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  1. Noises were heard all around. Laughter, crying, people just talking. It was a mixture of emotions in this city. A good chunk of the buildings were reduced to rubble by the recent attacks. Sayomi was one of the few still out in the roads at that time of day. Fewer yet were females. Most of the females didn't venture out anymore. They thought it was 'too dangerous'.

    Sayomi on the other hand didn't seem to mind. She walked through the streets, her boots causing a soft echo as they hit the pavement. She walked quickly, getting looks by any person, mostly male, that she went by. The way she held herself was above a normal human. It was obvious that she wasn't afraid of what had been happening.

    Slowly she walked into the pub. This was where they agreed to meet. She wasn't sure if he was going to be alone, or with the others he worked with. She was ready for either. She hated the people he was around, but it was for a good cause and she couldn't object to it. It was just a constant battle in her mind to not try and kill them all. After looking around, she chose a seat at the bar. She went and sat on the stool, awaiting the bar tender to arrive. As she ran her fingers through her long blonde the bar tender walked up. "What you want, girl?"

    Abnormally green eyes lock onto his in stare that made him step back for a moment, a soft apology under his breath was muttered. "Just fries. And surprise me on the drink." The only answer she received was a nod. He came back after a few minutes and set the drink down and left again. She took a sip and looked at it. Whiskey and coke. Whiskey was the most readily available so she was surprised, but she was very tired of whiskey. Sitting and the bar, stirring her drink she waited for her friend to come.
  2. Sven walked down the street and ran his hand through his hair as he did his to to hurry to his destination. He knew he was late and no matter what hated making her wait for him in these places. He walked down the street paying no mind to the decaying buildings around him and the people around him that shrinked away into the shadows as they caught sight of his uniform. He didn't mind their reactions towards him since the he joined up with the army.

    He rounds the corner and sees his destination infront of him. Sven began to pick up his pace hoping that that she wasn't too pissed at having to wait for him. The bar was waht these days counted as crowed though it still had plenty of space to spare. He spies Sayomi's blonde hair from the corner of his eye and approached her. " Sorry i am late i got promoted today and they had a big celebration for me." He said as he took a seat and ordered a whiskey on the rocks.

    He scanned the bar for anyone who looked looked like they might have followed him or any spies. " Every thing looks clear to me.You look like you have been well Sayomi." he said as he took a drink from his glass. " I have information on a possible new mutant that we have been tracking for a while, but we are gonna have to be more careful they upper brass is starting to suspect things may be amiss."
  3. Sayomi looked at the fries as they arrived, she wasn't really hungry, but she figured she couldn't say no to food being cooked for her. She had spent a lot of her most recent time tracking mutants that may be of value to them, she had also encountered a few that were nothing but monsters. She picked up a fry, taking a bit, uninterested in it. It sounded better in her mind then it was when it arrived.

    When she heard his voice, Sayomi turned and looked at him with a soft smile on her pink lips. "Do not apologize for that Sven. All things aside, that is still great." She gave a soft laugh as she twirled her drink for a moment before take a drink from the straw. "It's not like anything was going to happen to me." Her green eyes locked onto his. It was a wave of relief to see a familiar face in what had seemed like forever. She rubbed her face for a moment as she looked at him.

    "There is a guy, booth three from the door. His eyes haven't left me since I walked in.. But I think that it might be, well just because I'm me." She gave a small laugh as she took yet another drink, completely ignoring the fries at that point. "There has been an odd surge in mutants. No one knows why. I have been trying to figure out why, and where. It has yielded nothing." She took a sigh, her fingers through her hair again. "What are they tracking this one for?" She asked. When Sven said that they suspected something was out of place. If their cover was blown, not only would everything be at an end, but he would possibly be forced to give up at least her name, and both of them killed. Depending on why they were tracking the mutant, it might be one she was forced to ignore.
  4. " Who said i was worried for you. Its the people around you i was worried about." He says with a grin on his face. After hearing her tell him about the man i booth three he slowly scanned the room again until his eye fell on the man. He fixed the man with an angry glare that caused him to immediately put his head down. " Well maybe if u dressed in a manner that didn't show off you assets he wouldn't watch you." He chuckled as he told her. He took one more swig from his cup be fore he let out a sigh. " Ok down to business." he put some cash that concealed a flash drive under it.

