this was a joke, it being clear in the way she smiled and laughed after she said it.

    Looking over to the dodge ball game as she sat down on the bleachers she shook her head slightly, "Such a violent game. Whoever came up with this must have been insane. I mean, who comes up with a game where you throw balls in people's faces?" Her brother opened his mouth with a smirk, only to have Sam cut him off, "Don't even try to make a joke out of that, Stef."

    The blonde chuckled, shrugging, "You make things too easy. But, you have to admit, dodgeball's a good way to get some energy out and some of that anger too. Too bad I don't have anyone else with invincibility. I'd love to do an all out dodgeball match with someone who can handle a bit of extra strength."

    "I wouldn't. I could live happily never playing that game again."

    "That's because you're not strong like I am."

    "Really? I would have thought that big head of yours would have been your downfall. Too big of a target if you ask me."

    "Ha Ha. Very funny." Stefan said, elbowing his sister, who giggled lightly, though soon some of the senior guys were calling his name and he stood up, looking to his sister, "I'll catch you around, Sammy. See you later, Isaac."

    With that, the boy went off to his friends, and Sam smiled slightly, shaking her head, smiling over at Isaac, "Sometimes I wonder how we're even related. I don't think me and Stef are anything alike."

    Juliet was pretty impressed when she saw the flames dance up James' arm, and was even more impressed when he mentioned that he had invisibility as a power, "No, I think that's very cool. Imagine all you could do with that. You could go anywhere you want really without being caught. Plus can you imagine if you used both powers at the same time and ignited your whole body? It'd freak some people out to see some weird human shaped flame walking around with supposedly no body at all controlling it." She joked lightly.

    "I'm a electropath and I have the power to manipulate metal. Pretty good for building and powering robots I guess. That's probably why they stuck me in the Villain Sector." She was still rather disappointed that they had stuck her there, which was part of the reasons why she was stalling, because she really didn't want to go to that villain class. She grinned slightly, her hands on her hips as she continued to look up at him, "You're a Hero, right? How's life in that Sector?" Since she obviously couldn't see for herself what it was they did in the Hero Sector, she might as well hear it from someone actually in that sector. And he was the only person she had met so far, so she had no problem asking him.​
  7. I S A A C & E B O N Y
    Isaac nodded in affirmation. "I know the feeling. I swear to God I would think my sister was adopted, but we have the same powers and the chances of that happening with someone else's kid is ridiculously impossible." Isaac ran a hand through his hair. "Mental manipulation and mind reading. Enough scary voodoo to land me in the Villains sector." He turned to Samantha. "So what can you do? I'm guessing you got your powers from your parents, like Stefan?"

    Ebony suddenly appeared on Isaac's other side, sighing as she sat down. "Invisibility is cheating," she announced irritably.

    "Every power could be used to cheat, Ebony," Isaac reminded his best friend. "Ebony, this is Samantha, Stefan's little sister. Samantha, this is my best friend, Ebony. She is also not evil."

    "Tell that to everyone," Ebony muttered under her breath. Nevertheless, she leaned around Isaac to offer a small smile and a wave to the new girl. "Hi," she said politely, trying to play nice, but when the girl you were speaking to was the younger sister of the guy who hated you, you may have a few unwarranted bitter feelings. She would try to be nice to her, though. Maybe kindness towards his sister would cause Stefan to leave her alone.

    Ebony watched the game and Isaac turned back to Samantha. "So, what's your first impressions of Stronghold? How's it on the other side?" By other side, he meant the Heroes sector.
    J A M E S
    James smiled as he imagined going fully invisible and setting himself on fire. The smile dropped when he realised that, potentially, that would be a great way to kill people. He shook his head sharply to push the idea out of his mind.

    "Heroes? It's good, I guess," he said, scratching his arm out of nerves. "I've never seen any of the Villains sector classes, so I can't exactly make an accurate comparison. I can't imagine they'd be that bad, though."

