We Are Women! (Mature)

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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
"Not a man ever born ever could resist
A well-turned calf, a slender wrist
A silhouette as airy as the morning mist
And a dainty dimpled knee."
The Old Lady- Candide

Madame Adeline Roventure was a woman of grace and beauty, a woman of power and wealth. However, unlike many of the women who granced the arms of nobel men, she did not gain her money and nobility though common means...Oh, quite far from it in fact. She came from the common folk, those who worked in the dirt and grim of the city to make life easy for those born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

At first she was a maid in a wealthy household, her mother the cook and her father the gardener. It was there she learned that power could be gained in more ways than just marriage... Having stumbled upon the master's cortesan while going in to change sheets, she was quickly swept up and taken under the woman's wing for her pretty face and young innocent mind. It did not take long for the simple maid to be seduced by the idea of wealth and power just for comforting a lonely man...

Now, having worked for years comforting lonely men and whispering sweet nothings as she sipped pink champagen, she wished to bring such comfort to other women. Who was she to devil in the life of luxury alone? She was going to teach young girls, girls like her, to be the living picture of every mans desire. The her home was large and open, thanks to her current benefactor, meaning she could take many under her wing.

Her willingness to teach had other reasons behind it as well. Cortesan's were becoming scare as social circles became tighter and more strict with whom they allowed to wallow in their grace. Desperate and lonely men came to her, offering money and jewels just to state their desires. Not even she could handle so many men though and she knew that if she wanted to continue her comfortable and relaxing life she would need to bring a few new girls into society.

Now all she needed was a few lovely ladies to come knocking on her door...
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Character Sheet

Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:
Cortesans In Training- The young maidens learning to become proper seductresses and companions

Amelia Valentino - A maid of Madame Roventure.
Haven Kennedy - An orphan taken in by Madame Roventure.
Charis Temperance Mazarin - A convent runaway found by Madame Roventure.

Possible Benefactors- The noble men searching for companionship from either Madame Roventure or one of her 'students'

Joshua Lee Adams - A misguided youth lead astray by his father's former co-workers.
Lionel Bant - A mysterious wealthy businessman from out of town.
Marek Cevetis - The stable boy of Madame Roventure
Character Sheet:

Character Name: Amelia Valentino
Gender: Female
Job/Role: (is it okay if my char applies for a job as a maid at Adeline's place and is later taken into to be a cortesan)
Age: 18
General Appearance: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_ci59_L45Z88/TBULng0mvyI/AAAAAAAAFz4/B8NYB2hIQJQ/Lia_D__Beaumont_by_anivarc.jpg
Current Goal/Purpose: (to have enough money to live according to desire)
General Personality: Shy, hard working, sweet, loyal and very sensitive
General History: Amelia grew up in an orphanage after her parents died in an accident when she was 13, her parents were average people but for a girl having what she called everything she felt she lost all she owned, her wealth was given away to repay the debts but as she turned 18 she wanted to do job to have her own living and so she asks for a job at Madame Adeline Roventure.
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HA, I love your character. To make things easier she can already be a maid for Madame Roventure's and just get pulled into the lessons. It would be a bit to confusing if She hired a maid and took in students at the same time.
Character Name: Haven Kennedy
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Cortesan in training.
Age: 17
General Appearance:
http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa429/XxafterdarkxX/VictorianGirl-1.jpg (She's dressed for success)
Current Goal/Purpose: To make her way in life, her way.
General Personality: Shy, sweet, and caring.
General History: She's an orphan and can't even recall what her parents look like. For the last seventeen years she's had to seal for her food and live on the streets. When she was taken in by Madame Adeline Roventure and shown a new way of life.