    " The brass has started an internal investigation into corruption in the army. They think some renegades may have infiltrated their ranks so they aren't on to us yet, but we have to be careful for a little bit during the investigation thats going on." he finished hus drunk and saw that she was mostly done so he held out his arm and Sayomi looped hers though his and he lead them out of the bar and started walking down the streets. In this day an age walking down the streets at night was frowned upon by most if you valued your safety, but neither of them needed to have that fear.

    " So what about you have you come across anything special." He asked as they rounded a corner and walked through down the street towards a rundown park that they visited whenever they were together. He unlooped his arms from her arm and sat down on the busted up swing set.
  5. Sayomi glared at him when he commented on her attire. "I can't be carrying around a bag full of clothes when I'm constantly running in the heat. It doesn't help that it seems like 9 our of 10 mutants and humans seem to be male." She had never noticed it before but lately she had. There were very few women left. She knew a lot were killed by the first generation mutants. Back at their lab they had resurrected they had been looking at x and y chromosomes. When he placed the money on the table she grabbed it and the flash drive, stuffing it in the top of her boot. When she looked up Sven had his arm out. She looped hers around it and let him lead her out.

    "If they suspect something is it that it's mutants? As far as it has seemed the humanoids have been good at hiding." When they arrived she smiled as she looked at him for a moment. She relished seeing his face. When she was out looking for specials she worried about him and their small group. "The only thing that I have noticed is that they seem to be getting smaller, but stronger. They are adapting. We still can't figure why ones like us aren't the way of others. Antony is comparing chromosomes to see if we all have a common deformity, still nothing." She sat in the dry grass, missing the way things were before everything happened.

    "I had come across one. A ghastly fellow. He was a sight. You could hardly tell he was human at some point. Yet, he could talk and think. Unlike the first generations, he retained who he was before. Though only small tidbits. Like his name. Mark..." She stopped for a moment as she thought of the man, that's what one was to call him. "His skin was so thick almost nothing went through it..." her green eyes met his, then she pulled up her shirt. Rounding from the right side of her stomach around her waist to the left shoulder was stitches, 203 total.

    "Had I been normal, he would have cut me clean through and I would have had no chances hobbling back.." Sayomi knew she was missing bits and pieces of her story, but she didn't plan on answering them unless he asked. "Enough of my small adventures. Tell me of your own! And what do they ask you when you come to see me exactly? I have always wondered..."
  6. Sven swung back and forth gently as he listened to her story and came to an abrupt stop when he heard the name mark after she told him of the mutant." Looks like you got to our problem way before we could make contact with it. Mark is what we are looking for not the best guy to tick of." He looked at her wound and felt a anger pierce him like a hot knife. " It looks to me like you guys aren't on good speaking terms either. If i ever get my hands on him.." He said as flames began to dance around his hand. He calms himself down by taking a deap breath and exhaling and the flames died just as soon as they appeared. " As for who they suspect it could be a rebel faction of humans that resent the army who could be lead by a small group of specials. I have been trying to find the truth about for some months now."

    He looks around the ruin and wreckage imagining how things were how things used to be better then they are know and lets out a sigh. " I tell my unit that i am meeting up with my angel for some quality time." he says with a smirk as he hopes off the swing landing next to Sayomi. " They just make some dirty jokes and whistle noises before I head out. He lays back on the dry grass next to Sayomi looking up at the night sky. Time seemed to crawl by as they sat at the park till a shrill siren penetrated the still air. " What did you do this time." He said jokingly to Sayomi

    Sven's phone rings and he picks it up immediately. " Whats the situation." to which a voice replied " We got twp second generation mutants they just passed the barricade and are heading to the town square." Sven stood up and looked eastward toward the sounds of destruction. " Dispatch platoons 3 and 5 have theme meet me at east sixteenth street to engage the targets." he hung up the phone looked at Sayomi " Here I thought I would finally get to third base with you tonight " He laughed as stood up and did some stretches. " Well duty calls try to stay out of trouble while I am gone" He said as he ran down the street.
  7. "Mark angers over nothing. He feels threatened by everyone. I wonder if it's from a previous mental abnormally or for from what he is now.." She trailed off as she pulled her shirt down. She hadn't originally tried to hurt him. She had tried speaking to him. Just as others. Once she asked about what had happened to him, he turned on her quicker than she could react.