    "HEY!" James jumped when he heard the scariest and meanest teacher in the school, Mr Dawson, yell and he and Juliet. "What do you two think you're doing?" he half-snarled, approaching them. He grabbed the sleeve of James' jacket and shoved him in the direction of the Humanities buildings. "Get to class, both of you."

    "Sorry, sir," said James immediately. "I'll, um, see you at lunch?" he said uncertainly to Juliet before he was pushed away by the teacher. James would normally never invite anyone anywhere, but, well, Juliet was new, and she was nice to him.
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  8. "Yes, I got my powers from my parents. I actually inherited from my mother, while Stefan got his from our father." She smiled slightly at the thought that some day her brother and she could take up their super roles and work as a team, just like their parents did before their mother retired to take care of them, "I have gravitational manipulation and super human agility. Though, the latter of the two isn't that impressive." She watched as an annoyed girl sat down on the other side of Isaac, pointing out the cheating going on in the court. Looking over, she found that this girl was right. There was quite a bit of cheating going on, and looking over to the coach, it seemed the teacher to too busy on his phone to really notice the mass amount of cheating taking place.

    This was't really fair. People weren't supposed to be using their powers. If she had used hers she would have easily been able to stop a ball before it hit her. Or made some of the balls on the opposing side too heavy for them to pick up. But obviously she hadn't, because it was against the rules. She supposed though, in a high school full of supers, that some sort of cheating and use of powers in a not so good way was to be expected.

    Looking back over to this girl, who Isaac introduced as Ebony, she gave a smile of her own, "Nice to meet you." The girl seemed a little...tense about her being there. But, she supposed, with her brother it was obvious why. She knew her brother had a thing against villains in general. He didn't used to, but...after what happen to their parents, his view just kind of changed. She guessed her brother had probably not been the nicest to the ones labeled as 'villain' here at the school. But, she herself wasn't like that. She believed everyone needed a chance to prove themselves. So far, even though this Ebony girl and this Isaac boy were in the Villain Sector, they seemed nice. So she wasn't just going to shun them for such a ridiculous label.

    "Well, Stronghold is...different than I imagined I suppose. But I guess high school is different than anyone expects when first attending." She shrugged lightly with another smile, "I was home schooled my freshman year and now I've been suddenly dropped into Junior Year my first day of real high school. It has a bit of shell shock to it, you know?" She looked over toward her brother as he joked around on the other side of the gym and continued speaking, "The Hero Sector? Its...okay I guess. I've had a lot of people try talking to me and inviting me to join them at lunch or for free period. Its a bit overwhelming." Her being so popular among students and staff was no surprise though with her lineage. But it was still a lot to take in, "But I think I'll get used to it after a while."

    She looked back over to them, "Do people normally cheat in dodgeball? Seems a little silly and kind of defeats the purpose of the game."

    Juliet jumped at the sound of a rather mean looking teacher yelling at them as he stormed up to them, getting onto them about standing out here when they should have been in class. She opened her mouth to explain to the teacher that she was new and had just been asking him for directions after getting lost, but the teacher was already storming off with James in tow, giving no chance for explanation. She frowned as she watched this and had turned around to start walking in the direction of the lab building, when she heard James call out.

    She turned once again, hearing him invite her to lunch as he was being herded off. This brought a smile to her face and she nodded, "Yeah, I'll see you at lunch." She called back to him, when with that, made her way over to the lab building where her class was already in session and in the middle of learning how to build some sort of a ray gun meant to stun. Of course, they were told to never use such a device on a hero, rather on someone doing something wrong. These classes were remedial and meant to rehabilitate the children of villains into good citizens. Yet, she found it rather stupid, since she was already a good citizen. She had never thought of hurting anyone or causing any trouble. Yet, here she was, being told otherwise simply because of some parents she had never even known.

