We are the dreamers of dreams. [OOC]

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  1. This is for OOC for the jump in "We are the dreamers of dreams."

    I'm hoping that I didn't make things too broad or too confusing. This is my first ever text-based RP and I'm curious as to whether or not this is going to work.
  2. For your first text-based RP I think what you have is actually very interesting and wonderfully refreshing. I'm sure it will work and become very interesting to see what others do with it.

    I do have a question, though, did you want everyone to post a character bio? I'm not sure if you just did Mikael's to get the story going or if you wanted others to do the same.
  3. It was merely for me to get my character down and get the ball rolling. Due to the nature of the topic, a bio is far from required. The setting is literally just people's dreams, so really any character that sleeps and dreams can just pop in and interact with the setting.
  4. Ah, okay, that's what I was thinking. If I were to write one would you be alright with it dropped off here? I nearly posted one in the other thread before I realized it doesn't quite belong.
  5. Bio's are perfectly okay in the main thread. You can develop your character as much as you wish and I welcome work put into it. As you can see, it's not very active at the moment (I'm designing a banner for the topic soon), so a big post is a welcome post for me.

    You can drop off your Bio here if that's what you feel comfortable doing. I think it would be better to drop it in the other topic for more people to see, but I'm fine with it either way.
  6. The only reason I might feel comfortable with the bio here is that it is easier to discuss characters with all of the OOC stuff in one place. If you mention along with the OOC link that bios could be placed here than I'm sure people would come check it out.

    Alana's bio needs a bit more work though, once it's done I'll add it where you like. ^^

    More people will join with time, and I'm sure that the banner will be a big help too. I certainly can't wait to see where it goes!
  7. I added a note to the OP. I just finished the banner, and I'm uploading straight away.
  8. And here's what that banner looks like:

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  9. Wow, impressive! I think it looks great, I'm sure now it's bound to catch more attention.
  10. this sound like fun!
  11. Do we wanna try having characters interact soon?
  12. Oooh. Me likey this idea~
    hehe, I'm gonna post if no one objects to my general silliness that I will be putting here xD
  13. All who can dream are welcome.
  14. I'll have a little bio here for Alex in a few, if anyone is interested!~
    I hope I did that right, by the way xP

    Also, if you would like me to dial back his using of curse-words, please tell me, I can not to that xD
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  15. It's actually kinda cool to see someone's character recognize that they're dreaming. It will be good to see what characters actually do to their dreamscape.

    I'm hoping to start having Mikael talk to some of you guys. Maybe if we get one or two more people to hop in, I'll see about having some of you visit him, or him visiting others unintentionally.
  16. Heh, it was a one time thing. Someone's first time lucid dreaming is usually very unstable and when they realize that they're dreaming, they either lose the lucidity, or wake up. After he crashes someones party, he won't remember he's dreaming. I will say, Alex is going to be really, really, surprised at what just happened to him xD

    I might give him some more lucid moments later though.
  17. Good news! The ad has been approved and should be circulating! Let's see if we can spot it. ;)
  18. Alex (open)
    Name: Alex
    Gender: Male (Female in dreamscape, when non-lucid)
    Age: Eh, roughly 2.34 minutes from when the dumb-dumb fell through the mirror. You're not supposed to ask a lady that though.
    Height: Average height.

    Appearance: Alex, stands about average height and has dark brown hair with blue eyes. Really, he's about as average as they come.

    His dreamscape self is a bit different. Well, vastly different in more ways that just gender. Why she dresses like a pirate, no one knows but them. She wears black boots, with a coat that covers most of her body. She has two flintlocks and two cutlasses strapped at either of her sides. This is also the appearance Lucid Alex defaults too if he's just starting a Lucid Dream, much to his dismay.

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Alex, when lucid, is a bit of a jerk, to put lightly. He can be snarky, sarcastic, and has a bit of a loud mouth. He's a nice guy, under all that though and a huge nerd.

    Dreamscape Alex, is a bit different from her lucid counterpart. While she's not a jerk, she can be a bit...abrasive. She's friendly, mostly, but she does have a happy trigger finger with her flintlock.

    Dreamscape: Alexs dreamscape is a ship (No surprise there). Its been marooned on a beach currently, and all the water has been dried up by the heat of the harsh sun. The ship appears to be old and worn out, as though its seen its fair share of travel.

    So, to clarify this a few things. I'm essentially playing two characters here. One is the Lucid Alex. The Alex that shows up when he realizes he's dreaming. Then, there's Dreamscape Alex. she's the result of Lucid Alex thinking about female pirates when he was first Lucid and then falling through the mirror. For whatever reason, it stuck subconsciously, even if Lucid Alex detests and refuses to admit it.

    Dreamscape Alex is unaware of Lucid Alex's existence and he's mostly unaware of hers since he doesn't remember most of his dreams.

    Hope this is acceptable~
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  19. Looks fine. Bio's aren't mandatory at all, mind you. But it's cool to see one!
  20. I think it's very cool to include a character who is fully aware that they are having a lucid dream. And game references too? Even better :P I'm pretty excited for this roleplay, so many possibilities. I'm not sure how the red string is going to connect them all and I'm sorry for throwing that in if it was meant for a separate purpose.
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