    Sayomi thought when he spoke of a small human run rebellion. She started to wonder if it was possible. She thought of what they could do to help eachothers causes. Just as soon as she thought of the options she also thought of it being a lie. She wondered if they were lying to get them to slip up. She was brought from her thought when Sven said that he called her his angel. All she could do was laugh as she looked at him. She knew that she was the farthest thing from an angel.

    When the siren rang through the air Sayomi couldn't help but jump. She took a breath as he answered his phone. Two second generations. They hadn't had those around for awhile. "Come back to me, my love." She said with a laugh as she winked. Standing, she looked at him as he left. Her skin already crawled as the urge for the warm touch to return. She had spent many nights in the cold out searching for others. Her body was starting to hate it. Once he was gone she decided to go to little apartment of hers that she had kept open for when she was in town. Slowly she walked, ignoring the glares through the windows that watched. With the idea of a warm bed and a fire the exhaustion fell heavy on her body. Dragging her body up the stairs to her door she walked in.

    As she closed the door, she could hear the commotion from the fight. But she couldn't have gotten involved if she wanted to, it would result in her being caught. She took off her boots, placing the flash drive on a side table. She walked into the small studio has she started to undress as she walked over to the fire place. Fire wood lifted itself up and into the place as took off her top. Standing nearly naked by the fire wood, it started as she through a match in. As the fire shot up Sayomi went over to the bed and flopped down on it face down.
  8. He arrived there in no time at all. He found the platoons evacuating the area and setting up a perimeter. " Bought time you made it here Sir," came the voice of his second in command officer Jin. " Better late then never right. " Sven said as they shook hands and Jin handed him a plasma rifle. " We have them contained ahead damage is minimal for now the higher ups wants them alive if possible." Jin explained as he lead him to the area were the mutants were. They two mutants were of generation to so they were big hulking masses with incredible destructive power but slow reflexes. Sven stepped forward and issued orders left and right as the men fired off the weapons to keep the two at a distance. " Everything seems like its going smooth here we might even be able to follow the alive order for once." Jin said to him. They slowly advance as they kept pressure on the monsters pushing them back into a corner and thats when everything went wrong.

    A hooded figure jumped down from a building and landed infront of the two mutants. Once the figured landed it raised its hands and beams of energy shot from them. ripping the the platoons of soldiers and blasting through near by houses. Sven dives and slams into Jin beam flies past over head. He whips out his sell phone ad mashes some numbers in it. " This is commander Sven When need back up i repeat we need back up. We have a special. A special is on the war path." He got op and began opening fire on the hood figured who dodged all his blasts. Meanwhile the two generation two mutants began going crazy and started attacking with renewed vigor. More sirens pierced the night sky as jets began to scramble and the mech corps started launch .

    " Shit can't get much worse than this." Sven mumbled to himself as he ran forward ducking blasts and firing his gun. He slowly advanced on the hooded figure while shouting orders to the troops that were left to fall back and give cover fire. He ran and dove as a chunk of debri flew over his head and let a a spray of gun fire as one of the mutants reached for a soldier that was pinned under neath a car. Befire he could reach the solder to help the hooded figure stood infront of him. He slides his hand into his pocket and sends Sayomi a text saying that a special was in town. " Put your hands up and surrender " Sven said to the person. To his surprise the figure raise both its hands in the air and they began to glow. " I am a damn idiot." He said as he dived down and rushed at the person aiming a palm strike at its chest that the person dodged. " I Hope back up gets hear soon."
  9. Nearly asleep, Sayomi heard her phone ring. It was close to the fire with the rest of her stuff. She got up, and started her way to go and look for it. Just as she picked it up, a high pitched ring echoed through her mind. She dropped to her knees, holding her head as tears streamed down her face. She had never heard anything so high before. Finally after it was gone, she grabbed her phone, breathing heavily. It was Sven. She read it through shaking vision and her jaw dropped as she saw it. A humanoid in the town, just as she thought that they were all smart enough to stay out the towns. Quickly, she went and decided to change clothes since she was finally able to. Her extra clothes had gotten ripped while fighting Mark. Quickly, she slipped on leather pants that held to her skin as if it kept them alive and light pink tank top that stopped at her waist. The two combined held her body, hinting that there was something special about her. Only it was in a different way than she really was. She tied her boots, grabbed a cloak and took to the night through the window.

    The cut that already circled her body felt like it was on fire in the cold night. She hadn't properly cleaned it since she had gotten it. She ran as quick as she could, eventually using her mind to start to harden the air around her to allow her to climb up to the tops of buildings. She could hear commotion even more as she got closer, and to her increased hearing it sounded extremely loud by the time that she got there. She stopped, looking down.

