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  1. Lately I've been doing allot of roleplays where my character is a heroic leader or savior, which is fun and all but I'm looking to try something different. I want to try roleplaying a bad guy for once. I don't have anything specific in mind but I'm willing to try out ideas others my have. I'm looking for at least 2 others who are up for being evil with me.

    So without any more delay.. let's cause some chaos
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  2. Hey Darkest.

    You're damned right; not everyone can be the "good guy". My character in Ten Years After, Matt Phelan, is a perfect example. While I'm not planning on making him a clear cut "villain", I am making him a very ruthless and conniving man.

    I'm not sure if you had already decided on making your character "good" but I think he could do a lot of awesome "bad guy" stuff if he gets involved with Phelan.

    Send me a reply and we'll talk about what we might want to do. :)
  3. I was planning on my character in ten years after starting out as good but ultimately changing as he sees that heroes don't have much of a place in their new world.

    For this roleplay, I wasn't sure what I was trying to do. Maybe an organized terrorist group? Or some type of syndicate? I'm open to any suggestions
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  4. Organized syndicate sounds a little bit like where I see Jackson headed, haha. I'm essentially trying to set up a third faction centered around business and deal making.

    I think your character would be a perfect right hand to Phelan; he's young, perhaps even a bit naive. He hasn't yet solidified a concrete world view, and is therefore somewhat open to being molded by others. He hasn't had the opportunity to learn all the right lessons, which means he can learn all the wrong ones.

    If you somehow get involved with Phelan over in Jackson, then I'll quickly pick you up as his protege, sending you on missions to establish the town's presence in the world. It will be perfect; I really want it to seem like a lot is going on in Jackson. :)
  5. David is actually part of the WHO security detail and lives in the city so he is already part of an organization though he doesn't trust groups like that because he sees the corrupt things that happen when people assign others to power.

    Maybe later he'll end up in Jackson and then they can interact. I try not to preplan so much and just adapt to the current scenerio
  6. Of course.
  7. As far as this roleplay, would you like to start one?
  8. I've been thinking about it, but I'd have to plan it out a bit.
  9. I have been part of a roleplay on another forum about a syndicate, so I can definitely be part of this.
  10. Perfect
  11. Thing is... I played a robotic spider
  12. Robot spider mobster? Awesome, hahaha
  13. what if we did something like this, I can do a more in depth explanation
  14. So Darkest, are you trying to do another RP so you can explore playing the evil role? Because I'm sure your character in TYA will have ample opportunity for that.

    But if you do want to do another one, what genre would you prefer? SciFi like that trailer?
  15. Here's the old app for the sake of previews
    Show Spoiler

    Name) Jordan "Spider" Masterson
    He has never been seen by the crew, and uses a spider like robot to do his dirtywork.
    Night vision
    Personality) The life of crime was his game, but dying was not, thus the robot spider, he is very tactical making sure that everything is accounted for.
    Bio) Jordan grew up with a fascination with bugs and insects as well as computers. He grew up on videogames, mostly RTS games. In college he started to major in robotics and got a military contract to design a stealthy and powerful robot. He had finished but was outdone by another roboticist, his funding was cut, so he went to find new ventures with his designs, he found the masked syndicate and provided them demonstration of the robot's abilities. While he was never interested in crime to begin with, he figured he could use the money, as it would be a more reliable money source. He was quite shocked at Daniels's betrayal and lost his first model in the escape, he was still never found by police.
    JM 863-S:
    Walking on walls/ceilings
    Auto repair
    JM 863-S:
    Small camera
    2x 9mm mounted guns
    Untraceable receiver/transmitter
    Detachable storage compartment
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