    If this was how the rest of her time here at Stronghold High was going to be, then it was going to be a long and painful year.​
  9. I S A A C & E B O N Y
    "Well, if you ever get sick of egotistical assholes who think they're the top shit because they aren't labelled negatively for things completely out of their control, such as parentage, you can come hang out with us," said Ebony in a completely monotonous, detached voice. One of Ebony's talents was making herself sound like an emotionless shell of a former human being.

    "Ebony, you sound bitter," Isaac commented lightly.

    "Ah, you see, Isaac, that is where you are wrong. Being bitter would involve actually having feelings after being dragged through the dirt for three years."

    "Ebony, you're ranting," said Isaac, not taking his eyes off the game. "Poor Samantha here is going to get bad impressions."

    Ebony sighed. He was right, of course; she wanted to be treated fairly yet here she was, barraging an innocent girl with rants and crude comments made about her sector. "You're right." She leaned around Isaac to face Samantha. "I'm sorry. I'm sure you're very nice. I just have no soul," she joked, shrugging and smiling. "I'm getting a drink," she announced, standing up and leaving Isaac and Samantha alone.

    Isaac faced Samantha once more. "She does mean it when she apologises," he said, rubbing his forehead. "She's gotten a lot of crap over the years. I'm sure Stefan or someone else has already told you all about her, though, she's kind of infamous," he speculated as he watched Ebony head to the drinking fountain, which was near the corner in which Stefan and his friends stood. They sneaked small glances at her as she walked innocently in their general direction. Isaac briefly wondered if the stigma against his best friend would ever stop, then shut the idea down, knowing the answer as well as she knew it.

    "And, to answer the question we rudely skipped over," said Isaac in order to change the subject, "yes, everyone always cheats at dodgeball. Probably because it's literally the most boring game on the entire planet, and as supers, it is our responsibility to make it the slightest bit more exciting. I'm joking."
  10. Samantha looked over to Ebony as she spoke, saying how if she got tired of, in nicer words, jerks who put themselves on higher levels, she could come and hang out with them. It seemed like there was a lot of bitterness toward the Hero Sector, just as much as there was toward the Villain Sector when it came to the heroes. Though, if she were honest, Sam felt that the bitterness those in the Villain Sector felt was more jusitified. After all, she had seen at least a little bit today how those in that sector were treated by the Heroes. Not only that, but before she had even come here had heard stories from her brother. It didn't seem right.

    It reminded her an awful lot of her own rehabilitation.

    Sure, when she had been going to that government center for her rehabilitation and home schooling after 'the incident' people that worked there had known better to say anything out loud to make her feel bad or taunt her. But, she remembered the looks in their eyes. The staff there, the people that home schooled her and tried to help her with her powers, they had all looked at her as though....well...as though she were a monster. That was because they were some of the few that had known the truth. That she had killed people with her powers. Sure they were villains, but they were still people. Word had never gone out to the public about such a thing. The only people that did know was her brother and those that had rehabilitated her. So, to everyone here, she was probably a perfect little angel. And for the most part she was a good kid who meant well and had a strong sense of doing what was right. But, the looks those people had given her would forever haunt her in reminder of the past.

    Shaking off those thoughts, she looked back to Isaac, watching as Ebony walked to get some water, frowning as her brother and his friends whispered to one another in distaste at Ebony being close by, "My brother told me about her once." She looked over to Isaac, "I don't blame her for being upset about all that, you know." She shook her head slightly, "It's not right. The way people treat those in your sector. You may be in a the 'villain' sector, but that doesn't make you evil. That sector was created to help those who...might not come from the best situations. Yet, its been turned into a tool and reason to look down on the people who really need our help."
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  11. I S A A C
    Isaac was pleasantly surprised to hear such kind, fair words be spoken about the villains from the mouth of a hero. A million thoughts were running through his mind but the only one that really stuck out was, "Wow, she's freaking nice." While he had not suffered anywhere near as much as Ebony or some of the other villains, he greatly appreciated the support he was receiving from Samantha.