    At first all that she saw was the two generation two mutants. They looked to be busy with the mass of the military force. She decided to just end that there. She looked around for a moment, before she saw two pipes. Quickly, they lifted up and then shot at high speeds at the mutants, penetrating their heads. They dropped like two birds from a tree. It was quick, and they wouldn't be in the way. She pulled her hood up, much like the stranger that was already down below her. With a flawless jumped, she landed about ten feet behind Sven and the person. She used her power to pull Sven back a good distance from the man. His cover couldn't be blown. If the army found out that there was a mutant among them, they would never get another on the inside. She tried to keep her distance from him, even though she kept wanting to look at him.

    The cut and it's stitches seemed to be almost on display in the shirt, showing the extent that it wrapped around her body, and her own shaky hand at stitching it. "Listen up here, this is my town." Her sultry voice rang out, which a bone chilling coldness. Either the person was going to talk to her, and join their cause since they already seemed to not like the army, or she was going to drop them as quick as she could. They had no choice. If the person refused, then they would be a risk to their cause. "So tell me, dear stranger. Were those lovely second gens your pets? Or did you just use their entrance as an opportunity to get the military in one spot?" She started walking towards the person, even the way she walked held a slight appeal to it. Her piercing green eyes showed through the hood, locked onto the newly found hooded special. "It really would be in your best interest, to talk to me." The threat in her voice rang against the buildings around them.
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  10. Sven dodged blasts left and right as he went toe to two with the person. He made several mistakes on purpose during the fight to not give away his secret. He barley dodges an attack that grazed his arm leaving it bloodied and raw. His troops were busy with the two second gens while those who were injured just watched as they fled the battlefield. He stumbled forward and fell on his back gritting his teeth as his injured arm collided with the ground. The hooded person approached him ready to deliver the finished blow. " Not bad for a human." came a female voice from person. Looks like i have no choice Sven thought to himself as he prepared to use his powers.

    Then from out of nowhere to long metal rods shot through the second gen mutants killing them in an instant and he felt himself flung away from were his was. Better late then never he thought as he landed and rolled. Jim rushed over to him and helped him to his feet and behind a fallen wall for shelter. " I would compliment you if that wasn't the stupidest thing i ever saw. Taking on a special without a mechsuit." Jin said as he started to treat his arm. " Don't kid yourself i have done dumber, but hit looks like we have another special who hid in the city. His phone rang signaling him that back up was on the way. Over head jet carriers appeared letting out mecha squad to fight.

    On the battle field Sevn watched as Sayomi approached the hood woman and began talking to her. " Yes those two were pets of mind and I am not to happy to see they put down so roughly." The hooded woman replied in a carefree manner. She looked up to see the jest arriving and let out a sigh. "It looks like things are about to get crowded so i think we should talk some place else." The woman took three steps back and raised her hands in the air. You might want to cover your eyes ." She said as she produced a blinding flash of light and let out two energy beams shoot out taking down a jet and forcing the other to land. She looks back at Sayomi and motions for her to follower her as she sprints off into the night.

    Sven Is on his radio giving orders and receiving reports after what had happened. He Is helped to his feet into a jeep and rushed to the military base Jin stayed behind to take command in his absence. "So much for a quiet night out with a friend." He mumbled as the jeep sped down the highway towards the base and what his commanding officers that waited there for his report about the incident.
  11. "Is what I did to your pets really worse than what the army was going to do? I took them out quickly. They would have suffered for a bit longer before they died." The second generations had been around for so long that it was well known how to take them down. Just occasionally, it was not all that great of execution to get them down. The women had grabbed Sayomi's attention, not just for the fact that she had effectively gotten two second generations to listen to her. It was known that they would for a bit, but eventually turn on their masters. Maybe the women had just gotten them. When she was told to cover eyes, Sayomi did not listen, like always. When she saw the jet get taken out, in an instant her mind raced, and any person that she had seen she threw up a shield around them. She had effectively learned to control the density of molecules. Depending on what she needed, it wasn't very effective though. The different structures confused her.

    As the women ran off, she turned, and looked at Sven for a moment, then took off after her. As she ran, she started to dial her phone. She left it put away, using her powers to keep it so that the other women didn't see her and become suspisous. She waited to a moment and listened. Finally she heard Antony's voice. "Hey dollface, what's the news?" when she didn't give him an answer he knew what was going on. In a minutes time he hd her tracked, and another one of their assossiates out to find her. He sent a link to Sven so that if he could he could listen.