(If you want I can also make a guy character.)
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Great character, and if you would like to then by all means make a male character, just don't push yourself if you can't handle to at once! 83
You could make him a general in the army or possibly a wealthy business owner. He could also have a high court position, maybe a judge of some sort.
Character Name: Joshua Lee Adams
Gender: Male

Job/Role: Just took on his dad's business. Not very sure of how to run it but likes the income.
Age: 23
General Appearance: http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x392/Slaughterose/Anime/Kaori%20Yuki/OldCain.jpg
Current Goal/Purpose: Trying to run his dad's business and blowing most of the cash at Madame Adeline Roventure's place.
General Personality: Kind, flirty, but inexperienced with 'certain things'.
General History: He grew up in a wealthy family, got the best education, and now his father is dead. He's stuck with running his business, wtih zero experience in the field. When he asked one of his dad's coworkers about what to do they gave him advice on a different subject, sex. When growing up he never had time for girls or young woman and fully believed in waiting until he found a wife before giving up that certain part of him. So now he's being told to go to Madame Adeline Roventure's place and find himself a way to be a man. Not the advice he wanted but it would win over their respect, so he'll be going there a lot.
Character Name: Lionel Bant

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Businessman, benefactor

Age: 30

General Appearance: Lionel has a build slightly taller than most, with dark brown hair and deep black eyes. He has a somewhat darker complexion than most of the people of the city, but it's only fitting seeing as how he is a recent arrival, from where he won't exactly say. He usually wears somewhat formal clothes, and at almost all times a jacket. Underneath his jacket, on his left arm, are a series of ugly scars, whose source he won't explain.

Current Goal/Purpose: To try and enter the social circles of the town.

General Personality: Lionel is quiet, reserved, usually appearing to be in thought. He's polite enough without being overly nice or engaging, giving often the appearance of taking part in conversation just to fit in, without any actual desire to socialize.

General History: Lionel arrived in town quite suddenly, buying a respectable house and looking to make a good first impression on the social circles of the city. Even so, he's noted for being quiet and not that social. His money comes from his investments and partial ownerships of several trade groups, but as for where he came from or where he made those connections, he won't say.
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Character Name: Charis Temperance Mazarin
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Cortesan In Training
Age: 17
General Appearance: http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i91/Dark_Angel_of_Depression/rp char/JamiCallowell.jpg
Current Goal/Purpose: Get out of that stupid convent!
General Personality: Outspoken and very honest, Charis is not a typical lady of the time. She has little patience for coquettish behavior and is very high-spirited.
General History: Charis was the child of a family fallen on hard times. Her doting father, with the last of his money, tried to do right by his little daughter and sent her to be educated in a convent. Charis was not, however, a meek or mild lady and couldn't wait to escape the convent when she came of age. This plan, however, was set in motion a little before she became an adult since she grew vexed with one of the nuns and escaped instead. She sought refuge and found Madame Roventure, who took her in, and is now intent on serving her to the best of her abilities and becoming a good girl.
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Character Name: Madame Adeline Roventure
Gender: Female

Job/Role: Cortesan/ Mentor to Cortesans in training
Age: 27
General Appearance: The picture in the first post
Current Goal/Purpose: To share the knowledge and techniques of being a cortesan
General Personality: Gentle, Motherly, Lady-like, Elegant and Well mannered. Sometimes she can have a bit of a temper and a sharp tongue is she is ever insulted.
General History: Adeline was born and raised to be a maid in a wealthy house hold, only pulled from her ultimate fate of cleaning forever by the Masters cortesan when she stumbled her when cleaning the Master's chambers. After that she spent the rest of her life working as a Cortesan to some of the wealthiest nobility. After collecting a vast amount of wealth from her work and also making some very good business investments she was able to retire in a sence and setting with a single benefactor, an elderly man who only pays for her company so he has someone to talk to during tea time. Now she is starting up a small group of girls to teach the skills of the cortesan.
Alright the IC is up! Oh and Harmangel, I made it so you were already working for the Madame already that way I can just pull you into the lesson a bit easier.
Hope this is okay

Character Name: Marek Cevetis
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Stable boy/servant for Madame Adeline Roventure
Age: 18
General Appearance: http://sjme.de/s/p/Penn-Badgley/Penn-Badgley.jpg
Current Goal/Purpose: To serve his mistress
General Personality: He is very calm and hardly shows emotion. He does whatever his Mistress tells him to and is very good at doing his job
General History: Both his parents died as he was a child. He lived on the streets until his mistress took him in and made him work hard to earn her happiness.
It is perfect Lawkheart! 8D we needed some more males anyway! 8D
Hey I'll introduce Josh when I feel the time is right. Like more students who know what they're doing and all. Just wanted you to know that. ^^