    "You're cool," he told her sincerely. "Really. It freaking rocks to hear a villain say that about our sector."
  12. When she heard Isaac call her cool, she blinked a little in surprise but then smiled, shrugging lightly, "Saying something like that doesn't make me cool. It's something that should be the norm in a place like this. At least, that was my father's hopes when he had opened this school." She frowned, looking toward her brother and his group of friends, "But...I think there's a lot of people who forget about that." She wished her father was still here. Her father would have never let this school go as down hill as it had. And he surely wouldn't have allowed Stefan to go on treating people the way he had been treating them for the past few years.

    Hearing the coach, who had finally looked up from his phone long enough to tell them that was it for the day and that it was time to go dress out once again before the bell rang, she stood up, looking to Isaac with a smile, "Anyway, it was nice talking to you. And to Ebony as well. Maybe we can hang out a bit more later." She gave him a bright smile and a wave before making her way to the girl's dressing room with all of the others, getting back into her dress and fixing herself up a little bit with what time she had left after having played that horribly game of dodgeball.

    Once she was out of the dressing room, she walked along toward the gym exit so she could get to her next class, when she noticed out of the corner of her eyes, her brother, leaning against the wall. She smiled and said a quick 'see you later' to him and walked past him, only to a few moments later hear something hit the floor with a thud.

    Stefan had been waiting outside of the locker rooms for a reason. He was a bit of a sore looser and still hadn't really gotten back at Ebony for his humiliation in the dodgeball match. Even if it wasn't her that had gotten him out, he still considered it to be her fault and he wanted justice for it. And so, he waited, saying a quick his to his sister as she passed, and not too long after, there came Ebony. He smirked, though pretended to not even notice her. That was, until she came to walk by him and he stuck out his foot, tripping the girl, causing her to fall to the floor and her books and such to scatter across the floor.

    "Heh, guess you should have been watching where you're going, Wither Girl." He knelt down, a demeaning smile on his face, "Heroes always win in the end. And the villains will always fall. Remember that, sweet heart." Standing up straight, he shook his head and turned walking off, passing his sister, and what he saw was something he didn't like. She was looking at him with a look of disappointment, shaking her head as she turned away from him. This made Stefan frown, but he kept walking along with his friends who were still laughing, heading out of the gym.

    Watching her brother leave, she shook her head before hesitantly walking over, picking up some of the books and papers that Ebony had dropped when she was tripped, looking at her apologetically, "Are...you okay?"
  13. I S A A C & E B O N Y
    "I'm fine," said Ebony bluntly. Isaac rushed over and scooped up the rest of her books as Ebony clambered to her feet. She had hit the ground face-first. Her nose was bleeding. "I'm not going to the infirmary," Ebony snapped at Isaac as he opened his mouth.

    "You're bleeding," said Isaac. "You can report the incident and -- "

    "And what?" she spat. "They're not going to do anything. I'm his daughter, remember? This is standard fucking treatment."

    She glanced at Samantha apologetically before she took her books from the both of them and walked out of the gym, holding her nose. Isaac sighed. "I'm sorry," he said to Samantha, though he did not know what for, and ran after his best friend.

    "We are going to the nurse," he insisted, steering Ebony in the other direction. She did not fight him, which was nice, unlike last time when some 'hero' girls had actually broke her nose. She just walked straight home and had her mother deal with the situation that time. Anastasia Tamlin was too tired to care for her daughter most of the time, so the task fell into Isaac's hands.

    The nurse, who Ebony and Isaac both liked a lot, tutted as she saw the state of Ebony's nose. "Did it happen again, sweetie?" Ebony nodded. The nurse shook her head. "Now, what's a nice girl like you done to deserve what they do to you every day?"