    After so long of running, Sayomi froze. "Stop!" She yelled, a ring of force came out from her being. A force strong enough that trees broke. "Why did you come in and attack my town. I nearly had the military leaving because I didn't let any mutant close to my town. So. Were you there for the army. Or my humans?" She made it sound extremely possessive of the people in the town. If the person was there for everyone's head, not just the military's, then they would have issues. She pulled her hood down, a stern look on her face. So tell me. Why did you come to attack the city, and what were you hoping to gain. I have met more than a handful of other humanoids. They usually don't try to draw attention then."
  12. The hooded woman stopped and turned around to face Sayomi. " I suppose this a good enough distance to talk seeing as we have time now." She replied in a chipper voice. The woman pulled back her hood to reveal a teenage looking girl with short spiky purple hair and matching purple eyes. " Yes normally you wouldn't want to draw attention to ourselves but times have s]changed and so have we." The woman sits down on a ledge and looks towards the distance admiring her handy work. " The time has come for us to take charge are number are growing and with it so is our ambition. I am merely a messenger sent to bring attention to our group." As she says this she stands up making a grand gestures as she talks. " I attacked this city for no real reason other than it was the closest to me when i got the order imagine my surprise when i encountered another special. Our goal is to destroy those who hold power and then take hold of this planet like the gods we have become." She walkes forward and looks at Sayomi up and down. " My question to you is will you join us or will you side with those insects." she asked with a smile .

    Sven lay in a hospital bed with an earpiece in his ear listening to the whole exchange between the Sayomi and the other girl. This is crazy a group of humanoids banning together to take over the world what is this a bad Saturday morning cartoon. He was trying to wrap his head around what he just heard when his boss walks into the room. General Alphonse walked over to his bed and stood there looking him over. " You never miss the chance to be a hero fallen in battle do you Sven." He said with a grin as he joked with him. " You know me Sir, always looking for a way to get another promotion." Alan replied to him. he then proceeded to give the general a full report of what happened that night in regards to the attack. " I see well this isn't and isolated event. other than the extra specail showing up and chasing it away there have been reports of the same thing happening in at least five other major cities. Each one yelling out Prometheus has arrived. We have come to the conclusion that they are a group and Prometheus is its name and we are at war with them as of today." The general said with grim certainty his voice.
  13. When Sayomi heard what the girl had to say her mind raced. It didn't show on her face or her body language. "We are not so different. You and me." She pulled her hood down, her long blond hair cascaded down her back, her green eyes looking at the stranger. "You see. You act like you are the only ones out there trying to over through the human military. I have myself a very lovely band of people. We go about and look for other specials. And other mutants to see how they are evolving and if they are useful." She walked in front of the girl, her hands on her hips. "But you see. Our goal is not to preserve the humans so to say, but to preserve this world. If the humans die out or all transform, that leaves only us. Only mutants. We will be the only humanoids left on the planet."

    Sayomi locked eyes with the girl. The seriousness written all over her face. "If the humans die out. Then what will we do? We will be fighting just as the humans have done in the past. Goss are not made. God's are borne. And none of us were born as a god." She leaned in close to the girl. "So it's either you can leave your petty group and their bogus ideals and come with us and help us make the world free from the military. Where we may be in charge, not as gods, but as people who can make the world as we wish. Or." As she took a pause the air grew heavy as it dense up "I'll show you how gods truly live." Her eyes grew dark and her body changed. "Only exceptions is that God's protect humans. But I'll show you how the gods and the demons fight." Her voice started to change as her powers surged through her.

    Sayomi had still yet to harvest her full powers. She was content where they were, and unlike most wasn't actively seeking how to make them better. The less she controlled, the more she had control of. "The decision is yours child. You can either be smart for once in your small life, or I will kill you. And all of your pathetic little friends. I will not hesitste. If you stand in my way, then you are just the same as the humans you wish to conqure." Random items that had laid on the ground around them began to lift up, without Sayomi even meaning to.

    "Oh shit! Bryce, Maverick. Get to Sayomi. Now!" Antony yelled jumped up knocking things over as he jumped up. He knew that when going against another special it was up in the air on who would win or survive. And Sayomi was already cut across her body badly. She just chose to ignore it.
  14. The girl just sat there looking at Sayomi and her sudden change of attitude that showed her anger and her power and then she just started to laugh. She was laughing so much that she fell down clutching her sides and tears came down from her eyes. After a short moment she stood up wiping her eyes and calming down. " Granny your too much. I can't believe you would try to threaten me let alone ask me to leave Prometheus. if its a fight you want its a fight you get but our plans are already in action this wasn't the only city attack you know." The girl hops on top of the ledge she was sitting on and walks across it slowly wobbling form left to right as she tried to keep her balance. " Seeing as we aren't gonna come to an agreement i guess i should get rid of you that should score me some extra points." She jumps down and takes a fighting stance. " They call me pulse nice to be killing you this evening." With that said Pulse holds out one hand infront of her with her fingers in the shape of a gun. " Bang." she said as a beam of energy shoots out from her finger towards Sayomi.

    Sven takes in what he was told by Alphonse who sat there in silence. " Whats are next course of action Sir." Sven asked him. " Well our researches have made some strides on battle tech so a new batch of armored units has been made, but this ones are different they are small and more powerful then the old models that are in use. With these they should give us an edge over these freaks. I just came here to get the need head of the special attack task force his promotion." General Alphonse said as he handed Sven a medal and two new marks of rank. It is an honor Sir I won't let you down." Sven said taking them from him. He was also given a small file on a some card to look at the armor and get and idea of what it would take to handle it. " Now get some rest solder i expect u up and ready two days from now for drills." With that said the General made his ext and Sven laid back into his bed. " Looks like things are about to get busy. " she said while he listened back in on the situation.

    Two figures raced through the night. The ran through back alleys and jump around debris as they hurried to Sayomi's location. "You two get to move faster that the fire works has already started." Came Antony's voice through the comm pieces in their ears. The two, Bryce and Maverick began to pick up their pace as they raced to keep there friend from possible death at the hands of an enemy.
  15. Wearing a smile on her lips, Sayomi easily avoided the shot of lightning. She was faster than any human, and even than some of the specials. She had tried many times to remember how she was turned into a special, but can't. She just woke up and could feel the powers surging through her. She left the city for a while, trying to figure out what she was to do, and in her travels, realized that no one except other specials could tell just by talking with her.

    Thinking for a moment, as she looked at the girl, she finally decided what to do. Her powers reduced down to the pure element of the atoms and molecules, she was able to control them. She reached into her pocket and ended the call between her and her people. After she was done with the girl, she was going to find the others. It became personal the minute they attacked her city. "You poor delusional child. They sent you to your death at this city can't you see?" Sayomi's smile turned to a smug one as she walked, twigs started to fly at the girl in a taunting manner.

    "They sent you to the third largest maned military city, with the highest quantity of tanks and Mecca suits and armor that are used to take down first generations. They sent you alone, with your two second gens. Which lets face it. They were easy to take down. They were hardly worthy of the title second generations. They were borderline third or fourth. It was no wonder that they got captured by such a little child as yourself."

    Soon the twigs started flying towards the girl started turning into sticks. Each wave increasing in size. Sayomi was able to subconsciously figure out the size of each by the amount of atoms that made up the twigs, sticks, and soon branches and trees. "They took you out as the weakest link. If they were to trust you to survive, or really wanted this town to face damage, they would have sent a second, to follow and observe, only stepping in when things got rough." Sayomi gave a laugh as the waves of sticks grew thicker and the waves themselves got denser.

    "My name is Sayomi, and I will be showing you what true power can do." With that, trees started flying towards and around the girl. They could be heard ripping from the ground and smashing other trees. Her eyes glowed an electric green, the energy seemed to be visibly flowing through her body and mind with her eyes looking like little windows to watch the display. As the trees flew, she decided that it was time to try a new trick she had been trying out. It was effective on most mutants so far. Off of her belt, and from behind her cloak, four diamond arrows shot out, glistening in what light there was. They started swarming around the girl, circling and shooting at Pulse. Sayomi knew that the time had come to end it.