    "Please, I'd like to know myself," sighed Ebony.
  14. Watching Ebony and Isaac rush off, Samantha frowned, going into the hallway as well and saw Isaac steering Ebony toward the school nurse. Well, at least she was getting what medical treatment they could give her for a bloody nose. Or, well, at the very least get her cleaned up if nothing could be done about it. She sighed, turning and about to head to class when she stopped herself. It didn't feel right just ignoring this situation and doing nothing to help them out. Especially since it was her brother that had caused it. In a way, if she did that, then didn't that make her a part of this whole problem? Maybe she could help in what little way she could.

    And so, thinking for a long moment, she left out of the gym and headed toward the area of the school where villain classes took place. She sure did get a lot of unwanted glares and stares as she hesitantly and meekly walked through the halls. Normally she was very outgoing, but with the looks she was getting, it was clear her presence was unwanted here and that made her uncomfortable. The first few people she had tried to talk to completely brushed her off, ignoring her or make comments about a 'little mouse squeaking'. Finally though, after asking quite a few students, one directed her toward Isaac's and Ebony's next class was.

    Walking in carefully, students were already getting to their seats and she made her way up to the teacher, who looked at her in confusion,

    "Ms. Samantha Reese. What are you doing this far away from your sector? Are you lost? The hero building is just across the court yard. You just take a left and--"

    "Actually." Samantha spoke up, hesitantly yet politely so as not to annoy the teacher by cutting her off, "I'm not lost. I came here on purpose. Two of my friends got caught up in the nurses office and likely won't make it to your class this period. I was wondering if I could get their work and take it to them. Their names are Isaac and Ebony." At the names of the two people the young daughter of Stronghold called 'friends' there was quite a bit of hushed whispering going on from the students. She ignored the whispering though and smiled to the teacher, "I promise I'll take it straight to them. Hero's honor."

    "Not much coming from a Stronghold."

    Someone commented behind her, making her frown deep and look over her shoulder to see the villains in the class either snickering or glaring in her direction. The teacher, clearly wanting to release the tension and get the girl away from all the villain students handed her a folder with make up work for the two students, "Here. Now hurry along."

    "Yes 'mam. Thank you." She said, quickly making her way from the classroom and out into the hall where the last straggling students were making their way to their classrooms. As she passed, one larger guy rammed her to the side, causing her to hit against the lockers while they laughed and continued on their way. Apparently things were much worse here than she thought. These villains and heroes truly hated each other. It was a divide that, if not handled, could seriously ruin the world once these heroes and villains graduated.

    Standing back up, she brushed herself off and kept moving, glad to be out of the villain sector and in the clear. She quickly make her way to the nurse's station and once there, she quietly knocked on the door, opening it up. Seeing Isaac and Ebony, she gave a slight smile, stepping in, "Hi. I...um...I figured you would probably be in here for a while, so...I got your make up work from your teacher."
  15. I S A A C & E B O N Y
    Upon hearing that Samantha had actually gone into the villains' sector to get their work, Isaac's eyes widened and Ebony's brows shot up. It was an unspoken rule that heroes and villains do not cross into one another's sector. There were a few neutral areas, such as bathrooms, the library and a selected building for the classes they shared, but it was exceedingly uncommon to see a hero among the villains.

    Isaac took the folder of their make-up work. "Thank you," he said. "You went into the villains sector?"

    "She can't have, she's still walking," joked Ebony humourlessly in a deadly serious tone.

    Isaac's eyes were still very wide. "Look, we appreciate you going and getting the work for us, but you're new and you don't understand what it's like there for heroes," he said quietly. Ebony was nodding in agreement silently. "So unless you're with us or someone who can actually keep you away from everyone else, don't go back in there. There's some dangerous people."
    Dangerous people.

    Isaac had not been wrong. There were bullies and assholes in either sector, but in the villains' sector especially there were certain delinquents who were known to be hostile. They were the problem kids, the kids some people would argue were the reason the villains' sector existed at all. None of their parents were on such a scale as Ebony's father, but they were all known villains. They were the cause of the stereotype.

    Isaac and Ebony sat at their usual table in the back of the cafeteria, away from everyone else. Isaac was wolfing down his spaghetti, because he was deadly hungry. Ebony was slowly Withering her apple. She couldn't eat.