    "Too bad I will kill you. Your genes would have been very lovely to use."
  16. Pulse started jumping around dodging trees and shooting ones that she couldn't dodge all while laughing like a mad clown. The trees started closing in around her blocking her in like a cage as Sayomi started raining down diamond arrows. Pulse looked up with a look of concern as what looked to be her death coming down from the heavens. As the arrow closed in to find there mark a smile found its way to her lips. " OOh now who ever said i was alone grandma." as she utter that phrase two more hood figures appeared from nowhere infront of Pulse. The taller of the two hood figure raised their hand as the arrows crashed against and invisible force field doing no damage to any of them. The other hooded figure walked in a circle around the wooden cage sliding its hand against the trees. The trees then began to melt away as if been eaten away at. " Now that thats taken care of how about we start again. Do you want to join up or get put down." Pulse said as she lounged against of the hooded figures.

    Antony heard the switch before the the transmitter went dead. He started typing away at his computer to find a camera near by to get a look at how things were going. He was lucky to find an old security camera that happened to not be on a closed circuit and from the distance saw trees ripping from the ground. He saw the fight was pretty much wrapped up, but felt unease at how calm the other one Pulse was. As if to answer is worry two figures could be seen coming to Pulse's aid. "Damn" was all he could say as he switched radio frequencies to contact Bryce and Maverick. " You two we got some more uninvited guest to deal with so if you two wouldn't mind and hurry it along being fashionably late is overrated." He said over the intercom.

    Sven sat back in his bed waiting to hear what was happening and all he heard was silence. He began to worry about Sayomi though its not like she couldn't take care of herself. He couldn't go out there and see for himself what was going on because that would blow his cover all he could do like times before was sit back and wait for an update from Antony giving him the all clear. He never felt more useless than at times were he couldn't go fight along Sayomi when she needed him. Well he did send Bryce and Maverick after her so it should be fine He thought as he tried to reassure himself that everything would turn out fine. So he lay there and waited mentally ticking off the seconds as they passed him by.
  17. Sayomi watches as the trees started to melt away. Then as they stood, almost mocking her. As she looked between the three of them in complete shock for a few minutes. Even after Pulse finished talking, asking her to again to join them. Sayomi's face went back to the expression how it always was. A look of power, and seductiveness morphed into an expression that very few failed to look at. Her eyes met the girl's, and held the gaze until the girl looked away for a moment.

    In that brief moment, the ground under the three of the pushed and as they waivered, a diamond arrow shot through the center of Pulse's forehead dropping her. "At last the puppeteers come out to play." One eyebrow raised, and a cage of rock seemed to raise out of no where around the two hooded people. Bryce walked out from behind them slowly.

    A earth mutant, Bryce had given the diamond arrows to her as a gift when he learned of what she had been practicing. "The obnoxious girl is down. Two hooded accomplices, ready to take down." He said as he walked next to Sayomi. She wasn't a short women, but compared to his high, she looked small. Maverick stayed hidden, awaiting for when he would strike if needed. She walked up to the two the power still going through as she reinforced the rock with her own power.

    "So. Do you want me to give you who shpeal too? Or am I going to end up sending you two back a message for your leader. If that's what you want to call him." Without meaning to, dirt started to lift a little by her feet as the energy tried to find a way out of her system.

    "Sai..." Bryce whispered to her. The stitches that seemed to be holding her together started to pop apart, blood running down her back and hips. "Antony, getting ready. I'm going to bring her back immediately after. It looks like she is literally ripping herself apart with energy." He muttered into his ear piece quietly. Even from them, Sayomi wouldn't take help for stuff she thought that she could handle.

    "Speak. Or I'll decide your fate" She had had enough of the people who were trying to interfere with what they were doing.
  18. The two hooded figures look down at the body of Pulse and let out a sigh. " The boss isn't going to like this news." One said to the other. The both turned to face Sayomi and Bryce when She asked them what they would do. The taller of the two hooded figures who almost rivaled Bryce in height walked up to the cage near them both and took doff his hood revealing an older gentleman in his fifties. He had his brown hair with sliver streaks in it slicked back and wore a monocle on his face with a goatee. " well you have certainly made your point loud and clear young lady, but i think you may have judged the child a little too harshly. We will consider this an act of war and will find out who you and your people are and crush them with all our might. I will personally take every thing you hold dear and destroy it with my own hands,but for now i must got attend to my grandchild's burial." with that said the old man turns around and picks up the limp body of Pulse and stands next to his partner.

    The old man hands the body to his partner and then takes a wide stance in the center of the cage . He crotches low and pulls his fist back and then releases three quick jabs from his right hand. as he dose this three burst of wind pressure slam against the rock cage as the third on hits the cages explodes sending rocks and dust flying up into the air. Once the smoke settles down a third hooded figure is standing next to the group." I am Henry and we are Prometheus. We will be the mark of the end of mankind and you all will be the first to die as witnesses to our power." The old man said as he did a slight bow and they four sunk into the ground and out of sight.

    Sven still lay in his bed late into the night waiting to hear what was going on. As he did this he looked over the files on the new suits that the army had made. These one were smaller and sleeker than anything he had every seen. The fit the body like a glove and increased a person's physical abilities to five times that of a man at his physical peak. Not alone that they were armed with beam weapons among other things. " Looks like they have been busier than i gave them credit for." He whispered to himself. He gets up and walks over to a window opens it then lights cigarette. Taking a long drag before exhaling the smoke. He had quit smoking years ago but whenever he felt useless he cave into the urge every know and again. He takes out his cellphone and dials Antony. " So whats going on?"
  19. "According to Bryce, Sayomi is bursting at her seams, literally, with energy and rage. He is going to try and get her here." Antony answered through his mic as he ran around pulling things off the shelves getting all the medical supplies he would need to get her stitched better. "The key word is try. Sven, he killed the girl. No remorse. She just killed her, apparently in front of her grandfather. He threatened to take everything she hold dear. And all of us. She will not come willingly." He paused for a moment and sighed. "I told you I needed to attach a monitor to her.. what if this is what sets her off? She had nearly no control over her powers. She doesn't even know what she can and can't control" Antony stopped what he was doing. He wasn't even sure if she would be dragged back to him, or if she was going to run. The only person he had known her to listen to was Sven. Why, he wasn't sure.

    Every plant and tree creased at the group at the threat. Sayomi had nothing but the people who worked with her. Her family was lost, the man she had previously been engaged to had been eaten. She didn't care that she killed the girl. It was kill or be killed. He made it far more personal. She stood shaking, in the middle of the bent trees.

    Slowly Bryce walked over to the small girl, hand stretched out to her. "Sai... calm down. We need to go see Antony. You are bleeding very bad. You need to get restitched. Come, please..." He tried to coach her to calm down. The moment he touched her shoulder, he flew back. She stood shaking, a puddle of blood around her feet. Marcus gasped, his hands flying about as he watched. "Oh god! Oh god! Antony! Bryce just! Oh god!" He didn't know how to react to what was going on. He didn't whether to approach Sayomi or check Bryce.

    "She is just standing, shaking. Trees and grass a like are just bending down! When Bryce touched her he went flying! Antony I have no idea what to do!" He sort of yelled into the mic as he looked down on them.

    "Sven, what do we do? She is going to overload herself." Antony come through, still unsure of what to do also.

    Sayomi started walking, right by Bryce who laid still on the ground and Marcus who didn't try to stop her. "I'm going to kill them all."
  20. " Antony tell Shift he has three minutes ti get to the hospital and cover for me. I am on my way to Sai right now." Sven said as he took a chip out his phone and inserted it in the hospital wall computer by the door. he hacked the server in one minute flat and cut the power to the whole build and surrounding area. He dressed quickly in his uniform ad headed for the window. He opened it u and jumped out of the window that was on the 37th floor. Sven retched into his pocket and pulled a mini grapple gun firing it off. The claw finds purchase on a near by building and he swings through the air. He retracts the claw and runs off the side off a building kicking off and shooting fire out from his boots to propel himself forward to a near by rooftop.

    He lands on the rooftop and continues running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop using his ability to create and manipulate flames to speed his progress along and help him cross wider gaps. "Antony tell Bryce to not lose sight of Sayomi, but don't try to stop her i am on my way." Sven said as he pulled out his phone and started following the map the Antony was feeding to his phone to lead him to Sayomi.

    " Damn how did things get so bad so fast." He said to him self as he pushed him self faster and harder ignoring his injury that started bleeding through his shirt. Though he was in a hurry Sven still did his best to go around cameras and any sensors that the any had set up throughout the city. It was an easy thing to do, but kinda time consuming when you were in a rush. He wanted to get there as fast as he could, but not at the risk of blowing his cover. That would have destroyed all they have worked for over the years.

    He raced through city as fast as he could and eventually made it out of the city into the barren lands that Sayomi was lead into. " Time to step on it." He mumbled to his self ans he started running then jumping into the air he takes off as he shoots fire from his hands and boots to go flying into the night sky. " Antony giving me an update on the situation I am almost there." Sven said as he flew through the sky.
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