    "So she's different," said Isaac between mouthfuls. They both knew he meant Samantha Reese.

    "She can change." Ebony was sceptical. Someone whose brother had such a strong influence over her definitely had the capability to adopt his mindset.
    J A M E S
    It was lunch, and James sat alone at a small table, his tray of food before him, untouched. He had headphones in his ears to try and block out the noise of the students around him, but what he needed was utter silence. He could not get it here. He was tempted to stand up and leave, but he had told Juliet he would see her, and while she had still not shown up, he would not be the one to not arrive.

    James leaned his head into his hand and watched as little flames danced across his white skin. He could sense people watching but he didn't care. He wasn't going to hurt anyone -- he hoped.
  16. Samantha had already gotten a taste of the dangers in the villain sector, though, she didn't say so out loud. She merely smiled slightly and nodded. She had stayed there with them for a while before the nurse sent her on her way, stating she should probably get to class. After all, if wouldn't look good for her to skip a class on her first day here at Stronghold. And so, she went off to her hero class, listening to the boring lesson, as well as having people trying to talk to her and get to know her. She was polite of course, smiling and speaking to them, though, she felt there was something else there with these people's motives. And she would be stupid to not know what it was.

    She was the daughter of Zero Gravity and Stronghold. Daughter of one of the most powerful super heroes that ever lived. As well as the daughter of the super that had practically started this school. Of course everyone would want to be around her or hang out with her, just like they did her brother. Yet, she was much less sucked into the glamour of it all than he was. It wasn't like she was any different than the people here. She was a super, just like all of them. A super who one day hoped to better this world. Though, maybe starting small, like this school, was better for now.

    The question was, how does one student change a whole school?

    Lunch time came around after the two hero classes and she walked into the lunch room, grabbing a salad for lunch before looking around to find a place to sit. She saw, somewhat off to the side on her own, was Isaac and Ebony. Smiling, she began making her way over to them, when a hand took her arm and she looked up to see her brother grinning down at her, "Hey, Sammy. Come on. Some of my friends want to meet you."

    "Oh..um...okay?" She said, walking with her brother. Oh well. She could always sit with Isaac and Ebony in power management, right? And so, she sat down next to her brother, smiling and inducing herself, as well as listening and taking in the names of all the heroes around them, politely greeting each one. Yet, she found herself looking over her shoulder every once and a while to look over at Ebony and Isaac. Hero brother seemed to notice this as well, pulling his attention from his chatting friends to lean over and whisper to her,

    "Forget about them, Sammy." When Samantha looked up at him, he frowned, continuing, "They're villains. They're not like us. They may seem okay now, but when they graduate and leave here, do you really think the title of 'villain' is going to change? When we're out of here, they'll be our enemies, Sam. Remember that." He said, and then, without giving her the chance to respond, went right back to talking and joking around with his friends, leaving Samantha feeling like she should say something, yet even if she did, who would listen? None of them would. Probably none of the heroes would if they thought the same way her brother did. With a sigh, she continued eating, feeling like such a disgrace as a Hero.

    Villain classes were...not so fun. It was all rehabilitation and learning how to keep calm in bad situations. It was boring to learn this stuff because she felt like she didn't need to know any of it. And she was sure glad when it was all over with and it was time for lunch. She had to take a few moments to clear her mind and get her irritation over these classes out, before making her way into the lunch room. She grabbed her lunch and looked around, trying to spot just where James was. After all, he had offered to let her sit with him, so why not take him up on that offer?

    Finally she spotted him sitting over on his own, playing with some fire on his skin. With a small grin, she walked over and sat down across from him, "Hey, Blondie. Let's not burn the school down, okay?" She said as a small joke, as he seemed to like playing with fire a lot. Eating a bit of her apple, she looked to him, "So, how's your hero classes? Because the villain's classes sure are boring."
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